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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The No Bra Trend.......Hmmmmm

With so many bands offering select sections with the Rio Styled Wire Bra in lieu of a regular bra top for masqueraders, it was no surprise that many masqueraders whose sections did not offer this option went and got their own bras customized as the demand for this sexy style has reached phenomenal proportions.

Jean Cool of Samba Costumes boasted that he was doing lots of orders for Trinidad Carnival and I would have to attest that I saw customized wire bras in every single band, from TRIBE to D Krewe to Harts to Spice!

Wire bras were even a very popular Monday Wear option as I saw many, many ladies in TRIBE sporting them:

And while it is a growing trend for women to show off their assets as well as physical manifestation of months of hard work in the gym, where do we draw the line between a sexy, scintillating costume option to right out straight up nudity by wearing NO BRA at all?!

At least the first masquerader in D Krewe, pictured above, used gems as pasties to retain some modesty and not run afoul of the law BUT the masquerader pictured immediately below is straight up topless in body paint! Apart from the fact that I am left wondering what section she was in and where is the costume she paid for (she was wearing the correct masquerader ID bands in TRIBE) the more pressing question is how come she was not arrested for indecent exposure like the unfortunate jouvert reveler in San Fernando?

I am patiently awaiting next Carnival when someone shows up in full body paint... and nothing else or a wire bra and tapasexo! Might as well go all out Rio seeing where the trend is headed, and speaking of that where is our Sambodromo!? I am thinking the whole "street parade" is defeating the purpose of  portraying pretty mas however that is another topic for another day. So, what are your thoughts on the no bra trend?


RWB said...

My guess is that there was a point in time that playing mas in a bikini was scandalous.

(My uncle came from overseas after 20 yrs and found that even the “wining” now compared to 20 years ago to be scandalous!)

My view on this is, leave people be if that is what they want, as long as it’s legal. I’m not sure what the laws are in terms of public nudity. Or what the definition of public nudity is!

I know there are lots people that scorn the wire bra and I do think it a bit hypocritical sometimes, I have personally never done it but I see nothing wrong with it when done tastefully. Tastefully being a matter of personal judgement.

There was one in particular that I really loved in Tribe. It was a pink individual costume, perhaps Habotai? Too me she looked beautiful.

Shellss said...

I absolutely love them....I will definitely be wearing them come next year. Regarding the body paint....the lady from TRIBE with the green paint in my humble opinion, looks disgusting! Trust me, every year I see women with body paint and it has never been this bad. I actually admired the artwork and so forth on these women, but this one however does not sit well with me.

Geeze..wear some pasties for Christ's sake!!!

HQ said...

I'm not sure how to feel...on the one hand, I have no problem with a cage bra, if it's done tastefully w/pasties (I draw the line at the body paint madness) and I have seen some beautiful ones in my time- thinking of Zari's frontline this year, gorgeous!

On the other hand, it seems to be taking a huge departure from what I understand Trini carnival to be...looking more and more like carnival in Brazil, which is alright I guess, but, why not just go to Brazil? I must admit I am torn on this subject...

Trinibears said...

Yay My favorite subject...OOps...

My opinion on the matter is simply that Trinidad Carnival is Evolving, and it will continue to evolve...Trends tend to start somewhere and continue till they reach a point where they are abandoned for another. i can say in my mas paying years i have watched cycling shorts all but dissapear from women masqueraders. This was a staple in the 70-80's and still is if you check some of the carnivals up the islands...

women in our age have gained a sense of freedom and responsibility for their own bodies and quite frankly use carnival to flaunt that freedom. it may seem to be scandalous or inappropriate to some of us because of our more conservative natures. But to those who partake in virtual nakedness feel a level of satisfaction in them selves which make them feel empowered as individuals. they are not ashamed or embarrassed but proud to display what they feel is their greatest assets their own body. Some may lift an eyebrow at this behavior because it is not the cultural norm, But in truth and in fact small deviations in culture and "the Norm" is want makes it evolve....

Now i am all for anyone (woman/man) displaying as much as they feel to fell their own sense of freedom. but within the confines of decency. We here in Trinidad have a semi-prudish/conservative standard for what we consider indecent for a female body. and i personally think that a bare painted Breast is really bordering on indecency But not at all ABSOLUTELY indecent. ther is a grey area where this is defined.

