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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bachanal Mas Traditions Notting Hill Carnival 2010

Bachanal Mas launched their Notting Hill Carnival 2010 presentation entitled "Traditions", last night at the Abbey Bar.

Photos of the costumes and launch can be seen HERE .


Carnivalcocoa said...

I like. The Arawak Frontline is gawwwwwgeous!

Spiceness said...

They are amazing costumes! I was choking with so much beauty around me!!!

Carnival Divaz said...

The leg pieces on midnight robber is very innovative. I like to see things that are different from the norm. My only compliant is that the abundance of feathers hid the true artistic beauty of some of the designs. But I understand that feathers is the in thing so that's what sells. Overall nice presentation, I love the little details.

Brian Wong Won said...
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Mas Assassin said...

*Traditions*: a body of long-established customs and beliefs viewed as a set of precedents.
Precedents: an established custom or practice.
The evidence is in the work and it is a lot of work just in incredibly poor taste, it fails in so many categories. That’s why I say they don’t respect the culture, because they fail to represent it properly.
After seeing that Pierrot section it should be called Traditions of Tribe.

dougla_1 said...

How about a theme name change, Traditions Reimagined Nonessentials?

Spiceness said...

I don't agree Brian.

Picasso, Rodin and a lot of artistic and sculptural greats had a sense of the abstract in common. Bachanalmas never said they were doing traditional costumes- it was a modern spin on Traditional Mas. I find the theme clever and what I think was clearly enunciated was that this would be a postmodernistic spin on traditional carnival arts.

What I do think is that he could have gone much further- more colour on the pierrot grenades to get the chip chip effect (a costume that did NOT use feathers), darkened the colours on blue devils, and yep I agree Jab Molassie was probably not what I expected the burnt orange could have been "browning brown".

I don't work for them but I love traditional mas (I play traditional mas on Carni Mon and bikini mas on Carni Tuesday in the Caribbean)but I applaud the fact that a design team can think outside the box and create an amalgam of two seemingly contradictory aspects of carnival.

I did a review of the band on if you wish to have a peek.

Read my review on

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This comment has been removed by the author.
Melissa said...

"Pierrot Grenades did not look like Fancy Indians" this a mix up in costume labelling cos there is nothing Fancy Indian about Pierrot Granades.... :-S

Mas Assassin said...

Paul Paul Paul MAS IS MY ROCK I live here, you are the one that needs to crawl out son. And I will frustrate you and you’re Spin Doctors any time I wish this is the 2nd time you have short changed on themes that represent the roots of Carnival if you don’t understand the basics don’t interfere with it.
Traditional Mas is Traditional Mas that’s why it’s called TRADITIONAL!
And when did the modernist period of Mas START AND END I wonder for this Original Back Catalogue designer to start a post modernistic spin on traditional mas...does this mean the mas is POST MODERN MODERN...or post modern, post modern?
Is this what D'Krew is gonna take on ?
Allyuh SURE???

Spiceness said...

Hey it don't fall in me pot but ah jumping back in and I will provide constructive criticism where it needs be!

Apart from playing jourvert you need to read critical theory on mas and Carnival and you will probably have a better understanding.

Not everything can be defined with a dictionary definition. That is real primary school. It is a modern take on the old. Making it postmodern.

I ent know who yuh throwing words for but I aint no body spin doctor. Ah have ah wuk. An dey does pay me nicely too!

You just sound jealous. DKrewe is getting a bargain with Paul. An ah aint know him like that I just recognise good work when I see it!

Maybe yuh should get a GREEN costume to match you sentiments?

Sometimes I cyant stand Caribbean people. Jeez.

designingDARYL said...

LMAO @ "Traditions of TRIBE" - Apologies Paul (in meh Spartacus' type voice) but I almost drop off meh chair when I read that. Mas Assasin ... a bess line - lawd!

Lisa Marie said...
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Lisa Marie said...
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greg said...

Why all the hate?

Spiceness said...

Paul could fan he own fire but I feel compelled to comment:

"I don't usually comment on this blog, but I couldn't help it in this case. Artistic License is one thing; yes it is definitely permissible to reinterpret a Jab Molassie in whatever colour/form one wants."

