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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Island People 2010 Review (4)

Hi Saucy

I chose to play with Island People for the second time this year for two reasons: I loved their costumes because they were a departure from the standard feathers and beads designs that almost everybody's doing, and secondly they were willing to kiss people's ass after last year. I've learned that the best time to catch a man is when's he's down or up and coming: to win you back he'll kiss your ass and still ask if that's enough. Usually things go in your favor. Twisted, but true. The result: I HAVE NO REGRETS.
Let me review, with a point system starting at 100 fun points and deduct from there.

Carnival Monday
I met the band on Ariapita Ave and things were just mellow. Security was up and alert. I was wondering who the celebrity du jour was. Hold up. There was none yet, the masqueraders were priority. Brilliant. I got a drink and pizza slices and checked out my fellow masqueraders in all kind of designs and saris with the cloth we got for Monday wear. Macfarlane for the sexy with some hoochy touches dahrling. Then some were just too cute like homegirl below.

I dub her D Kutchela fairy: awwww isn't she cute?

I observed that the look of the band changed from last year, as in lots more grown and sexy people playing. No teeny boppers a.k.a "lil chirren" (that's "little children" for the non-Trinis/West Indians) to run amok. There were mid to late 20-somethings, but mostly the 30 and over set. Grown folks having fun and it was beautiful. And trust me that changed a whole heap about the band's vibe and flow in addition to the band actually being more organized. There were signs on every music truck stating what sections should be where. This little detail did make a difference since no such thing existed last year and that resulted in a chaotic band.

Music truck with sign

Shurwayne Winchester up front singing, Hindu temple float and bridal hut float (I think) to the front. Kutchela in dey tail!

However, I have to take away some points for the absence of Hennessy. What??!!!! How the devil was I to drink my Red Bull? Nah man, I’m deducting 20 fun points for that. But then again, Mr. Johnny Walker Black was most present all day for both days. He flowed like water, no, he flowed more than water. Y'know what, I'll give back 5 fun points. I wasn't left thirsty at all on Monday. Nice. Music was on point all day. Double nice. Nearing the Savannah “stage” to Busy Signal on truck 7 as he “hot it, ‘ot it, ‘ot it” on the mike. Whatever dude. Vibes nice.

Lunch was at the Oval, no eating and running foolishness that the “lil chirren” called for in the past. We sat in the stands, we ate, we chilled. Lunch this year was indeed better. It’s not international gourmet but it definitely tasted better than that 'lau and low mein mush of '09. So for lack of fine style, I'll deduct just 5 fun points. I'm not a huge eater on carnival so I'm a little lenient on this.

Carnival Tuesday
Wow, is it possible to complain about a band being too organized? I got to Ariapita at around 7:35am and we heard that IP was long gone. Eh? IP did not play with the time. Jah!

I forgot all about breakfast at the Stadium. My friend and my carnival-thirsty behind decided to just meet the band on the road thinking they weren’t far, somewhere on the Avenue. Riiiiiight. They were already on Park Street nearing Charlotte Street. My crazy ass should have eaten the breakfast at the Stadium and then take the shuttle. And I heard later on from another friend that there was a spread of sada roti, tomato and pumpkin chocka, bake and salt-fish and a few other dishes I can’t remember. What an idiot I am. So I got mini-rotis as breakfast from the snack truck. Bummer. Later on a man was walking through the band sharing out single-serving plates of pholourie and mango chutney. Later on there was khurma and peanuts snacks. Theme boy! I would have like another snack truck to be located more up front for the other masqueraders up there, so minus 5 fun points.

I was loving the fact that people stayed in their section for the most part, until after the Savannah (then it was a mix up but that happens all the time anyway). And still get on with the jamishness. I was able to move through the band, return to my section and not be confused due to the signs on the trucks. Oh yeah, people actually stayed in their sections. Grown and sexy masqueraders were the business. Big people mas allyuh. Plus less people played in IP, and the band was better for it. Enough room to palance, parlay, and breakaway.

The costumes looked hot like the weather. They translated well in person. The frontline divas were werrrking their cage bras and nekkidness. Even Raja Aur Rani female costumes which I thought were hideous looked ok. Just ok. But the males were on point. Points for the guys. But I have to note that my Jaipur backline was a disaster for stockings. I absolutely loved my costume but that bling on the belt caused major damage. Bling + tights = ladders from hell. My tights were a shredded, I-was-in-a-catfight-with-Shenene mess, so much so that I HAD to take it off and go bare legged for the first time ever. Yikes!!!!
*note to self: must lose 100lbs by next year to forego tights. Current weight is 153 lbs. Goal weight minus100 is 53lbs. Surefire skinniness, y’all!!!!*

It felt weird being without my beloved tights but I got a lot more compliments without them so hey. We gonna party hard, hard. Whoop whoop, whoop whoop!