I do believe the woman in south was charged for "Baring her naked Breasts' which is similar to "Displaying a painted one"...But Not Exactly the same thing. so It all depends on the manner and situation i guess...Then again what is the definition Of Nakedness?? is their a formula that says "x" amount of exposed areola = naked/indecent?

anyhow in all and all i prefer to observe mas with a little decency and would not mind if nipple tips were covered,wit a minimum by a pastie. i Have to say not all Boobs look good some need a Lift here and a decorate there. so ladies keep it clean nuh.

Ps. Zari girlz in Caged Bras Rocked this year!

roshanna said...

The Pink bra that the girl in Habotai was done by a friend of mine named Akin Ross AND The girl in the purple bra was done by Akin at well. The bras were really fierce and they were as happy as they looked i should of done one as well because I had SO much issues with my SPICE COSTUME RUBIES OF MUMBAI ......but wait thats a big blog soon to come Ive just been a lil busy At work ! But i digress the Bras were absoloutely FaB-o-LOUS I doing one next year!

Zaira said...

people are drawing insane much can u say a cage bra is different from it because the nipple is covered...yes norms have evolved...but honestly this is not carnival...its just a display of the body and exhibtionism and accept it...
you go to carnival in bahia and you dont see as many cage bras as in rio because rio is all about the glamorous

Zaira said...

i just dont think the question of decency and morality is even important anymore looking at carnival.

CityChick said...

I actually know the chick nekkid plus paint! I don't know if I should be admitting that. She is from London and is crazy (in a good way!).

I personally would not wear the caged bras as I have a double D chest and I think they look more revealing the bigger the boobies and not because its Carnival I have to place on show all wha meh man have to look at! However, to those who choose to, more power to them. I am not the arbiter of people's personal sense of morality and decency.

On going barebreasted with paint, I could imagine it is probably too much for our sensitivities but as usual, in the caribbean we have a very prudish sense of what is moral or not. This is probably truest to our African culture- in Ghana and South Africa, there are ceremonial occasions where breasts are merely painted and decorated and on show! So maybe its a reconnection to rooyts! I don't know. Anyhow, in any event, if these women wish to celebrate carnavalia and bacchanalia in this way, more power to them for embracing the female form!

Personally, I believe that arresting people for indecent exposure during carnival is a bit of a joke considering all of us are decked out in bikinis and beads when we would never prance around the streets of Port of Spain like that on the regular. Okay so maybe caged bras and paint take it that one step further but these ladies are arguably pioneers in developing de mas! Bet your life our kids would be stepping out in their wire bra ten years from now and it would be standard!

CityChick said...

Oh and is it just me or do some of the women look like men????????????????????????????


Lauren said...

SOME of those caged bras looked
GREAT! Unfortunately all of them
did not. I think it's the person's
choice, and what they feel comfortable in. Most of the IP sections had them, and I noticed
Sonia had an option of skin toned
material under the cage. With the kind of money Trini ladies spending on Boobs jobs, it's no wonder they want to display. Again,
not all Boobs Jobs are good ones.
Saw a lady in Tribe, Xi Ling Shi. I know her B4 and after the Boobs Job; was the most horrible thing I saw in a Caged Bra. Wish I took a picture to show. She looked better B4 having that done to herself. And I can't help but wonder why she would choose to do a Boobs Job and wear a Caged Bra, when she missing teeth!
Personally, I am willing to try one next year.

Shellss said...

City Chick....i totally agree...Trinidad for some reason have become gender confused

Mas Assassin said...

Saucy we all knew it was going to evolve to this from Barbarossa days, it didn’t take a crystal ball to know what will come next, what I wish to know is if you’re going to pay how much money for a mas are you gonna then go naked on the streets?
I know the last girl in green is a Londoner is any of the rest Local?
In a carnival where nobody truly stands out because all the costumes look just about the same and a period of time where women are empowered and want to each be seen and heard, nudity seems to be the only way left to express individuality, I guess

Carnival Divaz said...

I have been torn all morning on whether or not I should post a comment.

I went topless (no pasties) with airbrush on carnival monday and a cage bra with pasties on tuesday. I personally didn't feel like I was being lewd either days nor did I behave in a lewd manor. I saw my airbrush as more of an artistic approach than anything else. Mainly because I had a lot detail in my airbrush. I actually prefer cage bra over regular bras because they fit better. A cage bra is formed to your breast, you can bend and form the wire to suit your desired look. This is my third time wearing a cage bra and I love all three. I actually feel more secure in a cage bra.

