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Monday, April 19, 2010

No Shame in a Remix and Rename

Once again it is the start of the band launches for regional (and international) "summer" Carnivals. As it is every year I look forward to spotting the costumes from Trinidad Carnival that appear re branded under a different name in another Carnival. This time it is D Krewe's section "Sorcerers" that has shown up in Vincy Mas:

Ahdrenalin Mas - Night of Debauchery

D Krewe - Sorcerers
Well, Vincy Mas has sure stepped up their costume game!

And the rest of Ahdrenalin Mas sections from their presentation entitled "WESTERN MAYHEM: The Decline Of Western Civilization", Vincy Mas 2010:

Exotic Dilusion

Wings of Hope


Mistress of Mischief


Material Girl


mjsbunny said...

Well, now I know why T&T costumes don't have beads on them anymore. They seem to have all been bought up by Vincentian designers. Oh my!

As for that D'Krewe rip-off? Big, fat steups. If it was indeed an original design, I hope money exchanged the proper hands or at least permission was given. If I'd played in that section this year, I'd be sorting out my airfare as we speak, to rock my costume for a second time.

Carnival Divaz said...

I am almost certain that the section is not a rip off, because another one of the same designers section is there as well. Decadence is the chandelier section that was in Trini revelers a few years back. The designer is probably trying to make his money back from whatever didn't sell.

Carnivalcocoa said...

Me likes the Night of Debauchery (Sorcerers part 2) and the other costumes. Also the Vincy band in NY usually bring out good mas for Labor Day (even placing second some time back for Labor Day parade of the bands).

Spiceness said...

Groan. Here we go again.

Am I the only one proud that costumes are now commoditised and it is a regional marketable product? This is the effect of CSME right here and I think it is a great boost for designers. In fact, I would love to see a Caribbean Band which has the SAME sections in all the islands so we can use the same costume (provided it ehn mash up! lol) to jump in Trinidad, then Cropover and Spicemas! I may be the lone voice in the room but one ting all yuh cyan say is ah ehn speak meh mind.

I realise that I am appearing as the contrarian all the time but I do not say this to be troublesome. I really think this idea of not using costumes from other islands is old timish. If de costume bess it bess.

The costume is exactly the same so it appears that the designer was able to capitalise on a niche. I can't fault nobody for that. As long as he is acknowledged and its not passed off, I have no problems with that.

If we continue to play the game "Spot the Trinidad Costume" it will be a veryyyyy long summer as there will be many more to come.

Just putting it out there..

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Spiceness I have covered this topic of costumes from Trinidad being recycled in two previous posts:

"Is This a New Trend":

And "Exporting the Greatest Show in Earth"

Sweet 7 also wrote about it and it was very interesting that the costume that appeared in St Lucia was sold as a "new" design, so the band in question did not even know it was a recycled costume:

I personally will continue to point out which costumes I see recycled from Trinidad. It gives a sense of which costumes did not do well in sales and I especially like to see what the price is when the costume appears at another Carnival.

As for a boost for designers of costumes, why not use your talent and design something different for the regional Carnivals?

As a masquerader I know I would be none too happy to see the costume I paid top dollar for in Trinidad selling for cheap in another Carnival, but I already stated my position on this issue before.

Spiceness said...

Hey Saucy

Fair enough.

The price is based very much on the market. The band I play with in Grenada order components of costumes from Trinidad and we hire a few wirebenders to come and help us to make it innovative. Give Jack he Jacket and Jean she drawers, Trinidad is the best we have in masmaking...

The price we pay in TNT has nothing to do with the value of the costume. Its the feel good factor plus all the added bits and pieces. Its the goodie bags, 6 or 7music trucks, security, washroom facilities, snacks, people in collection and distribution etc. We ent have all these expenses. Once I collect my costume after Jourvert and bang on the road I went with it!!

So its a completely different environment. I probably have more of an issue with the fete tickets than the costume prices. Also, trust me the costumes would NEVER sell in Grenada for e.g at those prices so they cannot try that. Take a poll of 95% of Grenadians (even the nice social stooshies) and they will tell you they prefer to play jab jab (or Monday nite mas- a bit like carnival monday in TNT with a tshirt but in the night so dey could get on wajang!) than "pretty mas". Completely different market.

carnivalkris said...

Sorcerers was a private section of dkrewe. Organised confusion i think the group was called.. not a dkrewe design or production.

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