So to my calculations, IP lost 25 fun points. They earned 75 out of 100 from me.
This year was my BEST carnival in years. I had maximum fun. This should say it best : “Island People in d air, Island People in d air, Island People in d air, Island… I…I….I…”

Congrats to the other Lewis brother (the more organized one, not sure of his name) and Co. for taking the bull by the horns, reigning in the foolishness and making Island People the band it had the potential to be - organized and fun. I haven’t had this much fun since my Poison days. Yes I’ve had a string of bad to mediocre to ok carnivals since 2006. This year was totally worth it.

As long as this new IP management stays, I’m there God’s willing for 2011. Now let's aim for 100 points now. That means bring back Hennessey, more strategically placed snack trucks, and upgrade the lunch some more. I say this for the kind of price you're charging now, c'mon. So Mr.Lewis, I hope you're reading this blog eh. Don't let your brother run things again. Ever. Thanks.



trinicandy said...
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trinicandy said...

oh my oh my i hadda laugh ......i didn't know the logistics of the management but it real felt "changed"………………..i agree with every last statement here

one thing though.....the doubles man at the stadium on Tuesday needed more hands, next time have more than one doubles man….the khurma was nice ehhhhh and my foreign friends total enjoyed it

now not to sound bad eh but IP also need to put in place a system for past masqueraders such as TLC ………..Design it examining the positive and negative feedback of Tribe...whyyyyyyyy?????

The will once again get bigger and people will rush based on the good reviews they have received this year, this will be equal to costumes going quickly so put something in place to deal with it from now and appreciate the current following that you have.

Island people in d air!!!!!!!!!!!

"Chatty Patty" said...

I'm over excited to hear IP had such a splendid year though I've never had a bad experience with them in the 3 years I've played. I know that there will be a rush of costumes and so I have already put aside my downpayment money.

Island Soul said...

IP does have a system in place for past masqueraders....they just don't have a fancy name for it. They call it past masquerader registration, which takes place before general registration commences.

trinicandy said...

island soul hmmmmm i am not sure if they used the system

in 2k9 i registered on the fist day of regostration and i had never played with IP before

this year i was able to register four new masqueraders as well as my cousin was there on hand to register and none of these were past masqueraders in fact my cousin, my friend and i were amoung the first five to be present at registration on the very first day of registration which was supposed to be for "past masqueraders only"

when my cousin gave her info to the CR she didn't even ask if she was a past masqueraders she just went ahead with the process of registration

vivia38 said...

It was my first time in IP (played in Tribe last year) .... and I HAD A BLAST, I actually had MORE fun in IP!!! Minor problems but that is to be expected. I enjoyed myself to the max,loved the vibes and the grown and sexy ppl!

afro chic said...

Sounds like a great time was had! Nice man!

dougla_1 said...

Yes, the road trip on Tuesday was relatively smooth, and I still don't like "parking up" too long (IP was awhile, forget it if we were in back of TRIBE who were directly behind IP; maybe IP WON that rounds, lol) in ANY band to pass the Savannah media area (we want ah stage!!!). I actually felt much better after we passed the Savannah, then a more "party" vibe reached the band and stayed all the way to the end (lunch at the oval -veggie soya was fine for me, I have heard complaints.) Unfortunately, some boldface FAKE wristband ID wearing punks (not the stereotyped Laventille thugs, but shockingly, a more "upscale" good looking crew) didn't like being called out for their boldface banditlike stormerishness. Kudos to the IP security for being RESTRAINT (things could have been more of a worst melee) after the final turn on Tragarete Road to the Oval (which was to be reached in a little over an hour.)

Using the reviewer's scale, IP gets 85, a solid B (total for both Monday and Tuesday), from me :) Some factors I look for in a band are really out of the band's org. control.

A note about the notorious IP jammishness: I didn't observe any excessive wildness. From what I read and saw in clips and photos, it seems Harts and TRIBE might have imported some of that "jammishness" from IP defectors. Sonia Mack's beautiful section, Kalpana (the men were mostly gay, not there is anything wrong with dat) was trying to give it a go several times, though ;)

JJ said...

sounds great!!! thanks for such a wonderful review as this is my top choice for 2k11 after playing TRIBE first time this year. Based on this review, I think IP is more my speed. Thnx much!

dougla_1 said...

Correction: ...after the final turn on Tragarete Road to the Stadium...

Acacia-Victory said...

