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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Island People 2010 Review (1)

This was my first year playing with IP after 2 consecutive yrs in Tribe (and yes I have a TLC, but don’t ask lol).

Good: I absolutely LOVED my costume. Played in Bindi and found this costume to b superb..the best costume I’ve played in ever! It actually made me begrudge my past Tribe really Tribe, y’all could’ve done better hehehe.

Security was on point as well. I’ve never played with IP b4, so I have nothing to compare them too, but I really saw the ‘Eject team’ walking through the band and looking for stormers. At one point, I saw one security guy scanning me for my band…and I was in FULL costume!! Once he spotted it, he moved on and proceeded to remove a female stormer from the kudos.

Lunch at the oval…I appreciated the rest in d cool from all d jamming.

Bad: That piece of cloth they give we for Monday wear. It was a decent idea, but I got my cloth on Carnival Thurs. Unfortunately I have no seamstress fren who couldda sew anything for me last minute so I had to do my best with a wrap top and a skirt. I just find they could’ve warned us early so that we could make proper preparations…Imagine my surprise when I gone to collect my costume and this yellow piece of cloth was shown to me! At the very least, they should’ve offered assistance in tying this blasted cloth for Monday. I did see some ppl tho who completely worked this cloth..good for y’all! (Maybe they had a seamstress friend)

Ugly: No effin baileys or Smirnoff or gatarode or lucozade in their PREMIUM bar! WTF!!! Imagine my shock when I gone to ask for these drinks..I’m not much of a drinker, so I doh drink Johnny which seemed to be about all they had. And get this…WATER RAN OUT! Yes I said it, my only drink on both days and it ran out both on Monday and Tuesday (I think they restocked on Tues though).

The food...I guess being spoiled by Tribe where u actually have a choice of food, I found the food to be not very fulling and I would appreciate a choice man. I’m not a pelau fan but this was actually better than the Monday lunch which I just ate cuz I was friggin starved! (I mean lunch at 5 PM?? R y’all serious???!!?)

So anyways, so I back to TRIBE again next yr, cuz after this IP experience, I feel I could take d lil jostiling in TRIBE J

1 comment:

B said...

Well, what can I say!! As much as I agree with you for being angry about the water and coconut water running out but nothing can beat the Vibe of IP. I could definitely tell you that I watching some of Tribe pics and is just a pose off yes.

I like to wine and jump and wave and I eh see dat in Tribe so I go take meh licks in IP.

Nothing can beat a good Vibe on the road, that is what I out dey for, actually. Not to mention, Johnny on de rocks......LOL!!

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