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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spice 2010 Review (1)

Here is my Spice review. Right off the bat I will give them a B

I have played with Poison, Legacy, Harts and Island People so I have a lot to compare Spice to.

First off the costume pickup payment for online masquraders was CRAZY. I had to resort to all types of trickery to get my costume on time.

They had a ballroom at the Hilton and our pickup was supposed to be at 12pm. Of course I got there late and my crew and I received number 70 something.

They were calling number 6. We got out of there 3 hours later but passed a chick 20 CND to piggy back on her low number. The actual costume pickup was a breeze. My waist band was to small so instead of making me wait to get it fixed, the girl just gave me a new 36 waist band. I like to wear mine low like a skirt.

When we left there must have been 300 people in the ballroom. I see they meant well but didn't plan properly for online or overseas masquraders next year I know they will learn their lesson. Now my husband isn't Trini and he said if we would have arrived EARLY and got one of the first numbers we would have had no problem. He is all about being efficient good thing he plays mas with me becasue on Tuesday his bright ideas help us all out.

Once getting home my costume was FAB. Everything looked identical to the prototype, including the headpiece. No skimping anywhere. Now of course some rows of beads were becoming unstuck. I always walk with my glue gun so that was no prob. My husbands costume was beautiful as well and looked very manly. He especially loved the head piece no sun burn for his head this year!

Monday mas was great. NO MONDAY WEAR though. You had to pay for a Spice T-Shirt and boy shorts if you wanted them. That was a bummer since I"m used to getting a little something extra from playing with IP.

The only bump I encountered was the security really doing their job and looking at EVERY SINGLE wrist band when we got to the QRC grounds. This caused a crazy bottle neck at the entrance AND when trying to leave. Food lines were long as hell but there was a great choices for meals: Italian (Lasanga, Spagetti and Meatballs), Arabic (rice, lamb and potatoes), and Creole (mac pie, lentils, rice and stew chicken). And they ran out of some food options but that was fine I went to the Italian line and got the food right away. Couldn't get alcoholic drinks until we were rolling on the road though but that was fine plenty of water and Red Bull in coolers around the grounds.

Tuesday we were a little late to catch the band but I knew they would be stuck on Charolette street and we wouldn't miss breakfast. Breakfast was doubles (yum) and bake with ham along with fruit salad. Drinks were being served at this time as well. I took this time to walk thru the band taking photos of everyone looking fresh. Frontline Wings of Isis HOT HOT HOT. Individual Greece (Rinell) beautiful. Frontline Rubies were also beautiful. My band looked HOT. Crossing the stage was nice. Lots of room to Palance and Palance I did. I loved the fact my section wasn't so crunched up and packed.

After crossing the stage my husband and I collected our friend meal chits and headed to QRC to secure some nice seating. This was his idea of course early bird get the worms before they run out of worms. Once we got there no lines, only the few smart folks who left the band early to get food. We also got a nice table and bench setup under some shade. After being done eating I had time to touch up my makeup and my crew's makeup. I walked around some more taking pictures. We left after the DJ announced it was time to leave for more fun on the road.

I left the band at this point to go watch IP and Tribe. I caught up with them later and crossed the stage at Aripitia. Not before walking thru Harts where people were LITERALLY hanging off of street signs (that band is really a good time band). I first took full advantage of the cool down bus first to fix myself again. All in all good vibes with Spice, great music (mix of oldies new stuff and other). I talked to some of the designers and let them know I will be back next year either frontline or individual. Everyone was nice no girls giving me the stink eye as they do in other bands. No one bothering my husband because the THINK he's white (not he is Puerto Rican).

Oh one more thing. Lots of augmented girls in Carnival this year. My husband said this year was the year of the silicon. Mas boots aren't the best accessories anymore it's silicon boobs and silicon booties!

Im out till 2k11 (Trini Princessa aka TriniBaby)


Jerome said...

Agreed, all in all I say B+, it was decent. My biggest problem was the route as I commented on previously.

cute dougla said...

agreed; did anyone notice the chick with the ginormous bottom and boobs? she wore a cage bra and thong but i couldn't tell her section since that's all she wore...silicone?

Trini Princesssa said...

Her section was Greece but she didn't wear a headpiece. That bottom was silicon.

saneman said...

errr glad u had fun trinibaby, but wats that about paying to skip the line :/??

Zaira said...

that was actually a man...he also played in cesars army forjouvert

nytrini said...

A man?? You kidding right!!!!

Zaira said...

im really not...a guy friend discovered this when he was tryin to wine on her

Trini Princesssa said...

Listen man I'm not wasting an entire day collection a costume. This chick was alone and people were jumping her in line (for free) so we helped her secure her costume (we loud mouth) and then a friend passed her a 20 CND. Money talks. Why you have to focus on the negatives :)

Trini Princesssa said...

