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Saturday, March 06, 2010

TRIBE 2010 Review (4)

I have been playing with Tribe since inception and must say that this year was the first year I had so many issues and actually felt like I should look into another band.

This year I found I only liked one section for myself, Osage and many friends agreed they found the pickings slim. After such gorgeous, creative costumes in 2009, 2010's offerings were underwhelming. I luckily got into my only section of choice during online registration but have other friends that were on at the same time that had many technical problems and were forced to register for Habotai as it was the only available section when registration re-opened. Tribe I don't mind you pre-registration (I have never gone this route) but doh act like system breakdown and then half the sections sold out when you come back up nah!

Anyway, I went to collect my costume on the Monday before carnival and it was quite smooth, a short line to pay and that was it. I got my costume and immediately could tell the bra was too small. I have always ordered a 36C but this year it was padded and had a push up. When I tried it on it was clear that I was spilling out without even having to jump. I heard many people in Osage and Charmuese with C cups or above had problems with this new padded and push up version. Staff was very good and told me even though they did not have bigger sizes on hand, they would be getting them in that night, so I should return the following day. I went to customer service on Tuesday and was given a normal bra that fit, however it was a BRIGHT orange in comparison to the original burnt orange. I was assured that I would not notice after it was decorated, OK. I received a call Thursday afternoon to collect the bra but I went on Friday morning. Again it was rather easy to get in and out. The bra I collected was the bra I previously tried on so it fit and though it looked fine from the front the back was totally off with the bright orange.

Monday at the lunch stop I choose the 1st BBQ tent. I was given a small clear container with only one piece of meat and some rice. I realized after that friends who went to other BBQ tents received a bigger styrofoam container and got two pieces of meat, rice and another side. Tribe this is the first time I have noticed such variations between different tents (international was different at the 2 tents I tried same thing with BBQ). Tuesday I made an attempt to go to different tents before choosing because of this.

Tuesday due to my early make-up appointment I met with the band at 8am. We CRAWLED all the way to the Savannah. The last time I felt this disgusted by my savanna wait was in Poison. Why did we have to line up behind all these big bands? Had we headed downtown (like we always did prior to last year) there would have been few (if any) big bands for us to follow and we would have been able to enjoy the road, cross A stage (any stage) and head to the Savannah, at which point most of the big bands would have passed us and we might have made lunch at the same 3 pm. It was ridiculous that we spent 7 hours just going to the Savannah, it is not the great stage anymore so the road experience is what is more important.

The only thing that standstill came in handy for was an opportunity to walk the band and see friends. After lunch it was impossible to see people. I usually stop and hang with different groups of friends in the afternoon, I found very few and if I lost them it was almost impossible to locate them without texting. The band is TOOOOOOOO BIG. I understand that the profit is nice for you Tribe but as a paying customer my experience is diminishing.

My last issue was the security. For the most part they did a great job before lunch. By Aripita Avenue. there were gaps in the rope and plenty men jumping in the band. When it got dark I noticed the security rolling up their rope and next thing they trying to wine up behind you. I know carnival now start for them but when I say no I doh want a wine do not grab onto me... While they trying to wine one masquerader got stabbed and another a buss head (and these are just the stories I heard about). Work out an overtime policy or something please.

So Tribe all I ask is that you:-

1. design some hot costumes for next year.
2. decrease the size of the band
3. let's go back downtown or anything that would give us a road experience
4. standardize the food options
5. stop ordering from China or wherever Osage and Charmuese bras came from.
6. Tighten security after dark.

Please and thanks!!!
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