Empress said...

I think we mixing up the evolution of mas to it disappearing completely. And at the risk of sounding like a preacher if we stand for nothing we fall for everything. THIS IS CERTAINLY NOT MAS and it is definitely not the direction I want to see mas heading. But who am I really?

Carnivalcocoa said...

If you can work them cage bras, then work it ladies. Use Zari FL as a template. And for the love of God put on some pasties as insurance. This is not Hustler or Playboy.

As for comparing us to Rio, don't get it twisted at all. Rio has way more COVERED masqueraders than naked ones. Usually it's the Samba queens who are skimpily clad. Check out the youtube clips, even Sweet 7 had clips on her blog. Rio is very Minshall/MacFarlane-esque in their mas. This really surprised me.
Where it stands, Trinidad is more naked than Rio. Hoo boy!

Carnivalbaby said...

i agree with you empress!

Evolution will come yes but what is there to show for our children?
Do you want to see your daughter naked with just airbrush on her boobs? (but i guess who cares because it is what "mas" has become).

"Trinidad Carnival" is one of the best shows in the world, if we resort to bare boobs with airbrush, there is no creativity in making a costume and what the costume is suppose to represent and the meaning of the masqurader is to bring the "theme" of the costume to life ... that is why Mc Farlane quitting ... there is no competitiion anymore ... which is sad .... he is one of our top top designers/creators of BEAUTIFUL mas.

All over the world people know trinidad to be very creative and beautiful with the costumes and what do we have now? bare breasts!!

save the culture! teach the children what is true Trinidad carnival.

Acacia-Victory said...

i did pasties alone this year. LOVED IT! Frankly im not brave enough to just do body paint. but that chica in green isnt the first one, nor is it the 1st time. (Legends break up)(animal instincts-crocodile. Who is brave enough...Allyuh go, but dont complain when someone grabs the interim... I am thinking how do I go back to bras after plying with Pasties this year?

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Roshanna I have been asked to please get the contact info for Akin Ross. If you do not want to post it in public please email me .

roshanna said...

Okay I will send it to you I sYou ee im going to have to tell himm to get my wire bra early once i know who i playing should get one to sauce lol

Auntie Nini said...

i look at it this way: a lot of the mas spectators are children. that creates a line that should not be crossed. i would wear a bikini in front of children. i wouldn't go topless in front of them.


lol i know both the girls in the last 2 pics lol wow! errrr the one in the body paint i think crossed the boarder however! gender bending the full works! each to thier own i guess, aslong as its within the theme which i think is completely lost!

Ci said...

i think it's good to have maybe one or two sections with the option of a cage bra. frontliners of course. i think it looks nice on the right girls. maybe one day i'll have a nice enough body that i feel confident exposing even more of it, but i eh there yet. i think we should work hard to ensure that it doesn't descend into nakedness though...while cage bras are pretty, you have to work to make them as beautiful or artistic (and tasteful) as a normal bra is...with all the adornments, etc. so once u can still make it a costume n not just a bare chest then i don't see a problem.

Springmoon said...

I think that considering the varied body types you see, evolution for most people will stop at the bikini mas. That said... I look at wearing the cage bra like wearing a thong to play mas. Some people will always think they look good in it, but they would be wrong! Those boobies should be looking good to stay in that cage, and I think pasties are a necessity.

Speaking of pasties, the second woman in red with the pasties and body paint (is she pregnant, btw? Not that it's important, just curious) had as much coverage with her gems and pasties as the wire bras, I don't see anything wrong with it. Woman in green... well, I agree with the poster who said that there are children who would be on a parade route and while I wouldn't expect the masquerader to be the morality police to my own child, at the same time, nudity is not an established tradition in Trini carnival. At least, not yet.

Empress said...

" I wouldn't expect the masquerader to be the morality police to my own child" wow that statement says it all. So as humans we have no responsibility to anyone but ourselves. Interesting point of view. I guess I should not expect the coke dealer to be the morality police either. I guess I admire the days when it took a village. I guess there will always be two spectrums to this topic but as i stated before this is not where I would like to see carnival heading. but that is just me.

