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Saturday, February 13, 2010

First Look At Kalpana Frontline

Hi Saucy,

Yes I'm late. But better then never.
First my experience in collecting my costume.

Went to Sonia Mack's Camp. WHERE I registered was not the same place to go collect my costume.

Arrived at Diego Martin camp. Went to back of building and received my chits and band.

To the front... I was given my costume. However when the young lady was going over my pieces, I noticed that the extra bra I ordered was NOT what I was shown at the registration.
( The style was my deciding factor) instead of the triangle bikini bra I was now given the usual bra issued and told that's what it has.

THEN, I noticed, I had no Pasties..
So when I asked about them, I was told that my receipt did not show I wanted Pasties. HOWEVER, the costume box Blatantly showed the costume pieces, with Pasties included.

So they sent someone to find them. Then the illustrious Mz. Mack comes out, with a pair of pasties... One of them having no adhesive cover.
So I asked what am I to do with that!
Long and short, Mz. Mack advised that I buy pasties and use them and stick the designed ones over it.

*sigh* This is my last IP year. I love my costume, but come on man IP, after all this time... Still... Treating ppl like second rate / beggar customers after I forked out $4125 for my costume? Epic Fail.

Everything else was in order though.

Have a safe carnival all.

Finished Product


HanaMarie said...

I can't make head or tail of the costume, lol...

Njoke said...

The costumes are indeed beautiful, but I did not appreciate that SM had us standing up outside in the hot sun waiting to pick up our costumes. I am looking forward to better treatment on the road!

mimi said...

neither can i hanamarie the phrase "is that all" keeps poppin up in my mind

Anonymous said...


Cropperino said...

Holy crap! $4125! For the experience right?...seriously!**Sighs hard!**

Naughty said...

I don't think you should be blaming IP for your problem, I think this one should go to Sonia Mack. She's very much independent, hence the reason you have to register and pick up through her. Just my 2 cents. Enjoy your road experience

A lot confused said...

I have played with Sonia - once, she will never get my money again. The costume that year - beautiful but fell apart on the Monday, that was a whole other story. This costume - pretty but am - where d rest anyway - once the masquerader loves it have a time on d road - Palanceee!

Saga Boy said...

Naughty, you took the words right out of my mouth.

shells said...

Agreed Naughty. That is Sonia Mack all over. She is a force onto herself.

Do enjoy the road experience though.

"Chatty Patty" said...

I agree with Naughty...I think Sonia Mack is to blame for this. I hope you have an enjoyable experience on the road.

Acacia-Victory said...

Ok, so Monday I decorated the bra she gave to us.. and made a cute lil ensemble with my Sari cloth-thingy. (not getting into IP service.. cuz.. *sigh* just not getting into it)

Tuesday...Costume fitted well, with my only complaint being that the arm bands did not fit, but my arms are VERY skinny.. so I could accept that. I adjusted it myself (should get into mas making)
On the same pasties that she gave me... I PASTED them with Spirit Gum.. and Stuck them on.. (spirit gum, is KING) I had NO ISSUES.. ALL DAY! not even a FLAKE! no moving, no peeling.. UNLIKE others in my section who opted to buy different pasties or to keep their hands on them all day to prevent them rom falling off. Good thing I walked with my spirit gum in my camera case just to be safe and ended up re-gluing another masquerader's pasties. Only 4 of us seemed to have the gall to go through with the pasties tho... It was the most freeing Wondering if I will ever wear a bra to play mas again.

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