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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Rise Of The Male Divo....

A male diva. Considerably since o is for men and a is for women. Like chico and chica.
Male models who have good looks and a killer bod have become so divo.
Urban Dictionary
Someone pointed out to me that this year saw an unprecedented number of male Individuals in all bands for Carnival 2010, as well as the male version of the “backline individual”. I am guessing since the regular male costumes just do not cut it for ALL men, yes some want more than just a pair of board shorts, the alternative for men looking for REAL mas is to either go big with an Individual costume or jazz up what they were given with extras such as a collar… or more.

So, we now have males sporting wings to rival a Victoria Secrets model, corsets a la Lady Gaga and looking even more fierce than some female Individuals accessorized down to matching boots, airbrushing and gems! I tell you the men REALLY get into the Div-o role!

Do you think this trend is here to stay and would you support bands offering male masqueraders
1.The Option of a Male Frontline and 2. Costume Extras, including larger headpieces, which they can purchase to their costume in lieu of just the generic costume?

"Male Backline Individuals"

Male Individuals in Spice

Male Individuals in Harts

Male Individuals in TRIBE


Lisa said...

Nice...I always wonder why men are short changed with costumes. Most think it's a female "thing" to fuss over designs, head pieces etc.
and most of the men I know, who play mas, only want the shorts and ID. My father was an avid "mas player" who loved the production
type thing, with head pieces, back
packs etc. He played mas up to the age of 70! It is good to see these
men in their individual costumes.

RWB said...

I LOVE IT! And like Lisa my father was an avid male individual as well. I actually find it surprising the men actually paid the silly prices for the BS that they got this year (in Tribe I mean).

Bring on proper male costumes across the board, give them the same options as women. It's WAY overdue!

Ci said...

why d hell not. is a lil sexist not to i think. men have just as much a right to be fab on the road as we girls do. lol. maybe try it for a year with some small numbers and see if it's a hit.

dcarnivalbaby said...

Kudos to dem. I cant get my husband to wear half ah dem ting that come in the costume box come carnival Monday ESPECIALLY Tuesday!

Saga Boy said...

Time for the bands to heed the call and give men a frontline optioin. I know I would surely snatch one up if available as I lack the craft skills to "spruce" up my regular costume.

Springmoon said...

Absolutely! Let the men have their frontline or extra items for their costumes as well!

Black Cherry said...

I'm all for it. Some guys really look outstanding and definitely set themselves apart from the other males. However, some I saw in person and in some photos (not just the ones posted here) seem more like cross-dressing. Of course I may have completely misunderstood the definition of divo. To each his own though - it doesn't bother me and it adds character and 'flair' to the band.

Trini Princesssa said...

I was actually pleasantly surprised to see the sheer numbers of male individual costumes and also males who added special touches to their costumes this year. Keep in mind these aren't your average male mas player cuz my husband was shaking his head all day but it's all part of de mas.

Girls watch out cuz some of these fellas lookin' prettier that you! I'm talking face jewely mas boots and all! The guys in Spice had me ROLLING.

Shellss said...

To the blue Harts gentleman....FANTABULOUS!!!!!!

carnivalkris said...

sigh... it's nice to see this topic being given so much support,

being a male masquerader myself i say i give full support to bands offering a FL option for the men.

Carnivalcocoa said...

It's definitely a generational shift. When my step-father played mas in the '70's and '80's it was quite normal to wear boots and full costume. It was not considered gay at all. Mas was very male dominated before the '80's. The women were the plain janes. He gets mad when he sees these guys so-called playing mas bare-backed with just shorts on, no real costumes. To him, they killing the mas and I agree. It would be nice to see straight men actually wear costumes (you IP brothers were hot this year, thanks guys)and not think it gay. It's mas for crying out loud.

*cue RuPaul music*
To all the drag queens, thanks hunnies! You werrrrrked it!!! You gals are my inspiration for me to take it up even higher : more make-up, longer ponytail, more glitter. Love yous!

DQ said...

That first pic is a man?!!?

Krissiegirl said...

I think these men look gay!

boobs said...

yep they sure do! I want real "man candy" they have no time with me they looking for the same thing other women looking for........MAN! give me my real men in they board shorts any day.

dtriniwoman said...

I LUV it. These men look FFIIEERRCCEE!! Imagine some of these men looking better than some female individuals, FL, BL that I saw. These men had their boots, face jewels and costumes on point. Whilst I saw indies and FL with no makeup, slippers, stockings showing above their panties and with runs the list goes on.
I hv to shoutout this one guy from TRIBE I think his name is Stefan that man ALWAYS on point. He played with Loulan this yr and Caged Canary last yr. He always turns it out face jewels, boots, body paint etc.
I loved the Backline Bobs from SPICE's Greece, Isis and Adulis - FABULOUS!!!
This is not a gay or straight thing becuz my trainer is straight and he embellishes his costumes every year becuz let's face it save IP the male costumes this yr were SEVERELY lacking.
I don't see a problem with the gay DIVOS becuz for 363 days out of the yr the CANNOT walk or palance the streets of POS like this I say give them they two days like everyone else.

squeezle said...

