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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Look At Mystery Of Loulan - Individual


Finished Product

*Bra , Ear Rings, Necklace 
and Extra Feathers/Gems


Wrist and Arm Pieces 

Leg Pieces

Complimentary Boy Shorts

*Items in the costume have been tailor made to certain masqueraders, hence not every "Individual" will have the exact same costume! You will notice some Bras are different, and some Belts are different and some entire Body wear is different for this costume.

P.S. Individual is the term assigned by TRIBE, this costume is really just another Frontline Option called the "Premium".


Kimberly said...

so as the headpiece grows more plumage the belt shrinks :s
can't wait to this how this holds up on the road though.

Carnivalbaby said...

Hi saucy i going off topic here .... Y is police cracking down on the times fetes supposed to finish ... i mean where is the freedom and fun for the trinis...

ok i agree with the breatherliser because there are really too many careless drunk driving ...

but ohhh gorm ... not even ah 1/2 hr more ... that is what used to make a fete sometimes .... i feel like if i in foreign again :( ...

n we trinis love to boast about our fetes, the time it finish and how we have sooo much freedom ... sniff sniff ...

i want meh ole sweet trini home back :(

shells said...

wow, i knew the belt on this was skimpy...but DAMN!!!
It's just decoration :-)

ms. hershey said...

i agree shells... this belt is DAMN small! wow... i hope the person wearing it has abs of steel because there is no leeway in this one...

SAGAGYUL said...

This costume is absolutely expected...all 3 options actually look great!

Salsaman said...

LOL...Love the Tribe definition of Individual...imagine paying a a premium price (8.5-12k) for a one of a kind costume only to have 15others looking almost exactly the same on Carnival Tuesday....its like Agelie Jolie and Nicole Kidman in the exact same gown (but differnt necklace) on the red carpet during the Acadamy Awards. This is indeed front line plus or premium and not an "Individual"

maria said...

It was damn exciting reading about the mystery of Loulan individuals and their outfits.Generally these kind of dressed artist are seen during any carnival or some kind of celebration in the city.I have seen them only in movies but wish to watch such carnival celebration parades in real life.
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Tr|n|gYa| said...

Lololol, But Salsaman, it has been stated from INCEPTION that the "Individual" label was actually a Premium option. If that is the case, I am sure the "15 others" were well aware that they were not the only one.
It is their money, they pay fuh dat!

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