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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spice 2010 Review (6)

I'm sending you this email as I have finally decided to voice my opinions on SPICE.I am a diehard carnival person and I have played in every large band in Trinidad to date I started in HARTS, THEN TO POISON THEN TO TRIBE THEN TO believe me when I say I know what service is and what a packaged deal and costuming entails.

Beautiful costume designs...unique at that and the registration/signing up process was a breeze. Music was great, nice people and a fun time. Warm smiles, great service inviting you to play ensuring to you that you will not regret playing with the band and that they are indeed the missing ingredient.

I went to collect my costume with my girlfriend and 2 of her friends the costume collection was pretty fast, we were then told to proceed to the table with a pretty girl with gold locks gave us information on where to proceed. We proceeded towards the collection table where a very pleasant young lady assisted. My girlfriends’ costume couldn’t be located and had to be made from scratch as there was no box with her name on it. We waited patiently as the young lady I believe her name was Whitney found sizes ensured everything was suitable for my girlfriend. My question to spice is why should your staff have to be looking for costume sizes when we registered with the band the first week when registration opened?? The second problem girlfriend ordered a 34A AND THE BRA GIVEN LOOKED LIKE A 34DD!!! This was rectified after waiting for your staff to do some serious hunting. Why were sizes so off? The same time we waited to collect another young lady was very upset to be told that the XS bikini bottom she ordered was not available and she would have to go with a MEDIUM and she would have to hang on to see if an XS became available!!! WHY SHOULD SOMEONE HAVE TO WAIT FOR SOMETHING WHEN THEY PAID FOR ONE PACKAGE IN THE FIRST INSTANCE? We proceeded to the alterations table where I witnessed the nasty Trini side of females.

I’m not sure how your staff are trained but they should be informed to KEEP PERSONAL MATTERS TO THEMSELVES. My girlfriend was having her belt altered by a young lady by the name of Rebecca who hastily tried to cut and glue costumes with the aid of a glue gun and I’m quiet sure she is not a trained costume maker. She hastily glued stones and velcro to belts while gossiping with another young lady from another station. This I realized as she wasn’t paying attention to what my girlfriend was saying to her regarding the belt but rather gossiping and whispering about another young lady behind us with the young lady at another station. My girlfriend became highly annoyed and had to ask her if she was listening which she didn't reply because she was too engrossed in conversation about the young lady standing behind us. I asked one of the girls behind the desk the names of the 2 young ladies and I was told REBECCA AND NIA.

Are these 2 young ladies owners of the band? Spice, do you to a customer service session with your staff? Are your staff allowed to blatantly ignore paying customers? Is this your level of professionalism at which your staff is hired? After waiting 45 minutes at the alterations my girlfriend got fed up and said she will get her stuff altered by someone else. Why was the advertised jewelry and accessories not available? This is what was promised and yet all your staff could say was sorry it didn't arrive and serve BS WITH A SMILE? No refund was awarded nor a better substitute given!

The band was to meet at 9am on carnival Monday! That time is wayyyyyy tooo early to meet on Monday! My friends arrived at 930am to meet not a single note of music not security people at the meeting point. The band moved off the vibes was nice. Getting to the rest point at QRC was brutal. It felt as though the masqueraders were cattle being herded into a fence! WHY HAVE ONE SMALL BOTTLE NECK TO CHECK ID BANDS OF HUNDREDS OF PPL? Getting to the food tent to get a choice was another ordeal. 3 or 4 tents serving meals was not practical when you have 2500 plus hungry masqueraders! To my surprise there were no drinks available at the tents; I asked the band leader to be told the drinks are outside I told her the security told us we can’t go outside HER RESPONSE A SHRUG OF THE SHOULDERS SORRY!

In sweltering heat you have your PAYING MASQUERADERS SUFFERING AS THERE IS NOTHING TO WASH DOWN THE DRY TASTELESS FOOD??? Later I discovered a bin with water only to be told by others that the water is hot!! Now tell me SPICE WHY WASNT THIS THOUGHT ABOUT? Why not have several bins or BETTER YET 2 TENTS DESIGNATED FOR DRINKS? The band is not the size or magnitude as TRIBE OR IP that you couldn’t put personal touches for your masqueraders in mind! Maybe you should put that note in mind for next year!

Asking the bandleader's mom for assistance when forks ran out was a waste she looked at me as though I was asking for my $2800 plus my girl friend's $6000 refund a look of disgust her response...IT DOH HAVE ANY RIGHT NOW YOU HAVE TO WAIT AND STORMED OFF!

Tuesday the band looked beautiful, again some consideration should be made for frontline masqueraders imagine asking someone on the truck if they can hold my girlfriend’s headpiece to be told sorry sir we were informed that we cannot hold anything for anyone! In all the yrs playing mas I have never seen that done!! I asked and official who told me to go talk to the driver and he may be able to assist!

Spice, I think this year you bit off more than you can chew! Money was clearly on your mind and not the promised package to your loyal masqueraders!



someone said to me Spice is going to be the new Tribe! lol i think they the new IP! not many IP complaints this year but SPICE is really doing it big! they say thier the missing ingredient in carnival? really? but allyuh gonna give them your money again next year once you get wowed with the 500 plumes you wont really get and the service they boast that is non existent!

mjsbunny said...

Mark this day on your calendar folks, for tis a momentous occasion indeed. It is the first time I have ever agreed with Bachanalmas!!

But I sincerely hope that they get their act together because there needs to be viable alternatives to TRIBE. This hysteria cannot continue! Come on Spice, sort it out!!


lmao why thank you! :-)
but on a real i hope spice are watching, this amount of negative feedback is not good for a band, i have been out of the loop for a while and playing catch up now, i was shocked when i saw some of the finished products verses initial design that spice offered and the excuses were a joke! roll on 2011 i sense big changes......

Trinigal28 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

2500? i was told they had 1400 in the band! official numbers, 10 out of that is quite bad considering these are the only people to take time and complain and use this site, remember saucy pulled up Isis frontline, and Caspian sea frontline as having major issues with the finished product looking nothing like the prototype lol lets not forget that TV6 was also on the case so i think it was a lil more widespread than 10 people.

mel said...

Spice was not a big band and could no way in hell compete with Tribe. The service was poor, the food was horrible (sour, cold, tasteless)and they push for the money. They were a stage band not a masquerader band. Evrything nice fuh d stage then yuh hah to run dong d truck till yuh get to d next stage. Only Spice personnel who played mas got drinks because when it was lunch time on Monday one ah dem already puking on d cool down bus and i eh get two drinks yet fuh d day!!!!!!!!! Wen yuh complain all dey could say is " We know we will not use those caterers again next year and can't really help with anything else"
Spice laughing all the way to the bank. "My money ha ha"

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