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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

TRIBE 2010 - Important Registration Information


Please read ALL information below carefully.

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• In-House TLC registration: Masqueraders MUST present the physical card. Each person will be allowed to register a maximum of four (4) TLC holders, including themselves. ALL
TLCs and IDs (or copies of IDs) must be presented.

• Online TLC registration: Your four (4) digit TLC code and username will be required. Online registration is valid and complete only when accompanied by an online
credit card payment.
*It has been brought to our attention that TLC holders have been ‘selling’ their cards and/or use of their cards. TRIBE reserves the right to cancel any TLC for inappropriate use.

Please Note: Online Registration is NOT 24hrs a day. It coincides with In-House registration hours which are local times. (Check times above).
Important Advisory: When costume registration begins for TLC holders, please be assured that ALL SECTIONS WILL BE AVAILABLE. As usual there are independent inventories for online and in-house registrants.

We recognize that there is an increased demand for costumes this year and while we would like to accommodate everyone in their preferred section, we recommend that masqueraders have more than one choice, as each section has a fixed quota.

• In-House registration: Masqueraders must walk with picture ID. Each person will be allowed to register a maximum of four (4) 2009 masqueraders, including themselves. ALL IDs (or copies of IDs) must be presented.

• Online registration: Your username and password will be required.

• 2009 masqueraders who have forgotten/misplaced their username and password can request them via e-mail by Friday 14th August by 4:00pm. Send e-mail requests to with subject "MAS UP 2009".

Floor Member - $1500 TT or $250 USD
Frontline - $3000 TT or $500 USD


Hipband (Belt) Size in Inches
Bathing Suit Type ( Bikini , Whole piece, Tankini)
Bra Size (34B, 36C, 38DDD, etc)
Bikini Bottom Piece Type (Regular, Thong, Hot Shorts, Tankini-cut)
Bikini Bottom Size (XS, S, M, L, XL)
Waist Size (34”, 36”, etc.)

IMPORTANT: Carnival costumes are custom-made items therefore please be advised that once registration is complete there will be:

NO exchange or switching of sections.
NO refund of deposit.
NO changing of measurements or sizes
For queries and questions during registration, please call our registration hotlines
(868) 390-2081 or (868)323-3450
These hotlines are active during registration hours ONLY.

Spice's website is up!

So after a long delay the website is up, with some minor glitches, and apart from the fact that it is somewhat laborious to get to the section/costume you want to view by clicking so many options (click Caspian Sea.. Click Male or Female or Frontline...) I think it HILARIOUS that none of the frontline costumes offer bra sizes past 32D. The backline costumes however go up to 38DDD and 40DD.

I think the website is cool, loved the intro, just wished it was a bit user friendly, at least they have back shots of all the costumes!

TRIBE Secret of Silk Prices

The Mystery of Loulan
Floor Member TT$3,750 (US$625)
Frontline TT$5,350 (US$892)
Male TT$2,950 (US$492)

Floor Member TT$3,795 (US$633)
Floor Member (Large Headpiece) Add TT$200 (US$33)
Frontline TT$5,995 (US$999.)
Male TT$2,895 (US$483)

Floor Member TT$3,550 (US$592)
Floor Member (Large Headpiece) Add TT$300 (US$50)
Frontline TT$5,950 (US$992)
Male TT$2,775 (US$463)

Xi Ling Shi
Floor Member TT$3,695 (US$616)
Floor Member (Large Headpiece) Add TT$295 (US$49)
Frontline TT$5,495 (US$916)
Male TT$2,875 (US$479)

Floor Member TT$3,575 (US$596)
Floor Member (Large Headpiece) Add TT$300 (US$50)
Frontline TT$5,975 (US$996)
Male TT$2,825 (US$471)

Lapis Lazuli
Floor Member TT$3,725 (US$621)
Frontline TT$4,250 (US$708)
Male TT$2,695 (US$449)

Floor Member TT$3,650 (US$608)
Floor Member (Large Headpiece) Add TT$275 (US$46)
Frontline TT$5,600 (US$933)
Male TT$2,795 (US$466)

Floor Member TT$3,625 (US$604)
Floor Member (Large Headpiece) Add TT$285 (US$48)
Frontline TT$4,295 (US$716)
Male TT$2,875 (US$479)

Floor Member TT$3,499 (US$583)
Floor Member (Large Headpiece) Add TT$200 (US$33)
Male TT$2,750 (US$458)

Silk of Rajasthan
Floor Member TT$3,550 (US$592)
Floor Member (Large Headpiece) Add TT$300 (US$50)
Male TT$2,795 (US$466)

Threads of Morocco
Floor Member TT$3,550 (US$592)
Floor Member (Large Headpiece) Add TT$350 (US$58)
Floor Member (with Wings) Add TT$400 (US$67)
Frontline TT$5,250 (US$875)
Male TT$2,950 (US$492)

Tyrian Purple
Floor Member TT$3,575 (US$596)
Floor Member (Large Headpiece) Add $295 (US$49)
Frontline TT$5,595 (US$933)
Male TT$2,850 (US$475)

Floor Member TT$3,725 (US$621)
Frontline TT$4,795 (US$799)
Frontline (with Back-pack) TT$5,950 (US$992)
Male TT$2,850 (US$475)

Following on Spice's mas camp opening and publishing of their prices it was no surprise that TRIBE released theirs in the wee hours of this morning. Now, I have to tell you the Backline Babes who want the bigger headpiece and Males got shafted this year!

The cheapest floor costume is Serica (small headpiece) at $3499.00 and ALL the female floor options with the exception of Mystery of Loulan, Zari and Lapis Lazuli come with a small headpiece. Price wise, including the large headpiece those three sections all come in a couple hundred under $4000.00 while if you add the large headpiece option for the other sections you are looking at a BACKLINE costume clocking $100.00, or less, shy of $4000.00; that is $600.00 less than my frontline costume for the past two years. As for the male (with the most underwhelming male costumes in years) you also have the most expensive costumes, Loulan is just $50.00 shy of $3000.00!

Frontline prices however surprised me, this is the year to be frontline because you might as well "upgrade" from babe in that teeny headpiece; Osage Frontline is only $385.00 more than backline! Best bang for your buck frontlines are Mystery of Loulan, Xi Ling Shi, Threads of Morocco, Tyrian Purple and Mulberry as I really thought those would be priced more somehow, especially owing to demand!

So, what are your thoughts on the prices?

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