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Saturday, April 10, 2010

JW and Blaze A No Show at Ibiza DC

So there I was minding my business last night when through the magic of instant virtual communication that is BlackBerry Messenger I am getting live, ball by ball commentary on an event in Washington DC where JW and Blaze, Ravi B and Shal Marshall were scheduled to attend:

advertised event

At 9:31PM last night I get the first message that Ibiza Nightclub was empty even though the live concert was advertised from 7PM to 10PM. I was then informed that the promoters only started letting patrons into the club after 9:00PM, never mind some of the patrons eager to palance were waiting outside locked doors from before the advertised show start time of 7:00PM! It was only after they were let in that patrons learned  JW and Blaze would NOT be performing at Ibiza. 

I got a stream of subsequent messages; everyone who showed up for JW and Blaze were moved  to the "cold ass rooftop", then herded to the "Reggae" room . Needless to say they were not pleased at all ! Last I heard was that Ravi B did show up, but was not allowed to perform most likely because  Ibiza "officially" opens at 10PM and the promoters did not have use of the main stage after that time. 

Seems like someone needs to refund the $25.00 for an advertised event where NONE of the advertised performers performed... I am just saying!


dcarnivalbaby said...

Damm, this has me a little concerned, because we are eagerly awaiting their arrival here in the Fort Lauderdale/ Miami area TONIGHT at Mahi Temple in Miami for the cooler fete. I will keep my fingers crossed and let you know what happens!

pizzle said...

wow i was going to go to that concert too and then i changed my mind last minute.. im soooo happy i did not waste my time bc i wouldve been pissed

Ammina said...

Ibiza always has false advertisement! Most of the clubs in DC promote events but don't come through with their plans. Wack.

joe said...

dcarnivalbaby, sorry to say they won't be there either

mrstrini said...

@dcarnivalbaby seriously I don't want to waste my $30. I was looking forward to the Mahi event. Not a good look at all, I'm keeping my fingers crossed too.

Empress said...

This was not an Ibiza event. It was just being held @ the club and the club was ready to host the performers. Ibiza never advertised this event publicly either. Check the flyer for promoter info.

mjsbunny said...

But doesn't this happen all the time? Promoters advertising artistes who aren't even aware of where they're supposed to be? I can tell you from personal experience that his happens, and the performer is the one left looking like a tit. I once saw an ad for a party, with special appearance by this artiste I know really well. So when I saw him, I was like "Ay boy, I see you performing in X place. I might come and check you out." and he was like "Eh, what? Where? When?" He checked with his manager, no such booking. Hmmmm.

It has made me super distrustful of fetes I see advertised down South, unless they're from reputable promoters like Busspepper. But I guess it's a risk you take. Sigh!

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

This event was also "advertised" on JW and Blaze's facebook fan page, so from the looks of it it seems that they were aware.

Yes, the promoter's name (Fireflies)is on the flyer,I did not write that it was an Ibiza event, just held there.

By the way they did not show up to perform in Miami either; word I got is that they were not able to secure a work permit.

Marlie said...

Saucy you are correct, JW& Blaze along with some member of Karma were not granted their work permits.

Marlie said...

Saucy you are correct, JW& Blaze along with some member of Karma were not granted their work permits.

mjsbunny said...

My bad then Sauce. I hope these issues can work out for them, so patrons don't continue to be disappointed!

Curlylocz said...

They're billed to perform at Club Revolution on May 22nd and again for the West Palm Beach Carnival in June. I hope they get sorted out. They already selling tickets for the Revolution show.

Nicbombshell said...

Hey Sauce,

I am a NYer and I attended Fireflies event in DC this weekend. And let me tell you it is the last fireflies event I will be attending. I took Friday off from work and drove to DC just for this performance. I arrived at Ibiza at 10pm. The club had us wait on line in the cold until 10:30pm. I already heard from sources who were in the club since 8:30pm that up until that point there was no performance and no announcements that the performances were cancelled. While waiting on line in the cold I saw Shal Marshall, Ravi B, & Iwer George enter the club. After waiting a half hour to get in we were told to go to the reggae room. From that point on there was no word of a performance and no promter in sight. During the party I bumped into one of the men who was working the guest list for Fireflies at the front door. I asked him what was the deal with the performance. He said the promoters didn't want to pay the artist. I think it is disgusting how these promoters conduct business. They didn't even have the balls to try to explain the situation or even offer an apology. In my eyes their nothing but thieves. I attended fireflies first party in NY. Although there was a nice crowd, the vibes were lame. I decided to give them another chance and was once again disappointed. And so I say to fireflies, you will not see one more penny from me or the other four people I bought to your party!!

DC Chica said...

Whew - I dodged a bullet here. I was going to take some American friends to glad we decided to skip it. I will definitely not be going to Fireflies events again. This happened to me two years ago with Machel...I think I'll try to pay at the door from now on yes. These no-shows are too risky.

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