I talked to her and she sounded like a woman to me.

Invisible said...

Good stuff people. Looks like Spice is here to stay!
2011 will be my first year playing mas, and I think it's going to be Spice.
Does anyone have pictures of the costumes on the road?

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

toronto lime has one gallery of Tuesday pics up, including Spice. of join the Trinidad Carnival Diary fan page on facebook, I am posting all the photo links there as I find them.

florence said...

no no Guys it was really a Man...I have a pic when we were about to cross the stage in the afternoon when the makeup had runout....LOL...Am I the only one who noticed lots of Gay men in the Band?

Anyway Saucy, you ask for the good bad and ugly, well as promised here are my thoughts:

The services was great, from registration to Tuesday evening those guys were there making sure we all had a great time...The costumes designs were all kept to the theme of the bands...the colors in the hot sun really reflected the spirit of MAs in T&T...the "vibe" was great...DJ Merry Perry really rocked us ...
Excellent security at the same time they were nice and polite to us...I loved how the Rope Team was always looking out to help people get in and out...the extraction team was ensuring everyone had the right band without being rude...
Food was nice...

Costumes quality...there is a reason why over the years Mas Designers and Producers have used certain type of material and specific techniques to produce costumes. Those costumes are worn in the hot sun and sometimes in the rain to jump up and "get on BAD" therefore there is a need to ensure some minimum quality standard in the Mas production...the costumes can not be falling apart before we even reach the Savannah...
I ate the same thing on both days....yes my friend and I refused to line up in the hot on both days we went to get our lunch where there were no more lines and both days the Italian and Creole food had ran out...Maybe next year they can set up more tents so the lines will not be in the hot sun...

My friend only drinks Malibu by 2:30 on Monday the bar had ran out and they did not even get back some stocks for Tuesday. There were not gatorade, lucozade only monster and red bull...
Meeting on Monday...I was so pissed.I arrived on Charlotte Street at 7:00 and not one Spice Truck...the Police was there with us trying to coop every time those late Jouvert bands passed.
Around nine o'clock we got one music truck and not before 11:00 a.m a first drink...

In all it was nice...I dont know yet about 2k11... I heard that security was better with Island People this year and that they had lunch at the oval...we had left IP for two reasons: lack of security and having lunch on Charlotte Street...
So if they fix that I am really contemplating going back to the 'roots' knowing that they had some very good guest appearances...lets see if Spice can convince us to come back and do better that the 'Shades of the Universe'.

Anonymous said...

I couldnt wait to post my personal review of playing with spice on this Blog.

I am in agreement with all prior posts about Spice, though my sister and I both had delays with getting our costume on Sat, as overseas masqueraders. Despite this though, what made things a little better is that the Spice peeps doing the costume distribution were really nice and sweet. (Shout out to CJ and Marina)

This was my first time playing, though I registered previous years to play with IP. My twin sister and I thoroughly enjoyed the Spice experience.

The good- The overall vibes of the band was good, real nice. Not too much wildness, which is good for me. LOTS of eye candy! OMG! OMG! Nuff man with locks and ish. NICENESS.
The music was really good, I appreciated the variety of music by the dj's but particularly enjoyed Merry Perry. And after we crossed downtown on Tuesday we were given a Machel session, and me being a Machel fiend, LOVED IT!

The bad- Monday lunch time was a bit of a mess but I dont think its anything that they couldnt/didnt learn from, which they did cos Tuesday was much better.
I too had problems with my headpiece (Morrocan Heat) but I noticed that other persons didnt have the same problem, in other sections that is, I STILL love my costume and headpiece however!
One of my main concerns was the security on Tuesday night, who after we crossed the stage downtown kinda just decided to take a break or something.

All in all, I will give Spice a B, as other people. There were some kinks in the system, but this is only their second year and I expected that. Hopefully they learn from this year's experience and work on improvement.

P.S. Thanks Saucy for this blog, all your info definately helped my twin and I. We followed your instructions to a T and we definately prepared for any and everything :)

Trini Princesssa said...

Here is a photo of the girl with the augmentedness. She was at BeachHouse too.

And I noticed lots of gay men but I am a fag hag and love my queens. I had many laughs with them especially the guys in the Adulis section. Some of them were preetier than the women!

mimi said...

HA!!!! Look around for D!! I told them that was not female!!! It was all in the face!!!lol comapred to last years B I gave spice a C this year...sorry guys but last year was much better

SD said...

hahaha, can anyone post a link to the best friend played in spice and was tryin to to me cuz he couldnt quite figure out what was going on with ....that person lol

Carnivalcocoa said...

Good review of Spice.
And God bless the gays and jammettes, they provide the eye candy and fun anywhere. Love yous!

Carnivalcocoa said...

Daaayum!!!! Just checked out the pic of homegirl/homeboy. I'm can't belive that's a man. Say it aint so.

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