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Friday, March 12, 2010

Men In Tights.....

What say ye at these specimen of men in the Carnival version of the speedo.... yay or nay?

Please note pics # 3 and 5 removed by request!
Sorry guys, go look it up on miss the bronze shorts in Spice's Adulis !


Chunkymommy said...

What is that in pic #3? I can't take it lol.

safi said...


Carnivalicious said...

ayeeee the man in adulis looks a little obscene, I wouldn't wanna wine up on that, save take the phrase "carnival baby" to a whole new level!! lol

DQ said...

Hell to da NAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

mjsbunny said...

The man in pic #2 is effing hilarious!!! Why is he posing like that? Hol' meh!

And as for the man in Adulis? He like he need to live for Jesus yes. Lawd Faddah!

Look, if the man has the body and the confidence for it, then why not? Like these mini cycling-shorts are the male version of the cage bra. The same way the cage bra is the halfway point between regular bra and a pasty, these are the halfway point between board shorts and them jockey shorts Big Mike like to wear.

So men, go brave yes. Make sure your abs and thighs could take it though. Wearing it with a t-shirt is not going to cut it!

greg said...

NAY on that one, especially poser #2 and i am mad with myself for looking at pic # 3 and the one on the left of pic #5..just horrendous

Lisa said...

I find the guy in the red look
"Real Hot"

Triniaries said...

Absolutely "nay"..."nope"..."nah"!!!!! Put on some regular shorts please and thanks!!

buublenut said...

No for all except for the mister in the red shorts!! That some eye candy for Carnival!!

Carnivalcocoa said...

Yayyy to the red shorts man!! Two words:
The rest of them need to sit that ass down somewhere and find some real shorts to put on.
Damn, now I have to go searching for Mr.Adulis to see what you all are talking about.

CityChick said...

Hell to the naw! Cause I cant see they give you a good short pants n yuh choose to wear yuh drawers. Drawers pon drawers (my bikini bottom) can't work. Too much I say.

Also, not to omit the obvious. I think lots of them are not divos but just gay or very camp. Nutting wrong wid dat. Y'all think TNT will accept one day two men wining up together? (We see women doing it all the time!)

Just again stating the elephant in the room.

boobs said...

gross! I wish they would ban these men in tights urgh, one tried to dance with me and he nearly got a kick to the throat yuck!

empressnatts said...

LOL LOL @ Boobs!!

dougla_1 said...

Since when wearing cycle shorts (mini or regular) makes a man gay? Same thing with speedos and tight swim trunks at the beach?

Someone please explain. I am fascinated to read the serious answers.

Lisa said...

Dougla_1 I don't think it makes them gay, I just think that all men
don,t have the "body" for it. But then, I have seen mannny women wear
things on the road that they should not wear, so whatever they
comfortable in is ok. I wish all
could look like the guy in red!

DQ said...

I don't think wearing cycle shorts or speedos make a man gay but I do think it makes a man LOOK gay. But that's my opinion and I base it on the fact that its something I haven't seen growin up. I've always been around men who wouldn't b caught dead and would voice their displeasure at such a sight. Its not a look that's appealin to me at all. And as boobs said, I doh wah a man's balls so visible and winin up on me for Carnival

Trinibears said...

If you could Pull it off and not look Like a Mess..thumbs up... i will never do speedos again, But I will defiantly Do a cycle shorts again if the costume permits.

AYO said...

YES YES YES I'm all for equality. And all the hypocrites saying no, this is exactly the same rationale I have for not wanting to see some fat gross mess in a cage bra/thong/bikini, period!
Yay to more nudity!

Lauren said...

I agree with Trinibears....If you could pull it off! Some costumes like Kings and section leaders do call for tights to be worn. Look at the male Section Leader in Tribe's Osage. I think he looked good.
DQ, I find it strange you never see much men in tights as most athletes wear them. Poison and Barbarosa had a lot of men wearing them, but that was before the invention of the ever popular board shorts.

DC Chica said...

Only if you have the body to pull it off - and some of those guys dont. Red shorts in the first pic is an example of the body one might have to rock that and look hot in it.

On another note, I think people need to get over their fear of these shorts (I'm not a fan of speedos), provided they are worn by the right people.

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