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Sunday, August 16, 2009

TRIBE TLC Registration Aftermath

At the close of TLC registration tonight at 8PM there are three costumes still standing:

Habotai - Female

Serica - Female

Silk of Rajasthan - Male
Good luck to the 2009 masqueraders, hoping to get one of those three gems. My pick of the lot is Habotai, at least the small headpiece is cute and you can cut off the tassels... Serica, well, no help for that one! And seems like men do indeed want board shorts because Silk of Rajasthan male is still open!

Phase 2: 2009 Masqueraders (Non-TLC Holders)

- Date: Thurs 20th August 2009

- Time: 5:30pm to 7:00pm

- Place: Online ONLY (Username and password required)

2009 masqueraders who have forgotten/misplaced their username and password must request them via e-mail by Friday 14th August by 4:00pm. Send e-mail requests with subject "MAS UP 2009" to

Kutchela Sneak Peek

Harts "50" Costume Review

Only 23 of the 25 sections of "50"were on show last night, I double checked my photos against the actual sections displayed and still came up with just 23 as shown below:

Was This Greece/ Before 2000

Tribes/ Wild Thing

Total Recall/50

The Unknown/ Superstitions

The Etruscans/ Voyage B.C.

Polynesia/ Faces of Places

Persian Empire/ Mesopotamia B.C.

Out of This World/ The Realm

Oriental Fantasy/Utopia

On Stage/ Tribute to Broadway

Mexico/The Mayans

Mas Sweet Mas/ American Indian

Lights, Camera Action/
Adventures of the High Seas

Life in the Waters/ Earth Crisis

Lets Make Waves/ Whe Whe

Inferno/Witches Brew

Happy Hour/ Life Helluva Time

Come Leh We Dance/
Reflection of My Childhood Days

Colorsion/ Islands in the Sun

Butterflies and Moths/
Time for a Tale

Brazilian Fiesta/Latin Fire

Anthony & Cleopatra/ The Strip

A Medieval Dream/
Flag Wavers of Sienna

Each section is named after two of Harts presentations, including one for 50 which is among my favorites. I like that there are mostly pretty strong male costumes in Harts for the most part, the men have several options here for a real costume. I also like that the bras for most of the female sections look finished and very well beaded/embellished.

Harts used lots of different materials on their costumes this year, very little of the traditional beading that has become synonmous with Harts (oh how I loved those heavy swishy beads!). You can see the diverse beading on sections such as Anthony and Cleopatra, Mexico and Brazilian Fiesta:

Ok so on to my favorite costumes:

Total Recal/50
I love the photo of Wendy Fitzwilliams in this costume, the brown/bronze with a pop of blue looked stunning on her and she sold this costume for me. The headpiece is gorgeous, my favorite aspect of the costume.

Tribes/Wild Things
I like this costume because of the mix of white and brown, not a combination that is seen in mas costumes ordinarily. I noticed that several of Harts costumes use a type of intricate beading that looks as if it is done in a factory as opposed to by hand; this section is one of those. The effect is one of a completely decorated costume, no skimping on beads on the bra especially for this costume. I like the headpiece as well and the male costume is channeling an African vibe, I like it!

Brazilian Fiesta/Latin Fire
At the launch I noticed a collar option for this costume that is not pictured. I like that this costume used gems for embellishment on the bra and belt and I also like that the headpiece uses the dyed pheasant feathers, especially for the yellow.

Mas Sweet Mas/ American Indian
I love this Indian Mas costume, LOVE it! Harts has done Indian time and time again however I especially love this one with the bustle and the beading on the bra and belt. I also love the color options, fuchsia pink and teal are my picks. This male will be the first to sell out I am sure.

Mexico/The Mayans
I really like this section for the wooden beads used on the costume, it looks interesting and different as there is nothing sparkly or "bling". Love the headpieces and the colors, even though they may be a bit repetitious.... pink, yellow, teal.. all used in other sections as well.

Oriental Fantasy/ Utopia
I love the shade of green of this costume; love the headpiece though the gold projection to the top reminds me of a Christmas tree ornament. The shape of the headpiece and the peacock feathers are what I love most.