Auntie Nini said...

so i just finally read all the comments, and like some ppl mad yes. mas in trinidad is about costumery and creativity. naked is neither a costume nor creative, it's just exhibitionism. people have taken carnival to these exhibitionist levels, just because they feel they can. and some of these people wouldn't parade on the parkway or caribana or notting hill like that, so why de hell they feel is ok to come to trinidad and go naked in the street? sorry, thumbs down to the pasties/naked shit, and MOST of the cage bras. brazilian macaw's last year and zari's and TOM's this year were acceptable, because they covered adequately. if this is the direction mas in trinidad is going, i guess when i finally have kids i won't be taking them to see certain mas.

Springmoon said...

@Empress: quite frankly, if you are someone's parent, then *YOU* are the first line of defense in teaching your children proper morals. Half-naked people are everywhere these days, and the other 363 days of the year, you better be personally policing what your child is exposed to, because the bacchanal that passes for television programming these days, or even what passes for "PG" movies, is far worse than seeing a half-naked woman in a carnival band.

AYO said...

WOW so much to comment on. I was hit in the face by Auntie Nini and Empress' comments. Do we want our children witnessing this degradation? Because that's what it is. What if it was a naked man with an airbrushed penis???
Stand for something, people, don't just make glib comments that if that's what they want, let them do it. That is how a society and a country breaks down.

I have some familiarity with the law. Body paint=naked. Pasties=naked. Trinidad is nowhere near as prudish as other Caribbean countries, or these would never be allowed on the street.

Women think they are liberating themselves the less they wear. Actually it's quite the opposite.

And on another note, these photos hit me as completely tasteless, the 1st photo especially is disgusting to look at. I love the female form and feel proud to flaunt mine, but keep in mind, who are we displaying our bodies for???
the 2nd photo, a wire 'bra' (ok it's actually more like a cage b/c it serves no purpose...AND a thong? And if someone takes a wine and that piece of string slips to the left or right, or a pastie falls off, where are we then? Consider these questions seriously my good women. And men. I'd like to hear what the men think.

carnivalkris said...

bring on the poonkie cups .... i have been saying that two years now

AYO said...

By 2nd photo, I meant 4th...head got so hot with this nonsense

CityChick said...

Auntie Nini and Ayo I take your points. And true, I personally would NOT wear such on the streets of Trinidad because I have my own sense of comfort and what I term to be decent for me.

However saying that these things are responsible for the breakdown of society really gets to me. Because as usual as Caribbean people, we focus on things that offend our sensibilities rather than what is actually responsible for the breakdown in society. The woman in the paint (although I would not do it) is harming no one. What is causing breakdown in Trini society is robbings, violence, drunkneness, domestic violence- NOTHING to do with a woman on carnival day in body paint with her breasts outside. So when we start making these rude generalisations informed by what we have been taught and passing out these "stand for something..." choruses, it bothers me. Who knows, maybe the girl in green is standing for something? Standing for the fact maybe that she can be in Trinidad and feel liberated and without fear?

So sometimes we have to be careful about passing judgment based on our own morality and prejudices.

As for kids. Isnt it better to have an open discussion on the tastefulness of what is displayed? Or do you still "bar" their eyes when people kiss on TV? I thought the Caribbean had grown up then. Nudity, when done artistically is not dirty. Whether or not the ladies above look artistic or just plain "slack" is a matter of taste. Visit the Tate in London and you will see people having the same arguments over sensuality exhibitions and Tracy Emin's work.

So the polemic is very alive and maybe, just maybe, we could learn something from these women. Just saying.

Trinibears said...

City Chick thanks for making a very valid statement you got there before me..
I also believe if you are a "Parent" and you have kids,"YOU" are responsible for "YOUR" childrens Moral Upbringing, NOT society or "The Village". If you cant tell your 4-8 year old > that naked woman there is doing the wrong thing..You shouldnt do that..Then GOD Help You your Not a PARENT. If you cant have a healthy discussion with Your Children of about age 8+ about what is acceptable to do or not.. Then LORD HELP you You are a Failing PARENT....Society doesnt Fail Because Women Prance around naked On the Street.... IT FAILS BECAUSE PARENTS FAIL to RAISE THEIR CHILDREN... And Leave Tv, Society, the Village , ETC. to shape and mould who they are....and then expect that they will grow up to be upstanding citizens...WTF...