Me: That is the starting premise of the whole thing. Artistic licence means subjectivity, an artistic interpretation means doing it as one sees it, not sticking to binary definitions such as tradition/non traditional, authentic/non authentic. By amalgamating it all together, I find the presentation tongue in chee and postmodern. Who is to say where subjective ends and where objective begins. You should know better.Read Derrida.

!"But the whole concept of reinterpretation suggests that whilst there is room for new takes on a classic design, the core elements of the design must stay intact, so that one can still align the reinterpreted piece with the original."

No one was reinterpretating a design. It was reinterpreting the spirit, the ethos and incorporating some of the elements to make a NEW thing. I think that's where we diverged on our views. How could anyone expect bikini mas to have a real design of a jab jab or a pierrot is beyond me. I feel Mas Assasin is just pretending to be obtuse. This is a spin, this was reinterpreting the flavour, not the design. If so, we would have the same costumes every year. Paul did not wish to do a MacFarlane and I understood that from the beginning. How come some people didn't.

The only issue I have is the colour of Jab Molassie because the flavour and ethos of it is not what I expected Molassie to be like. That's constructive criticism. But at the end of the day it is his vision and his design so I can't say its not a Jab. That is Paul's subjective view of a Jab. If it ain't yours, it ain't yours.

Otherwise, the 'reinterpretation' is just playing off the name of the original, and is thus something new, and entirely different. Not bad or good, just different. Therefore, it should be touted as something entirely different.

No it is NOT entirely different. Blue Devils is blue with a horn and has demonic wings. Should he have just made the girls paint themselves in blue with a tshirt and a short pants? Come on now. Arawak is entirely feathered in muted native colours. Midnight Robbers male kept the hat and conveys horror. Pierrot Grenade uses strips of cloth instead of feathers and has a mask to convey the literary imagery. Fancy Indian has the chieftain dress and the symbols.

I say steups we.

The designs are nice enough on their own, but I agree with Dougla_1 - different band name/section titles, perhaps?. But as a reinterpretation of 'Traditional Mas?' I miss the connections to the Traditional costumes in most of these designs under the current titles.

Paul doh call you band no different name. I GOT the connections. It is tradition with a twist just as how you have strawberry mojito, passionfruit mojito... if everybody stayed stagnant and "true to form" there would be no scope for creativity, we would still be jumping mas with flour bag!! Dont let a stilted view spoil your vision and enthusiasm.

I say this, not just as a Trinidad-born and bred Mas' player/, but as a trained costume/fashion designer, fine artist, and potential Contemporary Art History PhD. candidate.

I respect that, but sometimes as me granny say de long view of de forest does hide de woods.

I say that as a person playing mas since God was a lil boy and a Graduate from the School of Carnival.

Melissa said...

Applauds Spiceness....gaurenteed if Paul went in a more generic direction with his mas, then a certain blogger would be critising him of biting tribe's take on traditional mas a few years ago. Some people are so blind sighted with hating that they refuse to see anything but what they want to! Its boring, its negative and it just looks ugly. There is space in NHC for all mas, this is what keeps it alive and fresh! These kind of attitudes are what is gonna kill mas in Notting Hill Carnival, a carnival which is already getting pulled in all sorts of directions....funky house, tshirt, army costumes etc etc. Bachanal Mas are one of a handful that draw their inspiration from trinidad and are fighting to keep it alive. All this hate is gonna see nhc faulter... isn't carnival supposed to be about unity and freedom of expression?!

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This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa Marie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spiceness said...

Egg doh have no right in rockstone dance!!! She playing brave but delete all she posts!

Coward. I quoted all she said anyways in my post.

We dont have to flaunt academic qualifications to prove a point honey... I can't take on these never see come see who neva dream they woulda have a degree.

Anyways lemme go and sleep eh. Why black people like crabs in a frickin barrel.. I don't know. Take a lesson from the Jews nah.

Mas Assassin said...