On Stage/ Tribute to Broadway
I like this one because it LOOKS like a showgirl costume, with the boa backpack as well as I am partial to the all female section in Harts because that was the section I always chose when I played with the band. The all female section was the "It" section back in my day, especially given the fact that they always had the showiest of costumes, closest thing to a frontline in Harts! This one is nice, not too spectacular, traditional Harts costume with the big feather headpiece and beads that they do so well.

Life in The Waters/Earth Crisis
There are several things I do not really love on this costume, the monokini for one looks great on Gabrielle Walcott in the photo, and will quite possibly look great on other masqueraders as well but this is a section that has to be chosen wisely to look as good on the right body; you know how I feel about a monokini! I also think the arm pieces look a little "Mulberry-ish" but arm pieces aside I am loving the color on this costume and the beading on the black sheer monokini; this is how it is done to avoid looking like lingerie!

The sections I think are ok/nice/cute but not really a WOW are:

Butterflies and Moths/Time for a Tale
Not partial to this shade of pink, however it is a well decorated costume, I think the arm pieces with the butterfly wing effect is cute.

Polynesia/Faces of Places
Really, really loving the male costume on this one, the female is pretty standard, nothing exceptional.

The Etruscans/ Voyage B.C.
Strong male costume of course, Harts always does a Roman type male costume very well. Overall a nice costume for the female as well, I like it just not the color so much; this one does not have as much impact as some of the other sections.

Happy Hour/ Life Helluva Time
Nice basic costume but again, nothing outstanding.

Persian Empire/ Mesopotamia
I am liking the headpiece, like the male not feeling the color...again, you know how I feel about burgundy!

Out of This World/ The Realm
I like the body of this costume, not feeling the shape or style of the headpiece though I will give that the style is something unique to this Carnival season.. still do not like it!

Come Leh We Dance/ Reflections of My Childhood
Pastel colors and a barely there costume with small headpiece; this is the section to appeal to the very young of the band!

Lets Make Waves/Whe Whe
While I am loving the idea of sailor mas for the men and the female costumes are cute, it looks a little more like a Monday mas option than Tuesday. Personally not enough decoration for me, but I can see it appealing to those who want a simple, unfussy costume and it is really cool to play mas in pants, no worrying about tights!

And my least favorite costumes:

A Medieval Dream/Flag Wavers of Sienna
This looks like a retro costume with the plaited headband and all that velvet, maybe it is meant to hearken back to renaissance days however I am not liking it at all.

Anthony and Cleopatra/ The Strip
I think the body wear for Cleopatra is interesting however that headpiece is not working AT ALL for me; it is clunky and unappealing. Major disappointment in this costume because the Egyptian theme could have been done so well!

Colorison/ Islands in the Sun
I do not find the pattern of this costume particularly attractive and the beads on the bra look as if it was added as an afterthought. The male costume headpiece is rather juvenile!

The Unknown/Superstitions
Maybe this costume is supposed to represent magic, mysticism or wizardry with all the black and gold and I do like the bustier/corset options offered however I just don't like the decoration of the bra OR the use of black velvet. Not to mention the lamé cape is just a little too tacky.

Light Camera Action/Adventures of the High Seas
Well, this costume certainly fits the theme; it looks like Pirates of the Caribbean! Pretty funky male costume, I can see some guys loving it. The female costume is sort of Halloween cheesy though, complete with the "dreads" on the hat. This will look cute just not a Carnival costume for me.

Inferno/Witches Brew
Another costume that does not go the bikini and beads route, I applaud Harts for trying something different at least with the long and short pant options. I simply do not like it for me, don't like the red satin, don't like the black and red headpiece or the little devil horns that come with the wig!

Was This Greece/Before 2000
Again, like the male costume but I cannot help but compare this female with Greece from Spice, especially since the monokini is cut in the same style. This is a much simpler Greece and unfortunately not one that that I find particularly interesting.

Harts Photos

Check out THIS link for lots of photos of Harts Carnival 2010 presentation "50".

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