Now as a liberal minded Male masquerader I think "the Green Lady's" display was not-acceptable
for the road, if she did the pasties and sprayed a lil more paint i would let it slide... I for one enjoy the shock and awe that is carnival.

now with respect to direction of "Mas" WHAT DIRECTION??? Mas has always been and continue to be an INTERNALIZED expression Of ONES Self..Mas "Bands" and Thematic costuming came as an evolution of culture and society. I dont know for the rest of you People but Mas is about ME... MY Freedom...My Expression...My wanting to feel a sense of who i am in the middle of the road and not have any one JUDGE ME.. So as much as i disagree with what "Green lady" did i cant fault her for expressing who she is....

and one more small note to those who made comments about the "gender benders", please refer to my previous statement. Im glad that most of you all Fell "Perfect" in your own bodies and dont have "Bend" to fell comfortable in your own skins. But please lay off those who feel compelled skew the line for carnival..nuh.. IT IS CARNIVAL After all ...NOT CHURCH!

Empress said...

One minute you all want to see the nekedness the next minute paint alone is too distasteful for your liking. A lot of people out there contracting their initial stance. From full coverage to bathing suits, to caged bras to body paint…this is where it will eventually head. Either you accepting the trend or you think it is too much. I personally do not like the trend.

Additionally, excuse me for saying…wait I need no dam excuse….but there is a level of conservatism in the Caribbean culture, the African Diaspora culture, the East Indian culture, the Syrian and all the culture’s that Trinidad and Tobago has been founded on that would agree that exhibition of nekedness can lead to the break down in society. In my humble opinion depending on what you deem the degradation of society then fully nekedness masked in paint can definitely contribute. I am not looking to Nottingham or the Americas to help me determine what direction I want my country to be heading for there culture is not mine.

As for society being responsible for the moral upbringing of my child I never asked them to. But I would love to take my children out to see “big people mas” without having to worry about whether or not somebody’s bare boobies are in my lil boy’s face, or a beautifully painted penis is at the eye level of my lil girl or boy. That is just my preference.

“It’s Carnival and not church” duh!!! But when you read the history of the culture and you try to explain the reason behind the mas and your child asking you…better yet…your foreign co worker asking you “how come everyone naked where are the costumes” then the history becomes lost and the culture is buried. When I return home for Carnival I not looking for another Spring break episode cause I can see that anywhere. I looking forward to the music, costume, wineration that is unique to my country.

This is really all I have to say on the topic as I know everyone would not agree with me but I stand by my opinion nonetheless everthemore.

Socaholic said...

If missy in the bobbie paint felt so comfortable in her expression of self why was she seen wearing a bra later in the day?

We don't have nude beaches here, I don't want to see nude people on the road.

Keep that morality in the confines of your hotel room/guest house/home.

If you want to do the body paint wear pasties. I think band leaders need to include in their booklets for those who maybe ignorant to it that it is not acceptable to parade the streets of PoS naked.

Auntie Nini said...

city chick, you are saying things i didn't. as for your point that this is not an indicator of the 'decay of society' (which...really?), what is causing the 'decay of society' is selfishness, self-centredness and the culture of instant gratification. all the robbing and kidnapping and murders can be traced back to these three traits. so can all the mad driving, 'link ups' and bribery and, yes, this selfsame nekkid 'playing yuhself' with no regard for the law or concern for society's younger members. all these things are connected.

i am by no means a prude or a conservative, but i do draw lines when it comes to events in the public square.

Shellss said...

Well it amazes me that people think that children are not exposed to these things other than carnival. You all wil be surprised at what children are exposed to on the internet, television, school and the like. Growing up as a child, my PARENTS instilled in me what they expected of me. I was given good examples of what type of adult and person I was to become or strive to be. My parents did not leave it up to society to determine who I was to become, they did that. Since I have known myself, I have ALWAYS seen nudity during carnival, on tv, in school, but you know what? I would think I turned out ok, because I have my standards and know what I want and nothing that anyone else does or says to me can change that.

I have played mas for years and my mother always says....oh gosh what allyuh young ppl does really be wearing boy? Cus her idea of mas is Minshal and Mc Farlane, but she does not judge me because I want to express myself a different way, or because I prefer to show more of my body than she is willing to..ppl....let everyone be. You stick to your standards and let everyone else stick to theirs.

Springmoon said...

Well-stated Shellss! TV, internet, movies, and even video games! Carnival is the least of your worries.

RWB said...

AMEN Shells. I think your bottom line pretty much sums up my view. "You stick to your standards and let everyone else stick to theirs"

Be open and honest with your children. Do what you think and know is best for them, and accept that ultimately they will make their own decisions.