Saucy I must apologise for turning your blog into a battle field sometimes but with this arrogant little boy I feel compelled to let them know you cant fool all the people all the time....
SAUCY I would like to turn your attention to my blog the post is called ‘CONCEPTS OF THE MAS ASSASSIN look at the headpiece of the female the feathers are red and the other head piece is black, look at the skull, then look at the head piece of Pauls female Robber then read carefully the last comment made by an unnamed source, now Saucy you know when a comment is made you get the email and its up to you to post it or reject it .
That last message is dated 31/10/2009 I posted those concepts June 9th 2008, I was warned to look out for this by someone who knew it was coming.
To make the hypocrisy of Bachanalmas and his goons worse there is a comment made by Bachanalmas that was then pulled but I still got the email it reads as follows


“ has left a new comment on your post "CONCEPTS OF THE MAS ASSASSIN: Concept section fo...


interesting concept i must say!
i doubt it would fit into burrokeets tho at the present stage but its defo a twist and a big jump from what they have produced i would like to have seen that section brought to life

it would be a bit silly for someone to take the idea now its out already”

YES Paul it would be silly very very silly...
I don’t have to read critical theory on mas MAS IS MY REALITY!
The Greeks did that to the Egyptians and Europeans did it to all Africans don’t try that crap with me!
I know my history.

This comment has been removed by the author.
mjsbunny said...

Bachanalmas, I must say you're taking these things really personally, when you yourself have been quite derisory about photos of prototypes that have been posted on this blog. You have criticised loads of other designs and that is your opinion. Fair enough. So you therefore need to be able to take it when the roles are reversed.

What are you going to do if people don't like your designs for D'Krewe? Reply to each and every person? Looks like you need to grow an extra layer of skin, before band launching season dude!

And yes, all other things being equal, that 'Traditions of TRIBE' line made me chuckle!

bo said...

Yes Mjsbunny tell him and dem. I doh know any of these people, but everything making sense againist this crap. Yuh copy from other others and yuh get catch! They carrying like ah set ah spoilt children in de playground. If Paul cyant take this what go happen when he reach in T&T? Cry and bad mouth all who voice an opinion? Allyuh could quote all yuh want with MacFarlane and Rodin, right, but the fact is yuh F-cked it up. Go and see what Traditions mean? That is what people exepect to see, if yuh doing a spin on it call it something else. I doh know what books you do the resaerch in, but Arawaks were never a carnival character and never looked like that with all dem feathers, wha Samaroos had ah store back then? Yuh put yuh designs out there based on T&T mas and expect no one to say anything. I aint go call no names because like it have some people here that have nothing elese to do but quote and call people names. GROW UP or find something constructive to do. Like go and read the lil art history yuh cram a few hours ago. And if yuh think yuh could bring yuh ego to T&T and play de ass, darling yuh in for a suprise. So Paul child, doh get yuh panties all tied up and tell yuh friend to make sure and get something today or tonight from whoever she does be with. I gone, reply if yuh want casue I aint go be reading it. Yuh calling people clown, but boy you is a ASS and yuh friend Jack. Two ah allyuh could wine down de road singing Santimanitay!

This comment has been removed by the author.
Ria said...

I was trying hard not to comment but Paul yuh get call out. Me eh no costume expert, I have no trophy or PHD but I have two eye and I see Tyrian Purple tail is the frontline for the Indian section, the yellow and orange costume is Mulberyy in a different colour with Loulan necklace, the yellow and brown headpiece is Kiskidee with plumes and I getting a Jumbie vibe from robbers. All the years you bringing mas you copying from Trinidad down to the calling Bachanal Mas (that spelling does real annoy me eh, is BACCHANAL) The Ultimate Carnival Experience, I suppose you eh copy that tag line either.And for all who talking bout fighting down black people, Paul is white and his is not a Trini, so wheel and come again with that talk. If you want to pretend yuh is a best design come correct or take the heat, when you is the first one to bad mouth each and every costume from each and every other band.

This comment has been removed by the author.
mjsbunny said...

Ria, like you read my mind yes. I wasn't going to say this, but I'll go there- for somebody who criticised TRIBE this year (if I remember correctly) you seem to be attempting to model yourself on them.

I notice the TP tail, the different coloured Mulberry, the Loulan necklace AND the armpieces from my costume. Look, I not faulting anybody from 'borrowing' or taking inspiration from other bands. Because I mean, how many ways yuh could do a tail? BUT doh be cryin' down the same band you getting inspired by. And you HAD to have expected the TRIBE comparison, especially since they did this theme three years ago!!

