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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Spice 2010 Review (9)

Lawd Faddah, where to begin!!

Spice, Spice...I had such high expectations of you and needless to say I was let down. First and foremost, I should have seen the signs from early on. I am an overseas masquerader who registered online back in September. After hear the glowing reviews on Spice from the previous year and after experiencing the crap from IP that same year, with whom I played mas, I decided why not give Spice a try. It began with me never getting an actual confirmation form from Spice. September passed, October, came and gone, so did November...still nothing. Emailed the mas camp and that proved to be a futile effort because I really can't remember getting a response but I figured I won't stress it because I have bank statement, credit card receipt, etc. so I am good.

Fast forward to carnival time now. I see it listed in the papers that Merchants of Venice costume collection is carnival Tuesday but I know that would have been pace to try and make that so we decided we would just collect it on Friday along with some male Rapnatpura costumes. So we arrive at the Hilton, get a number and were told to sit down and wait to be called. While waiting we notice a table in the corner with Spice T-shirts and tanks for $20.00. I thought this was just for sale for the people that wanted some sort of Spice memorabilia, not knowing that this is your Monday wear options that you have to purchase. What mean to say we can't even get a pair of shorts or the men a T-shirt!!!! I guess IP has it's perks.

Anyways, finally our number is called I sit down and proceed to hand the cashier our online receipts. She then proceeds to tell me that online masqueraders have to collect costumes on Carnival Sat and Sun. WTF...why, I ask her. She then proceeds to smile and just apologize. Then she brings out the costume collection sheet (which I never received via email) and shows me some fine print on the bottom of the page which states the whole online masqueraders collection days. Why, oh why Spice should I have to be up in your collection venue on Carnival Sat & Sun!!! What sense does that make?!?! Whatever happened to just sections collecting on a specific day!!! I felt like I was being punished for registering online. So whatever, we saw that basically we would have to come back.

Fast forward to the next day. Finally costumes paid for and we proceed to collect our boxes. First, I go over and collect my costume. I get my box and I'm like "Why this box feeling so light, like they forget to put something in here" Nope, they didn't forget a thing. Not one blasted bracelet to jingle on my wrist, no pair of bling earrings to go with my costume, just a bare costume....stueppssssssss. One time my vibe is down and I just want to leave from the Hilton. Then I pull out this horse bra that they give me. Now, I am one of those females that is well aware of their actual breast size. I know exactly what a 36B bra looks like. I don't know what sizing chart they use but the bra in my box was not no 36B that I ever see before. So I ask if they can change the bra and it's one set of conference that had to go on before someone went searching for something more like my size.

At this point, I feel so defeated and unexcited that I taking anything close to my size which is what I ended up doing. Now after I finally closed up my box and turn to see how the fellas are making out I noticed that they are still satnding at the other tables with no box in hand looking confused and vex. I'm like "what's up?" "We have no costumes!" "What you mean you have no costumes?" "Well, they pulled the boxes and there was only shorts in the box and nothing else." So, as we stand there CJ comes back with some long story explaining what happened to the costumes (of which I still don't know what happened to the costumes) and basically apologizes and offers to switch their section. Why the hell is it that people that registered in September don't have a frikking costume!!!

By this point, I am at my breaking point!!! I'm like 'You guys decide what you want to do' not knowing that there was really only one option because they were told (very politely by C.J.) that Spice was not offering any refunds or discounts!! LAWD...Spice, are you serious!!! Oh gosh, I know allyuh money hungry but don't make it so frikkin obvious. So long story short, they ended up in a different section.

Now after all of this leaving a bad taste in my mouth, fast forward again to Carnival Tuesday at the lunch/rest stop. Just getting into the park itself is an ordeal. We finally make it into the park, fight up for some remnants of ice and hot pepsi from one of the bins. Luckily, I managed to score a cold fruta from the bar truck before they locked everyone off. So we waiting in one long mess of a line for the barbecue chicken, lentil peas and rice meal. We finally reach to the front and I hear ppl cussing and getting vex. Seems like there is none of that food left so ppl have to wait supposedly 15-25 minutes for more of that (in line, in the hot sun). The other alternative is the Arabic food which they started bringing over from the other line to give ppl instead, which sucks, but it is what it is, I guess we will have to manage. But it was what was said that made me know right then and there that this was would be my first and last time playing with Spice.

Someone was complaining about the having to eat the Arabic food and was told by someone in Spice management, who was sharing out the food, that 'Beggars can't be choosers' Naaaahhhhh, I really didn't just hear that!!! Who the *&!@ is begging!!!!!!! So paying $600US plus is considered begging!!! At that point I wanted to pelt my Fruta bottle at the man and mind you he didn't make this statement directly to me. After that I was like you know what Spice...not me again!!! Please realise that this is your second year and just as easily as masqueraders come, they can go!!! How dare you treat your masqueraders this way and have this mentality towards them. They can come out with the baddest bad and the hardest hard and they will not see my money again!!! I guess if it's the lesser of two evils I will take IP any day!!! Later Spice.....


mjsbunny said...

Allyuh need to be sending this to the papers and posting it on Spice FB page.

NEVER!!!! I don't care how fabulous the costumes are. They will have to come to me and beg me to play in dey damn band...and pay me some money on top of that.

Spice need a SERIOUS lock off man. It look like IP selling out quick, quick for 2k11!


this is becoming a joke! i thought these reviews had died down??? how many negative reviews??? i think saucy should do a poll to see who was happy or unhappy and who will or will not be playing with them for 2011??
cos i tell u all now these people are reading these reviews and laughing all they way to the bank! Anya and the design Duo no wonder they bowing out for 2011 lol although we all know they will be there in the background somwhere!
i think its time to do my reviews now

trinicandy said...

lmao @ this review.......but spice ent easy "beggars cyah be choosers" but wdmc nah after paying so much money nah nah nah spice

on another note, i taking bets for C2k11

Tribe will sell out in 3 days and will only be TLC plus a few hook ups that get eeeeen and the band will be BIG

IP will sell out in 7 days and be "RAM OUT"

Harts will sell out in about 1 month

and will Spice hmmmmmmm

trinicandy said...

a a a a IP even send a thank you note hmmmmmm things ah change .......i hope this continues next year

Lorielou said...

Is ah damn good thing I stayed loyal to my fav band IP they have definitely improved but I empathize with the Spice mas players that went through hell.... But Spice cyah be serious, 'beggars can't be choosers' wuh d hell, it's the masqueraders that make the band, they need to get their issues in check.

mas.jumbie said...

...Did someone say that Spice is the new Genesis?????


lol OMG thats harsh Genisis looked decent this year! lol i think spice is now truly in a legue of thier own

Carnivalcocoa said...

"It look like IP selling out quick, quick for 2k11!"

No mjsbunny doh do me dat. Noooooooooooooooo.........
not the Tribe-esque registration scramble. Lawd nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Springmoon said...

mjsbunny, you have it right, yes! You look at Spice Fassbook page and everybody had the most amazing time.

Trini Princesssa said...

Listen man this is the only place where people can honsetly post what happened. You know if this is on Spice forum it's gonna get censored. I probably was one of the lucky ones and was able to get my money's work and have a good time but its only by luck some of these crazy stories didn't happen to me. Just the unorganized costume picked-up was enough to say not next year.

This blog has nuff readers so people can be warned next year.

I got a thank you from IP as well (mas email) still a nice touch. Haven't heard anything from Spice management not a sorry not an explanation.

IP in the Air for 2k11.

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