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Friday, July 16, 2010

Age of Aquarius

YUMA is now on Twitter @yumavibe 
and they are now on 

Take note folks!

Are you a YUMA?

The introduction to YUMA took place with a speech by Terri Leigh Bovell which lasted 6 minutes! It is all on video so you do not have to miss one word, however let me point out some of the salient points:

  • YUMA will provide BOTH the Intimate and Ultimate experience in one band ...if you hear me laughing at that statement it is only because that is a direct jab at BLISS/TRIBE , too funny!
  • The band is catering for 2500 masqueraders
  • YUMA's website will be interactive and registration will incorporate new ideas and technologies.
  • Social media will be employed for marketing YUMA; facebook, twitter and blackberry.
  • The band is all inclusive with snacks being served all day and other surprises.
  • Wayne Berkley is the Design Team's mentor.
  • YOUNG in YUMA also stands for Young At Heart!
  • YUMA is an Exclusive Inclusive band

Viva Las Vegas?

The Trinidad Express has a read worthy Carnival Feature  today by Deborah John (never even knew she was into Carnival!!!!!!!!!) if only because there is a teaser of what Oasis has in store! Check out the full article HERE.  Please note that GEMS did not have a full launch, that was a MEDIA LAUNCH. The only Carnival Band to launch to date is  Woi!! Mas's Skullduggery

And some more information, from the article on what to expect from TRIBE and Bliss:

The band Tribe is trying an interesting experiment for 2011. But then with over 7,000 members they are big enough to do it.

The concept is simple and as bandleader Dean Ackin explained is an attempt to cater to the various tastes of the Tribe customers. They determined this after running a survey among their masqueraders earlier in the year. The band will be split into two separate entities. One remains with the name Tribe, the other is called Bliss. Both bands will present Warrior in 2011. However the Tribe presentation has 12 sections and with some 4,000 masqueraders will depict The Way of The Warrior . Yes, its BBF for the women says Ackin but the male costumes will see a lean to historical and traditional type costumes...costumes like Viking and Samurai... "These are actually fantastic and I am quite excited about them," he said.

The Bliss presentation with six sections caters for roughly 1,500 masqueraders, will be more on the fantasy side and will depict The Warrior Within. It sounds a bit puzzling but Ackin says this will "improve manageability and maneuverability on the road, thereby significantly enhancing the Carnival experience."

Each band will have their own parade route and band management on the Carnival days but one thing won't change is that all the usual services to masqueraders for which the Tribe band has become famous will be very much in abundance. "Those of you who enjoy the "organised bacchanal" can continue to "palance" in Tribe..the 'ultimate' Carnival experience. Those who desire a much smaller band with the same high quality product and service as they have become accostumed to in Tribe, now have the option of Bliss, the 'intimate' Carnival experience," Ackin said. The Tribe launch is July 24 at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

Yummy YUMA


Carnival Jumbie beat me to the punch with her very comprehensive review on YUMA's costumes, which you can read  on her blog, link here. I agree with many of her sentiments in regards to the two teasers we got to view last evening,  so my review will not dwell on the same points that Carnival Jumbie made in regards to Aquarius and The Oracle. I love The Oracle, it is purple, my favorite colour and that back pack is to die for even though I know there is an even bigger option still to be revealed!

It was nice that YUMA provided us with a preview of both Frontline and Backline (regular) costume options as Media Launches tend to show only one costume option, most often the Frontline which is the WOW costume. As is the trend with designs by Richard and Anthony productions, which seem to be getting grander over the years, their hallmark is stunning headpieces and lots of jeweled pieces, I am retiring the word "bling" for this Carnival season, personally.

To be sure you will see Richard and Anthony's stamp on these costumes and may even recognize design elements from past creations,since they have been working on many of the costume headpieces, back packs, collars, foot pieces and wrist embellishments that you see make up a whole of other costumes in other bands. For instance Mystery of  Loulan, Threads of Morocco and Osage had headpieces designed by Richard and Anthony; bet you did not know that!

The good is that you can be sure of a certain standard from this design team but the caveat is that the costumes always look a tad bit familiar. I can see a bit of Greece in Oracle's backline and the headpiece for Aquarius bears a passing resemblance to Caspian Sea, Spangled Cotinga and Caged Canary for me . However I do think that they have added some distinct pieces to this seasons designs that I am loving, The bra/corset/waist cincher effect of The Oracle is lovely, I would definitely wear this costume and the fabric on the back pack, love love love! The controversial netted dress (yes even I can find it selling online) I think was very skillfully used on Aquarius's backline, I liked the draping on the bra and waist band, and the frontline is certainly in your face sexy but I do have the same reservations regarding the dress as Carnival Jumbie does. Lovely to look at, concerned about fit and practicality on the road, if you are wearing that dress you are certainly limited to the level of "jamishness" you can partake in !

For me I cannot wait to see the rest of the ZODEACK,  as we can look forward to other designs from the entire YUMA Design Team which comprises of Crystal Marcus, Gina Maingot and Lee Aleong (in addition to Richard Dookhdeen and Anthony Hall), I am interested in just how literal an interpretation (or not) of the horoscopes we will see in translation to costumes. Honestly, I was not expecting such a contemporary version of the Zodiac from these preview costumes but I was told that each star sign will have a different element upon which the costume is designed. It could be a translation of colour, gemstone, animal or association, like with Aquarius the aqua blue colour ties in the theme and The Oracle uses the peacock feathers as "eyes". I get it, even if I have to wrap my mind around it a little longer to "see" the Star Sign. Scorpio better be red hot!

And, I will end my review by saying it was VERY interesting that Spice chose to release that photograph of the Jubliee Diamond Signature Line, which also used the very same rhinestone netting, 24 hrs before YUMA's big reveal. I find the coincidence even more curious when both bands are using the same supplier , like I said before.. carry on! 

Let the battle of the BLING (ughhhhh), make that the fabulous jeweled costumes begin!

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