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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trinidad Carnival on Show at the Summit of Americas ...

For the past few months Trinidad and Tobago has been consumed with preparations for the 5th Summit of the Americas, today marking the final day of the 3 day conference. In honor of the closing of this event, which also sees the hosting of a free fete featuring top soca artistes produced by Dean Ackin and team of TRIBE under Ultimate Events banner, I am finally going to give mention to the opening ceremony and cultural display.

If you missed the Cultural Performance, produced by Brian Mc Farlane, which culminated the opening of The 5th Summit of the Americas you missed an opportunity to see Mc Farlane's costumes from the past three years revamped and reworked to fit the storyline, the following videos are just part of the show:

Apparently as a Trinidadian I am supposed to feel nothing but pride for that Cultural piece as it put Trinidad and Tobago on the world centre stage. All I am going to say is since when the Calypso "Hot, Hot, Hot" represents Trinidad Carnival!?!
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