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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spice 2010 Review (7)

My Spice Experience.

Well, well, this was my first time with Spice, and I must say it was not an entirely rewarding experience!!!

Costume Pick-Up --- Horrible! Why oh why, on Carnival Friday, when everybody trying to pick up their costumes with "d quickness" to get home to get ready to go and "party hard", you are instead spending hours waiting to pick your costume? You had three cashiers (if that is what you want to call them) and only two taking cash, the other one only taking links and MC (not sure why they weren't taking VISA). How many foreigners you know have links? So most people came with cash, so why not make all the terminal take both cash and credit cards? That way you can move thru the payment part of your transaction quickly and smoothly. Now, unto the actual collecting of the costume. There was enough room to have the costumes organized by section and in alphabetical order, with 2 or 3 customer reps for each section, with the understanding that they "pitch-in" if other sections are busy when they are slow!!

My next issue- with the average cost of a costume costing US$600, couldn't you invest in one or two designated "SNACK trucks", instead of having someone (I think it was Anya's mother ) walk thru the band with a box of aloe pies? This distribution (as far as I know, it happened only on Monday) began at the front of the band, so I am not sure if the people in the last section even knew there were snack sharing!

Next, Spice is not a huge band (which is why I played with you), so explain to me, when the last DJ truck, which was DJ Enforcers, was constantly playing "catch up" to the rest of the band, which then means the masqueraders were forever running down the truck. Trust me, that was not fun.

Finally - How in heaven's name, you could take me downtown on Carnival Tuesday, after 6:00 pm (outside start getting dark), watch as we "Palance" over the stage, rush up to Independence Square, make a right on Ambercromby Street, and right in front of the Red House, tell me "thanks for playing with Spice", cut the music and dismiss security. Are you crazy???! You know how many unaccompanied, scantily dressed women were in your band, and you choose the heart of town as the place to end you band??? Not smart. Next year, you need to have a designated "end point" , which should be posted in your little handbook you distributed with the costumes. And speaking of end point, we need a parking spot for Spice bandmembers.

Bear in mind, that we are going through a GLOBAL recession, which has forced all normal thinking person to use good judgment when spending their money. Which for me translates to --- value for my hard earned money.

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mel said...

I totally agree this was the worst experience i evr had. Spice did not give value for money. Check out other complaints at:

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