I personally do not see the totally topless look becoming the norm or even a trend, nor do I see the miniscule cage bras & thong only look being the majority either.

Only time will tell.

dougla_1 said...

CityChick and Trinibears said pretty much my thought on the issue (nice add Shellss)

Do consider, there is really such a thing as a Trini woman's sense of modesty. I always admire the contradictory expressions of Trini women's blatant sexiness and coy suggestiviness, but there IS a line they will not cross in public. Generalizations are such that of course there are exceptions. However, those numbers are in the smallest of minority. Call them "jamettes" if you like ;) Even the sweet, melodic voices alone of Trini women, across the entire ethnic spectrum, are enough to suggest the Sirens of mythology. Even the highfalutin "Convent" accent gets me intrigued. So, I do believe the rush of exposed boobs, butts, and taposexy barely there crotch pieces are indeed heavily influence by "foreigners" and expats who feel that crossing the line is their sense of freedom in T&T.

For the record, T&T's Carnival is not Girls Gone Wild. Don't get it twisted ;)

And for the behavior of men, that is another matter altogether and worthy of another discussion...

AYO said...

Citychick, reread my comment carefully. I said the breakdown of society comes when people like YOU say that permissivenes is the way to go instead of standing up for your beliefs.
YOU know it is not right to parade like that, yet you are too afraid to make the jump and say 'I believe so, and therefore as a member of OUR society, I take a stand and can tell these women-YUH WRONG!'
Male opinion-they LOVE to see free what they otherwise have to pay-per-view or top shelf magazine or in formner days wait for their wife to show them. Bring on the poonkie cups indeed...

Auntie Nini said...

have we lost all sense of appropriateness? i do not believe this trend toward nekkidness is appropriate for the public square. what my kids will consume and what we will discuss will occur in the home. it is not a question of expecting the public to mind my future kids or of censoring their reading and watching material (which my own parents never did and i don't believe is necessary if you are communicating with your children). my comments continue to be that this is neither costumery nor creative, it is exhibitionist and in many cases utterly without any sense of taste and appropriateness, and not what i will choose to expose my kids to in teaching them about mas and carnival.

dougla_1 said...

AYO, Auntie Nini isn't true that some of society's rules can be quite oppressive? What comes first permissivness or freedom?

On the other hand, societies are not powerless. Allowing someone a right to be free doesn't mean you have to do what they do. The reverse is true though, and that is certainly oppressive. Discrimination is about a society's insane (my bias here) fear of losing control of what they hold dear. How sad it is we are still struggling with what freedom is on our planet.

Carnival Divaz said...

When allyuh see me next year with my BODYART just look the other way because the comment stated here is absolutely ridiculous.

As far as the direction of mas is concerned, there are bands that still present Minshal/ mcfarlane type mas, but they are small and medium bands. ¿WH¥? Because nakedness is what people want. It depends on the consumer, if a cage bra is what people want then it will sell. All you have to do is don't buy it if you don't want it. And if anyone played with mcfarlane last year you will remember that one of his inidividuals had on body paint. Was that not art and creativity? If you think for once that my exposing my nipples is such a big deal to carnival then you really don't understand the true meaning of carnival.

Stop worrying about your children seeing my nipples and worry about children in kiddies carnival signing how much inches of pipe ya want doing splits. Many children seen me carnival monday and they didn't see anything nasty, they thought it was pretty and wanted to touch me. At that age they don't even know what nipples are to even think anything negative.

Carnivalbaby said...

Bahhahahahahaahahahah wait wait wait ... carnival divaz what make you think children do not know waht nipples are????? they know more than you know ... kids at the age of 9 and 10 having sex ... what you talking about!!!!

my friend sons know what breasts are and the meaning of having respect for their bodies at the age of FIVE (5) ...

i have a question... how many people writing and commenting in this blog are TRINBAGONIANS who were born and raised in TNT and have not lived in North America or Europe?

to me alot of you all sounding like real yankees ... freedom of this and that blah blah blah crap!!!! that is why north americans are sooooo messed up and confused ... would you believe that in elemetry school the teachers are teaching kids (as young as 5 n 6) that having a mom and "mom" or dad and "dad" is okay!!!!

the morals and values of True trinis are being poisoned and skewed by these mentalities!!!!

yeah ur free to do whatever in your home but doh bring it out on the streets!!!!

