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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Year In Bacchanal

It all started with the rumours  since Ash Wednesday that TRIBE would be doing The Silk Road for Carnival 2010, Spice subsequently announced their theme of The Spice Route and several other bands went to Asia for Inspiration. From China to India Carnival 2010 is all about that continent! When TRIBE finally announced  their theme it was changed from The Silk Road to The Secret of Silk.... too similar to The Spice Route it seems !

The next drama was the headpiece controversy; who stole what from whom , a whodunnit which caused major ties to be severed between a certain band and certain designers(this was also the year of the stone controversy but I will let sleeping dogs lie on that one!)

Ironically the one thing that sets Carnival 2010 apart from past years is the plethora of massive headpieces in Spice and TRIBE. Feathers "down to the ground" is what I was told to look out for before band launch and we have feathers, feathers and even MORE feathers than Birds of a Feather!

Once again The Sauce was challenged for accuracy of gossip. When the prices for Spice were leaked the band leaders hastily took damage control and announced that the prices were not correct, a few days later they were officially released and save a few dollars, I was spot on! Nice one Spice, it will not be the last time I was accused of incorrectly spreading information about this band. Lets just say that the Sauce's sources are very reliable, hence the reason the band leader went to China to sort out the "costume quality situation"!

And just as I have been accused of being Anti Spice for 2009 I have also been accused of being Anti TRIBE (believe it or not!), honest reviews and certain friendships have made The Sauce a subject of many a secret meeting and a gag order was set for anyone giving information. Pity the information does not come from within ranks so I still get my hot gossip to share with my readers!

As Spice is looking to cement their footing in a Sophomore year, Elements which also debuted in 2009 is taking a break from Carnival 2010 and who knows how many other Carnivals. And just when one thought Kaotic also suffered a similar fate, they made a last hurrah and launched late in 2009 with their second presentation for Carnival 2010. Speaking of launches I have to mention the BEST BAND LAUNCH ever, Brian Mc Farlane's launch in the middle of the Bucco Reef which was totally spectacular!

Evolution never announced their departure but after pushing back their band launch date they simply failed to launch. As bands bowed out of Carnival 2010 there were even more new bands waiting to take their spot; Scorpion Mas, Matrix, Glenn Carvalho, Jhalwa The Real Fire, D Harvard Boys and D Harvard Revellers are all new bands for 2010. It remains to be seen if any band relevant today can claim a 50 year history like Harts, in future, as the band celebrates five decades in mas with all sections sold out and an even larger band for 2010, kudos to Harts! The question everyone wants answered is why hasn't Island People, a stalwart in the mas game for going on 5 years is not sold out as yet?

As the year 2009 comes to a close with only two big bands sold out, the concern is the effect of the global financial crisis on costume sales in the New Year. Band leaders are even worried that deposits will be forfeited as potential masqueraders realize they cannot afford Carnival 2010. Costume prices broke record figures this year and fete prices are even MORE exorbitant than for 2009...people simply cannot afford it all, plus Beyonce concert tickets!

And what is in store for 2011? Hopefully construction of the Carnival Center will actually start with a date of completion secured by the Government.  In 2011 the Wee Wee Truck will be no more as masquerader's last chance to use this facility will be for Carnival 2010. Changes to TRIBE's registration and pre registration are to come, so I was told, as this was also the year of the TRIBE registration fiasco. Who can forget the crash on registration day that had masqueraders going crazy online and at Cascadia? And to add insult to injury was the fact that pre registration went from a "perk" to certain persons to a business for some; you know things are bad when you are first in line at Cascadia for registration and not only does someone mysteriously appear in line before you but you are told that the costume you want is sold out and you are holding ticket number ONE!

Sources also say that the long rumoured second band from TRIBE will be coming in 2011, if this finally turns to a reality well I guess that might mean death to some of the other struggling bands as the TRIBE overflow of masqueraders will be just sucked up by the next TRIBE affiliated  band which might just come under the banner of  Red Ants, maybe? Who knows ? Lots to look forward to in 2011 but lets get through 2010 first.... SIX MORE WEEKS TO GO!

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