I am not at all bothered by any research you have and haven't done, because at the end of the day, all I care about is if I love the costume and if it will look good on me. And a lot of masqueraders feel the same way.
But seriously, take some supplements or something, because in Trinidad, everybody (whether they playing mas or not, whether is their first time playing mas or they playing since before they conceive!) does turn costume expert when a band launch. So you better be ready to take the pong. Nobody eh care if you win awards in Notting Hill or win a prize for playing Individual or if this is your fiftieth year playing mas. What they care about is if the costume looking nice and will be worth the few grand it will cost.

So just chill out a bit or you'll end up giving yourself a stroke or something!

This comment has been removed by the author.
Ria said...

inspiration and whole sale copying is not the same, go and find a costume in rio that look de same was a costume in a band in Trinidad in a diff colour and come back again nah. and yuh so boleface yuh eh even wait to bring back the same mas yuh wash yuh mouth on last year.if you mouth wasn't so fass and outta place to criticizes all the bands in Trinidad yuh wasnt getting call out for a copying. where the designs yuh boast of that yuh could do better? ah waiting on you and dkrewe.

designingDARYL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
designingDARYL said...

Paul, you have FAILED the very vicious medium that is Mas Politics. But there is HOPE!

You placed yourself on too high of a PUBLIC pedestal whether it be by yourself, other folks or even your supporters - you chose to empower yourself with what others have said in the past that could and very well may be true. You have TALENT - this is very true, like it or not, executing successful copies of a costume to the extent to which you have - is TALENT, but what you lack is HUMILITY. And its not your fault - many (I am included) at times often find ourselves suffering from "mouth vomit" and many times I find myself saying - "why would he say something like that?" Half the time it was to many of your posts pre-Trinidad Carnival 2010.

I think many of your NHC supporters will appreciate the fact that you are bringing Trinidad Carnival costumes to NH in a manner where for many who didnt get a chance to participate in the Carnival can do so, in possibly the same costumes that they coveted during the Carnival season, albeit in a different color (READ - this covers the Mulberry, Mystery of Loulan comparison - you get a two for one combo here).

I think what has made a lot of people upset within this very robust thread is the fact that you are relentless in admitting where you have fallen short - everyone has to chew, swallow and digest their portion of humble pie - there's nothing wrong with it.

Whether or not you stand behind your TRADITIONS name (which you should) the more appropriate thing to do - should be to understand where people are coming from and articulate your explanation, simply and eloquently instead of attacking their personality - EVEN IF they have attacked yours. They will be trying to test your level of maturity - WHICH, by some of YOUR posts (in hindsight) ... well you know the rest.

I do hope that you will find some comfort in these posts. You need to channel whatever it is you are feeling and turn them into stunning designs for D'Krewe for 2011 and try your best NOT to SELF AFFIRM your designs - but rather have the people do it for you. After all it is them - that you will ultimately serve! (READ - this covers the ULTIMATE carnival experience comparison)

That will be all ....

Belle010110 said...

The most sensible post so far - is the latter from designingDARYL.

Bachanalmas you are most definitely talented and with a 'gift' like yours comes a price unfortunately.

I'd encourage you to take in what designingDaryl has said if need be take it 'in with anger and out with love'! Embrace some humility - speak less and listen more and keep it moving! What people say about you is none of your business - [your] mas is your business!

If you see creations from another band and can’t give any constructive criticism - keep schtum - say nothing [it will stand you in good stead in the future; as designingDARYL said there is most certainly hope!]

I must say Saucy I have never been so appalled by bloggers – wow!

All the bickering, over who is the big I AM of mas and who is faux etc isn't going to get any of you to heaven so why all the back biting?

We are all entitled to our opinions but who gives any of us the right to tell a designer what they should be calling their sections? Bands? It’s the designers vision/interpretation so who are we to argue?

If all parties are that passionate about their art why waste time arguing like infants in a playground?! Bullying each other. If you don't like one another - simply keep wunna names outta wunna mouth - give no acknowledgment.

Spiceness said...

Belle I don't agree with everything you said but I agree with a lot of it.