The history of Trinidad Carnival is being lost and with this mentality that i am reading on this blog ... it will soon be lost ...

thank Goodness for rosalind and gabriel band ... they have high standards and make beautiful, creative costmes for kids .. AND she prohibits wining even the parents!!

someone said "that is what the people want" .... okay sooo yuh mother never taught you "everything you want you CANNOTTTTT always get"!!!

HQ said...

Hold on. What exactly about Trinidad Carnival is preventing anyone from getting what they want? People want pasties & body paint, they are wearing pasties & body paint! People want Cage bras...ummm, they seem to be wearing Cage bras!!! Regardless of what happened in SF, I saw NO ONE get arrested for wearing any of the above in Port of Spain on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

I find it interesting that every video I see, every article I read seems to be encouraging foreigners to come be apart of carnival, come be on display and contribute to the carnival spirit, but then when discussions like these come up, it's "North Americans" and other foreigners who are contributing to the demise of Trinidad Carnival. You cannot have it both ways. When you invite "foreigners" in as participants (& I use the term loosely because a lot of masqueraders are Trinbagonians who are returning home for carnival) then you invite in all that comes with it.

Furthermore, can someone define "freedom" and "free-up" for me? Cause maybe I am missing something here.

Perhaps the reason why I am so torn on this subject is because so many of the messages are contradictory?

CityChick said...

With respect, I find some of the conclusions on here really fanciful:

-Body art mas, over exposed mas is part of selfishness, that in turn informs and can correlate to shooting robberies and killing.

The link is very tenuous (in fact on the point ah breaking fus e stretch!) Violence etc. stems from greed, broken homes, inequality, sufferation... FACT. Nothing to do with how some people choose to play mas.

Second one: people who are liberal minded like us are the ones who break down society.

Well first it was the nekkid chics breaking down society, now its us... in Caribbean parler "the upholder wors dan de tief". Except there is no tief. Its liberal minded people who are responsible for building societies. If everyone wanted to impose their own personal limits on everybody else there would be no Carnival and jus stick mas with guava wood. Change is inevitable. Its up to each one of us to have our own personal limits. Whether what happened was within the law is a different story, but quite frankly I would consider it a travesty to arrest a woman for exposure with all the pickpocketing etc that was rife!

Third, foreign based ideals. I laugh. It doesn't take individuals to come down on Carnival day to expose trinidad youth to foreign culture. They are already exposed to BET and MTV and trust me what Rihanna and Lady Gaga does is probably more influential than one random ooman on Carnival day. Its already in your homes! Carnival day is only one day. You chilren getting it on blast 365 days a year! So be a good parent and PREPARE them that its not everything they see they can emulate. A lesson right there.

Fourth. I don't really agree that we all want nakedness. I want a pretty costume. That don't stifle meh and make me feel hot like McFarlane clown. I would love for Island People to make costumes as before- with a nice neckpiece (not a piece of jewellery, a neck piece), details for the hands and feet, a nice FANCY belt. That said, almost all the Island People costumes that had some coverage were the last to sell out! So maybe I am just speaking for myself.

Re the kids bands, I also dont think its appropriate for kids to be "jamming" and "wining" as I consider that to be sexy and sensual and quite adult so kudos to her. But trust me, my kid would know better than to wine and get on jamish in a Carnival band so Rosalind would have NO need to tell her cause I would make it known how she will behave!

Goes back to my point that we can all have our own personal limits for things without necessarily calling for a bay mob on other people.

Trinibears said...

Well Written ChityCHick I couldnt write it better if i tried..

and to the person was griping about "freedom" and Actaully Being a Trinidadian.. I am 115% TRINIDADIAN Never Lived In the States OR Europe. an I Believe In FREEDOM..

Oh and By the way There is NOTHING Wrong With having 2 Moms Or 2 Dads ...BETTER You have TWO same Sex parents than Missing one... And I think you should Visit Golden Grove Prison or YTC and Find out how many of the Inmates had even ONE father in their lives. It Might remove those Blinders youre wearing...

Auntie Nini said...

i have made my points, who wants to misinterpret them go right ahead but i just had to come back and denounce the homophobia. there IS nothing wrong with having two mums or two dads.

Springmoon said...

Auntie Nini thank you for saying that! I think we can agree to disagree on the nudity piece, but that homophobia thing really set my blood boiling this morning.

