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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Island People 2010 Review (3)

The Costume
I played backline Chandsitarie. Initially, I wanted a frontline costume because I love huge headpieces but these sold out quite quickly. Why, I do not understand as there were probably only about 8 frontline costumes in the section on the day! The bra was lovely- very intricate beading and detail with lots of gemstones and mirrors to reflect the moon and stars concept of chandsitarie. This costume stayed true to the theme and was not spoilt by unecessary feathers! The detailing on the belt was also fantastic and we received LOTS of lovely bangles as handpieces. The headpiece was also well made and sturdy. I felt that at times less glue and more stitching should be used on the belt as in the heat (and even before I left) bits were coming off the costume. I was supplied with a clear plastic strap which I thought was not sturdy but it held up my DDs in spite of all my jamishness on the road. The sari detail of the headpiece could have been attached with a larger bit of velcro. All in all, 9.5 out of 10. I loved my costume! I felt like a princess.

It took us 10 minutes flat to collect our costumes during the week. The ladies were also able to engage in a bit of banter and we were asked whether we wanted extra goodies for our goody bags (nice!). It was only when I arrived at home I realised that my neck piece was missing- this was replaced on the Saturday with minimal effort although the customer service agents were a little bit more busy and less friendly!
It would have been nice to have water or some beverages available as it was hot! 7/10

Carnival Monday
I admit I loved the idea of the wrap and what people did with it amazed me- I saw dresses, dhotis, hot shorts, even gladiator sandals with that bit of cloth. More forewarning is needed however so we can at least accessorise the cloth! Some people were prepared with brown and purple boots and the like. Very nice touch. The band looked less like jourvert although some gold hot shorts would have been nice.

I only got to the band at about 12 pm and could not believe that lunch was not served yet. Someone said pizza slices were handed out earlier. The lunch itself that was "catered to be tasty and lean" was not so tasty. It was very carb heavy (both rice and pasta) and lacking in veggies (only some corn on the cob). Granted, you can't please everyone but the food could have been better.

I am an equal opportunities Carnival Baby and I loved the back of the truck which played some nice chipping songs. The vibes was great- no"stushness", it was real bacchanal and a sense of festivity. My only complaint was running out of water and the lack of ladies' drinks like Baileys, Hennessey and the like. Not everyone likes Johnnie Walker Black. At one point there was no coconut water, no water, no gatorade, no hydrating drinks whatsoever. Dangerous. Given the heat.

All in all I had a great time.

Carnival Tuesday
Some costumes that looked fantastic in the booklet looked less so on the road- Bindi was one of those for me. The red costume and Nakashtra (black) did not stand out and Chutney Bhaav looked like the yellow cloth we received for Carnival Monday. :(. Mudra looked really cute, and Taal was sexy as hell! Sonia Mack's section was on fire - those Kalpana costumes made me jealous. I think Island People were very original

We waited for ages to cross the Savannah as did everyone but the band was very lively and there was a good mix of men and women to make the ramajay and palance nice! Lunch at the Oval was a very good idea. We got to eat, put our feet up and use the bathroom. Talking of bathrooms, I used the WEE WEE truck and I was NOT impressed. It stank and consisted of basic portaloos which had no mirrors. Hello! Us ladies need to fix up. Island People, please spend the money and use Andyloos.
Afterwards it was much more palancing although water and drinks ran out again. That is not on. There was also no after party as promised.

Security also started drinking and wining after a while and forgot they were there to keep masqueraders safe "is carnival tuesday we can't have a good time too" is what I heard. I compared this to Tribe security who were lined up tightly. I also saw a child performing a security function. What the heck. Is that legal?

Overall, I would say 10/10 for atmosphere but 5/10 for service. The band is probably too large to be manageable and to give people a premium experience. Every year it's the same complaint- customer service sucks. The masqueraders and the designers make the band. The persons doing logistics needs to begin a complete overhaul. But I am in there again next year! Vibes too nice.


Invisible said...

Lol about security drinking and taking some wines lol

Nicky said...

LOL about the child performing security function, now dats hilarious!

Somethin Special... said...

Ok so I dont know if this is an isolated experience: But I don't drink at all and had water all day monday and tuesday. I saw them refilling water on tuesday on the trucks after they ran out sometime during the day. And As far as service goes I'd definitely give them a 7 out of 10 this year. And Ive been playing with IP since their inception. I enjoyed myself so much this year I found Marlon myself on the road to personally congratulate him for stepping up but for still making it a priority to keep stormers out of the band when it got a lil late. And that isnt somethin that was isolated to IP as TRIBE had the same problem apparently come night fall... Just my 22cents. IP TO DI WURRRRRRRLLLLLLLL!!!

Carnivalcocoa said...

My apologies to the reviewer, it's ME who drank out all the coconut water. Then chased it down with uncle Johnny Black. My bad. Seriously though, the heat was unusually brutal this year so naturally water and coconut water would be the first to go.

Carnivalcocoa said...

BTW, where de arse was de Henny? As much as I loved IP this year, I taking away some points for dat. How was I going to chase my Red Bull?

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