Correct there were ppl with fake bands. That pissed me off.. because i paid for my damn costume. They reaped alot of rewards, but i guess a few things had to fall through the cracks.
On the other hand. I hated Monday. absolutely hated standing for 3 hours behind whosoever it was at the 1st Judging point. For some reason Monday was filled with a set of WILD ppl. Like tehy came out to just knock the hell out of everyone who was there. After a while. I left the band and walked away until some order was realised. Eating @ 5.30... ummm what the HECK kinda service is that? STEUUPPS>>
Tuesday I admit to having a great time. I stayed in my section, so I ahve no clue what the rest of the band looked like. I just couldnt handle the wild ppl. Vibes and dont care fun is one thing.. but ppl who just wanna jump on other ppl like is horse we riding.. umm no eh! No...
My bf, did may a complaint that he didnt have any women to dance with, cuz he found the women this year were out of shape and bad looking...lmao... that is HIS opinion.
I now understand why ppl choose to play in Sonia MAck's section though. Because security was tops, and we were well taken care of. SO should I reconsider IP.. (I highly doubt it) I would be in her section again.

Nicole said...

IP was mas this year. I’ve played with them three years and I will continue to do so til I can’t palance anymore. B++
Nice costumes + Nice vibes + My Crew = IslandPeople Mas
Costume pickup was 15 minutes (waited 3 hours last year). Loved my costume…NAKSHATRA FL. Loved the idea of the fabric for Monday however, a heads up would have been nice so us overseas masqueraders could have prepared. This is the first year I had soooo much fun on Monday.
I loved that the band was smaller this year and I hope it stays that way. Even though security was not consistent... when they were on it they were ON IT.
We aired our grievances and they listened! IP 2K11…cyan wait!

Trini Princesssa said...


I was laughing down the place at IP costumes this year they proved me wrong on the road though. The looked beautiful and everyone looked like they were having a good time. Next year they take number one spot as a band I would play in. It just goes to show you sometimes you have to open your mind when it comes to costume concepts.

shells said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shells said...

hmmm sounds cool...and yeah, the 'other' Lewis brother needs to NEVER AGAIN try his hand at running the band!

Lisa said...

kudos to IP 2010, my 1st choice for
2011!...Played with Tribe this year(and for the last 5 years). Ip really outdid Tribe on costumes this year (especially the male.)Stayed with IP on Charlotte St. as I had close relatives in the band, and was surprised at the order of the sections in IP. On the other hand, I could not tell where which section was in Tribe while we were on Park St. in fact I was afraid to go past where Zari should have been. That band tooo big and out of control! Security in IP was way better than last year, as I could see. Trying to convince my crew to go with Sonia for 2011. Good work, (to whichever Lewis is responsible)
Keep it up!

angel said...

this review was sooooo funny. glad IP was such a great success. kinda of feeling sorry for the other Lewis brother now

Triniprincess said...

Love the review. So glad that they were able to deliver to the masses. But I never lost faith in IP.

I hope the defectors stay away lol

IP in de air!!!

Carnivalcocoa said...

Way sah I now seeing all this. Glad you enjoyed the review guys ;)
And yes the defectors and lil chirren need to stay away, esp the young uns -- they just can't respect mas.

Lunch stop for a big band will have time issues which is sad. Flow management on the road is worse now than before. When Poison had 10,000 strong we were able to do Mucurapo road, downtown, Woodbrook AND savannah. Now with the biggest band having just 5000, ppl can't even hit up downtown? Hell the jump up route is now cut in half. Clearly it's a flow management issue that has gotten worse.

mjsbunny said...

Not just flow management, but also there are loads more bands on the road as well. So even though the individual bands are smaller, there are just more of them. So where as there was Poison, Barbarossa, Minshall, Harts, Legends and a few others, there's now TRIBE, IP, Harts, Legacy, Genesis, Evolution, Showtime, Spice, Pulse8 and Lord knows how many others.

So bottlenecks will continue for years to come. Sigh!

CityChick said...

I played with Island People. I reviewed but took out 5 points for no Hennessy! I love my Hennessy! Other than that, I playing again with them. Most definitely.

Good selection of dam fine men who were strong and capable to lift me up and still wukkup but wine wid respect (no set ah jook like is dry hump).. I loved it. I well enjoy it. Yep and it was wild but that's how I like it cause I PAY FOR THIS. I don't want to tread in no high heels. I will NEVER consider Tribe because first of all, I ent begging to spend me money (no way), I like the way the costumes were interpreted, and I had a BESS time on the road! My highlight was convincing Busy to get off d truck by telling him "one more wine" lol... but nuff girl push in after he come down to give me my wine! Fyah for that! Lol.

Who say Island People 2011? I in dey!

Oasis said...

Apart from the reduction in the size of the band...i must big up the security..i actually saw ppl getting their fake band cut and eventually ejected from the band....keep it up!!! I HAD A BLAST!!!

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