I say it's about time! I miss the elaborate and impressive male costumes of years gone by, and I'm really happy to see the return of the divo.

After all, the male is the more ornamented sex in most of the animal kingdom. It is the lion that wears the mane, not the lioness. It is the peacock that sports the glorious decadent plumage, not the peahen. So to me, the divo is just doing what comes naturally to the male - strutting his stuff!

dougla_1 said...

But really and truly, there are rel men wearing BOARD shorts who are DOWNLOW gay. It's time to STOP the gay bashing. This is the mother freaking 21st Century!!!

Live and let live; it is Trinidad CARNIVAL, freedom to BE! Yes, it's time to striken the buggery laws (anal sex is a criminal offense in T&T, for gays AND straights).

I am strongly in favor of men (I don't give a damm if they are gay or straight) playing REAL mas on TUESDAY (just ONE freaking day!) Most board shorts "costumes" RUIN the effects of the pretty mas bands. If men don't want to COSTUME themselves, stay the freak out of the band, and chip on the pavement (there is a song for that, ent!)

Truth be told, I am heterosexual male MAS player.

Empath said...

Yuh damn right! The male attracts the female and ALWAYS has the bigger better plumage, tail, headdress etc.

The male costumes for YEARS in these bands lack and look downright ugly. I am sorry a board shorts, 2 gauntlets and 2 shin guards (if yuh lucky) CANNOT cut it with me anymore. The male costumes in Tribe this year were horrendous! However, most guys dont care about these things so i doubt we will see an improvement in overall male costumes.

However, I think there is a market for a male frontline...that is the only thing that will make me leave macfarlane (Tribe's male individuals in 2009 looked really great!).

Lastly, so what if these men are my opinion some of them putting the ladies to shame! Come on ladies, you need to step up your game!

Brown Sugar said...

Lol @ boobs comment….
I would like to see the designers put some more effort into the male costumes and also give them some options, currently I think they are being robbed with just a shorts, piece ah hat and waistband.

The first Greece male individual is nice; I also like the one from Harts
I dunno bout pic 1-3 though…lol

Fatimah_J said...

All I have to say is that homeboys in IP this year were some of the hottest, most individual, fearless people in the mas. I saw one guy in Priyadarshini (the yellow costume) who made his own mohawk headpiece out of feathers. Other dudes with amazing jewelry and henna. It's spectacle and Carnival is all about the freedom to express ourselves. It definitely made me want to step my game up next year!

shells said...

Agreed with Carnivalcocoa and squeezle...I like seeing that there are more and more male masqueraders going the route of FL and IND.

I know many guys who had on their FULL costume for the entire day, head piece, leg pieces...everything!
BTW: who gives a sh!t if they're straight or not?! In that i definitely agree with dougla_1.


hahahah saucy i been saying this for time! and i see one my designs in your pics too!!! lol but i for one will be offering males the option of a frontline and also larger headress sections rather than option, this will be part of my designs not only for london but when i make my debut in trinidad this year as a designer for DKrewe! i say it is defo here to stay and its time to revamp de mens costumes!

Anonymous said...

For years I always complain about my costume...why do teh ladies get so much and we men who love to play a real mas have to suffer!!!!! I usually chose a male mas that has the most to offer!!!!

It is time males have the option for all the extras included in the same pricing! Feathers, beads, sequins, the whole 9 yards!!!!!

And it has nothing to do with gay....males role in Carnival Mas playing has dwindled due to the biking shorts era and we have never recovered from that.

I am playing a Male character in Ronnie and Caro next year and a male friend of mines will be doing Tribes as well....

So ladies watch out Carnival is changing it's face again, more men! more men!!!!!

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

@ Rotiboy, I will take more men in a band anytime.. maybe then women won't have to be forced to jam other women. See evidence in this year's Carnival pics... it is a woman jamming on woman epidemic!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.... Hope we dont see man on man epidemic!

I think that epidempic came about when a band do all women sections and then... camera men love to see woman wine on women! Especially sexy woman... and the not so sexy! lol.

Give the fellers what they want... Just dont over do... Having men in costumes looking like woman is a NO NO!!! A man must look like a man.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ on man epidemic!

Yes Saucy we are determined to have enough men in bands for female masqueraders to never wine on each other ever again!

Anonymous said...

But thinking about it... if a band equal the number of men to women in a band or section... the bar go BUSS!!! Men drink more than MOST women... notice i say MOST and not all.... I know girls that could out drink me yes... and i eh shame to say that. LOL

Trinibears said...

Hmmm I not saying Nuttin on this topic..

Those who know me know where i stand on this one.

sorry guys i not adding my 2 cents tuh the thread.

DC Chica said...

I'm all for it. The bands as a whole will be more pleasing to watch with bigger and better costumes anyway - since males keep getting the shiddy end of the stick.

Love love love those white Harts wings - that costume is FIERCE!!!!

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