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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Well Played Scorch!

The long advertised first "Carnival Edition" of Scorch Magazine is here. When I saw it mentioned on their website at a cost of $75.00TT ($12.00US) I was a bit surprised that you had to pay for it, knowing that the regular (petite) Scorch Magazine is free and it is a bit way past Carnival to start selling a Carnival Magazine. I mean I picked up my TRIBE magazine the same week Carnival came to an end.

Also, there is no mention on the website of exactly where to purchase the magazine so I forgot all about it. Yesterday I was at Hi Lo at West Malll and lo and behold there is the Scorch Carnival magazine at the cashier, beckoning with it's bright cover of a Xi Ling Shi masquerader. 

Well, I like all Trinis like to flip through any so called Carnival magazine first, before buying it. I mean,  why would I buy it if I am not in it? So, I picked up a copy of the Scorch Magazine only to realize it was properly well SEALED  in plastic as if  it were a Playboy magazine on sale! I was stumped with that one; a first. 

Needless to say since I could not flip through the magazine it stayed right there, especially at $75.00. But I have to hand it to Scorch for their  marketing strategy because it is the first time I have seen any magazine, apart from the Adult magazines, wrapped up in plastic on sale in Trinidad and Tobago.

I guess I will never know if I am in the magazine either, because the few "teaser" photos they have on their website all have BLURRED faces!! Well played Scorch... well played!


Sheeple said...

Big Fat Steupssss... What de hell they feel they selling...Secrets for World Domination? Greater magazines than theirs come without all the wrapping. Most times it is AFTER flipping through that you feel inclined to purchase. Try again eh not that serious. This long after carnival again... they should be giving the damn thing away. steeeeuupppppsssss. Again with their over-inflated egos.

afro chic said...

$75 for a Carnival magazine? Give me a break eh. The more established magazines are not that expensive and at least I can browse it before I buy.

Side note: I wonder who that dude in the Xi Ling male is with the hat? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

They are tryna go big i guess
However, it was sealed, and you said no mag in Trinidad is like that unless its an X-rated mag...

well with the faces blurred, the people who put the magazine together just wanted everyone to look at the bodies....

They trying manipulate the mind

I am not a feminist, but i can see how they are tryna sell, and its a sad way of selling!!

Trinibears said...

They should add this attempt at selling their mag in the "f*ckry" section of the smaller FREE mag..LOL

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