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Monday, February 01, 2010

Dear Larry

In response to your comment on my post "Really TRIBE":

Larry said...
Saucy, I'm really sorry you didn't get what you wanted but in life there is always a beginning and an end. So what if you're the end this year. But never fear, I have a costume for you (it's a plus size though think it'll fit. At least it'll be comfortable) So if you can sell your costume no problem ask for me Larry and I promise the costume is yours. Oh and the next time you write about mas remind me of your qualifications (two eyes and a false sense of self don't count)
Love Larry

Monday, February 01, 2010 6:10:00 PM"

Thanks Larry but I will pass on your section Serica, I rather play LAST than in that costume! By the way I DID get your message on Saturday, tell your aunt I said "HI" back.

As for my qualifications, I have been a masquerader from the age of 5 I am qualified enough to know what I like from what I don't like! By the way what's yours?

Size plus sized is too small.A heifer like me needs EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA large just to contain my mouth ALONE!

Bring a nice costume next year and you will not get pong! Shitty costume means shitty reviews, even if you are in TRIBE and your section will sell out.

Secret of Silk Section Lineup

Cluster 1
Xi Ling Shi 

DJ 4Play


DJ Private Ryan, Back to Basics, DJ Hazard

Cluster 2 

Lapis Lazuli
DJ X Calibar Int, Dawg  E Slaughter, Black Chinee and Renaissance

Cluster 3 


DJ Hypa Hoppa , D Bandit

Cluster 4 

DJ Xtc

Cluster 5
Silk of Rajasthan 

Tyrian Purple 

 DJ Dane, Hollywood Sachy

Cluster 6 
Threads of Morocco


DJ Sprang and Zero Tolerance

Cluster 7 

Mystery of Loulan 

DJ Red 96.7, JW & Blaze, DJ Kevin and Jase 

Island People Mas Distribution Of Costumes

Costume Delivery.. The New In Thing!

So, seems like everyone is offering Costume Delivery Service for Carnival 2010, in addition to TRIBE and Island People you can now get Costume Delivery from Caribbean Box Office (servicing several bands) :

click for larger view

Panorama Semis, Carnival's Biggest Lime

After missing out on Panorama Semis last year I decided that my one event for January 2010 (you know I am being VERY selective where I spend my fete money this year) would be Panorama Semis. I was especially curious to see how the new pay feature for the track worked and was able to view the fenced in area with stands that now costs $60.00TT to get into. Well, I do like the stands idea, one that should be added to the North Greens as well, I think. And I was very happy to see that the spirit of Trinidadians could not be deterred or broken by having to pay to enter the track area, which has traditionally been free.

The lime just moved to outside the fence, complete with a pool (blow up) and hundreds of patrons being serenaded by bands as they warmed up before hitting the stage. I was told the lime outside the fence was really a good time. Inside the North Greens it has now turned into an all-inclusive fete complete with DJ playing the latest soca between the band's performance, live band and rhythm section. The many limes I saw Blink, UTC (Unit Trust Corporation)  Red Ants and Island People for example all had an abundance of food and drink. Island People with their couches, seats and live DJ attracted a nice crowd to their tent but UTT had it going on with seats, tables and a doubles man on the spot!

All in all Panorama Semis was a cool lime, albeit an expensive one!

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