Carnivalbaby on a related note, you are sitting at your keyboard renouncing the liberalness and permissiveness of American society, but you are confusing what you see on television for what is reality. A startlingly large number of Americans echo your xenophobic and homophobic views, and to them, seeing women parading on the streets in bikinis and some strategically (or not) placed beads and feathers would be the end of morality. But you are wearing this, or was your costume made of a potato sack that covered you from neck to ankle?

Vilma said...

wow Springmoon! You said it all. Is this a blog gone out of control? My take: I think some of these women looked great and as with everything as someone stated earlier - must wear with taste. I wish I can but too heavy in some areas! Lol!

natty said...

I've kept up with this post and finally feel compelled to join in.

I"m what was quoted as a foreigner and reside in North America but what I however have is my values and morals which I was brought up with by a very firm mother. She however loves to see me play mas and enjoy it. There is several bands and I think the carnival culture and creativity is still very much present. The few amounts of people how choose to wear cage bra, body paints and pasties however don't completely change the true beauty of what is Carnival!!! People need to stop being so judgmental about the decisions others make and just pass on what they think is valuable to their children and stop holding society responsible!!!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST.... this isn't a post about gay parenting... who actually may much be much better than some single parents or hetero parents. Having two same sex parents doesn't determine how that child will be raised or the values or morals that may be instilled.

smsocaqueen said...

Well, this topic has obviously split the carnival camp...
Personally, I LOVE my costume1 I LOVE my PRETTY feeling like itin the world!! The wire bras - I can deal with and the way some of them was looking this year I could see myself playing in one however, my buck stops there..
The chick in the last picture - in green - awful, awful,AWFUL!! I have seen wayyyyyyyyyy better airbrush jobs than that..the jobs I saw the people didnt even LOOK naked.
This young lady however (she resides in London)confused me as to her theme? Did she pay so much money to play with TRIBE naked?
Each to their own, oui, but I pray that carnival does not become a 'naked' festival because I will not be taking part in dat!!

~*tall7*~ said...

Who would have ever thought this post would draw so many people in?

How did gay parenting get dragged into this??? Natty and Bears, your points about that are excellent!

No, nipples may not incite violence, but depending on where you live, people and their governments see public nudity-painted, pastied, or otherwise-as an issue of public morality and responsibility. The LOSS of these two things can definitely lead to the increase of all types of crime. But again, that is an opinion, and there is a ton of research that can support or discredit that claim. You choose what you want to believe.

And trust, these kids know about FAR more than adults give them credit! I make it a point when the weather is warm to sit out on my porch and talk about life with the elementary school kids. That seems to be the only way I can keep up. When Souljah Boy's first song came out, a 6 yr old told me what it meant to 'supaman them hoes.' I was thoroughly disguted, but this is a different generation here.

At the end of the day, it is definitely a parent's responsibility to raise these kids. I would prefer not to have my child asking me sexual questions at a young age, but the reality is that I can't shield him from everything. I would love for 'the village' mentality to be restored, but I know I can not expect a stranger to care about what they present to my child. So in that respect, the only village I have includes my friends and family.

My husband is 34 and was born and raised in Trinidad. He is always teasing me as to how Americans are too uptight and how nothing here is sexy 'like back home.' So it was interesting to read the comment about foreigners bringing thes "negative" elements to Carnival.

Playing mas is definitely an artistic expression and a time to free up. For many people, an alter ego is unleashed. Just don't let the meaning of Carnival get lost in a race to strip all the clothing.

AnyahM said...

I'm really late to jump into this discussion but I must say I am not a fan of this body paint and pasty business especially after having experienced another Masquerader in IP on Monday with me who got too close to me and had her pasty and paint breasts on my back when people were pumped during palance. A woman's bare breasts on my back is not what I paid for LOL! It was also not nice to look at as of course, she didn't have firm breasts, so the overall effect wasn't "wow that's a great idea and the body paint is fab" but "you real don't have any friends otherwise they would've told you to change!". I believe wire bras are beautiful (especially with the skin tone bra beneath), but again, you must have somewhat firm breasts and a bra designed to enhance your breasts otherwise people don't even notice the beautiful costume, just the fact that it's ill-fitting and unflattering!
I think the real problem here, whether you are pro or con, is our law itself, it needs to be clearly defined. Right now there is too much grey area on what is nudity.

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