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Thursday, April 08, 2010

2010 Trinidad Carnival - Carnival Monday

Good morning neighbours, Kermit D. Frog here welcoming you to the Greatest Show on Earth: Trinidad Carnival.

Today is Carnival Monday and this is a day traditionally given over to mostly non-costumed masquerading in the streets of Port-of-Spain. Around mid to late morning, the J’Ouvert celebrations which began the night before start winding down and the main costumed bands start making their presence felt along the parade route. These bands assemble at different parts of the city and most have a start time of around 11:00 a.m. and, for the most part, they generally stick to that schedule. By 11:00 a.m. I was approaching Queens Royal College and was planning on simply heading downtown where my band, Tribe, was located when I ran into another band which had just crossed the savannah judging point. Harts, another and with a long and rich carnival history, was passing in front of me so I did what came naturally and started snapping away with the camera.

Like I mentioned before, Carnival Monday is a mostly non-costumed day, which is to say that masqueraders generally do not wear their entire costume today. This is to ensure that they look their best for the big spectacle that is Carnival Tuesday because while the costumes hold up pretty well for a day or so of intense winery on the streets, to try for two days of such activity would be asking way too much from the bikinis and beads and judging by the way these ladies were carrying on, it seemed unlikely that their costumery would last even one day.
After enjoying the scenes for a while, I resumed my search for Tribe and located them without too much trouble as they were all lined up and on the final approach to the savannah “stage”. After playing mas with the main stage and now without it, my views about that particular carnival institution have been strengthened and reinforced but I will not expound on them here. That will be for the Carnival Tuesday commentary because today is not a day to profile and stay in your section and wine in unison when directed. Today is a day to enjoy the world’s biggest and best street party and that is exactly what I did.

As usual, Tribe was completely on point with its drinks and music as I was never far from both. The ladies of Tribe were of course of the highest caliber both in looks and in wining skill and it was a very merry band that eventually made its way past the savannah and towards Tribe’s rest area for lunch. After eating our fill and resting for some time, the band resumed its march through the streets and I found myself marveling at the seemingly endless reserves of energy being displayed by these Tribers. They were partying hard from the time I met the band to when I left and I wondered how they could possibly hope match that pace on Carnival Tuesday which by now was only a scant few hours away.

Anyway, I am no longer a spring chicken, so after a short jump, I decided to head home for a cold shower, some hot food, and a good night’s rest because Tribe leaves bright and early the next morning and I was not going to miss a minute of it.

Enjoy this little taste peeps, (photos HERE) Carnival Tuesday is next……….

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