I just found it really audacious for persons to be telling a designer (who had the vision, who executed the concept) what to call his band? How dare they? If I want to put corbeaux on the street and call it angels that is my divine right. Last time I checked freedom of expression is indeed free. All these fake academicians (who have never published anything on Carnival mind you) just wish to call names, get racial and feel that once someone is not native to Trini they have to overprove themselves. All of them jump up in Tribe this year and nearly die and get heart failure to get in Loulan when the costumes was ALL feathers in ah supposedly Indian theme. None of them say boo. But because is lil Paul from London, they feel they have poetic justice. Why?

Right is always right man.

As I say, I ehn have no interest. I ehn even playing in Paul band- me friend have ah section for Haiti and I like de vibes ah that, but when comes to fight down I feel strongly about it. We too jealous and envious and inbreeding in this mas culture!!

@DesigningDaryl I respect what you say but I have seen no hubris from Paul just a passionate defender of his costumes. Water of a duck's back? I ent believe in that. I would never take my death as a sheep especially when I believe someone talking pure tata so I wouldn't expect someone else to do the same. I saw the work, the love, the passion that went into the designs and sometimes you have to "learn" some people respect.

All who mout beating so far, all ah see them doing is sticking ting, none of dem design ah band! So ah done wid dis high talk but as Bunji say Paul- Doh Fraid!

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Mystery of Loulan, and TRIBE's entire presentation was supposed to represent CHINA, not India.

mjsbunny said...

I see a lot of the comments have been deleted. But did anyone play the race card?

I will stand by my original point- Bachanalmas, you have been VERY critical about nearly every single band/costume prototype that has been posted on this blog. TRIBE, Carvalho, Pulse8, Elements, Showtime, Legacy, Spice. You almost openly mocked them. So now you cyah take a little heat?

DesigningDaryl's post was brilliant and I hope you heed his advice. I am not a desiger, so I can't comment on any design aspect of anyone's costume, apart from the 'I like it/ I don't like it' perspective. But what particularly irritated AND amused me was your previous criticism of TRIBE and their designers, only for many elements of their presentations to be present in your own designs.

However you probably have your own reasons for that and your own inspiration. But you should understand what it looks like to the 'uneducated eye' such as mine. In addition, you should know by now how passionate people are on this blog, so none of these comments should be surprising.

Daryl gave what I feel to be very sound advice, so I hope you do indeed heed it, and bring it for D'Krewe. AND BE READY TO TAKE THE HEAT!! Because it will come. Trust me, it will come.

afro chic said...

Wait ALL dis baukaunaul going on in here? LOL

Well said Daryl *applause* Best post of the lot.

Spiceness said...

Girl carnival is mas if it doh have bacchanal it doh have carnival.. I was up since 3 o clock writing my an yuh give Daryl bes post? Ay ay next ting yuh telling me me most not authentic lolllll just playing wid all yuh! I like taybay!

@Saucy that just displays my point. I didn't know if Tribe was going or coming. India, China, it was a cacaphony of feathers that didn't even TRY to fit in to the theme. Paul try to do a fusion and for the most part it worked.

An ah ehn paying tax on me mout ah ehn have no interest no bounty pon me head so won't delete me comments.

I stand by what I say!

Shellss said...

This is all just disgusting, talk about crab in a barrel.

Rajster said...

Andrew - Bachanal Mas management. Many thanks to all for your comments, good and bad. I'm a Trini and started playing mas since primary school in San Fernando. I started playing "Sailors" so have some idea I think on Mas. The UK is a very hard market and anyone who knows it will agree. Members of bands are not all hard core carnivalist and don't all understand the traditional aspect of things and it's our job to educate. We can't jump in head first but have to do this in increments but we will get there. In the UK we have to adapt or die and I'm for Bmas to be around for a while so we choose to adapt. It's unfortunate that others may not understand our market. Our band is not full of only Trinis or Caribbean people but from people all over the world who like the bling and feathers other are also second generation (born of WI parents). Trinidad is a different carnival but we are getting there slowly. Thanks

dougla_1 said...

Nicely said Rajster, and I like your tone much.

Now, some of that humility should rub off on someone who was looking for blows....

Nicky said...

bachanalmas is a man?! well look ting!

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