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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

YUMA Behind The Scenes....

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

In April I was in the throes of indecision on whether or not I would actually be participating in Carnival 2011 as a masquerader, remember my post then? Almost 4 months later and to tell you the truth I am still wavering on that decision. My quandary at that time, to sum it up, was this “Will there be a costume to excite me enough to warrant facing another TRIBE jam session or will another band beckon? The irony is that today I face that exact same scenario!

When I first heard the news that TRIBE would be giving masqueraders the “intimate” experience in Bliss I was excited, here was the chance to have everything I was wishing for; a smaller band, same TRIBE experience and service translated into Bliss. In theory the idea worked beautifully and I was convinced that I would not care what the costumes looked like in TRIBE smaller band trumps that any day or so I thought. However the caveat came when TRIBE also announced that they too would be offering a “smaller” Ultimate Experience catering to 4000 masqueraders, approximately 2000 less than was the jam session this year, so that means TWO smaller bands to choose from, right?

Fast forward to band launch and what do you know the costume I absolutely LOVE is in TRIBE. There is no other costume, I believe, that I would choose over that costume just to play in Bliss for the intimate experience. The headache I am now experiencing is do I trust that TRIBE will indeed stick to the 4000 figure they are aiming for, what is to stop them from adding on an extra 1000 masqueraders, they after all running a business first and foremost? And why should they care that we, who wanted the smaller band, are complaining about how many people are in TRIBE when Bliss is an option? Am I really going to have to be forced to choose “intimate” over costume love? The IDEAL situation for me is to be able to play in Bliss wearing the TRIBE costume I love.. .maybe they can switch sections and even the playing field, because lets face it, TRIBE does have the stronger female AND male costumes! Not to mention that I am being teased and tantalized by YUMA and TRIBE has delayed their mas camp opening until Monday which gives me even more time to think about playing with another band; could I, would I even explore that possibility?

Why YUMA? Well of all the new bands that have arisen so far I have the most faith in this one that they can probably deliver on what they advertise if only because of the persons involved that bring a history and experience (Crystal Amming, Sean Burkett), designers who I know can do "pretty" pretty well (Richard and Anthony) and of course they do have the financial backing to make sure that things run smoothly. My fears in trying a new band are the same as always, worries of being enticed by pretty promises and disappointed with the final product. If the costume and smaller band is what would draw me to YUMA my costume better had look exactly like the prototype (shudders at the the thought of Spice's costumes that made it on the road) and the service/experience must be stellar or I would rue the day I left the Devil I knew for something unknown (flash back to the first year I left Harts for Poison!). I mean really my ONLY major complaint with TRIBE is size, so if I am leaving for something else that something else HAS to offer me something greater. In this case I am thinking YUMA might just marry the pretty costumes with the smaller band that I am looking for …..but, lots or “ifs” still left out there; they may have all the elements working in their favour on paper but the proof is in the pudding.

At the end of the day it is my money spending (lots of it) and as I said before I do want to have the BEST experience, one that I think is worth what I am paying for. The year 2010 left me unsatisfied and jaded, I would hate to have to eat my words and come grumbling in 2011 that things have not changed for the better if I do end up playing in TRIBE. So, where does that leave me? Bliss where I would have to “settle” for a costume that is my 3rd choice just to have enough room on the road to parade in said costume, into the unknown with YUMA or in the costume that I LOVE along with 4000 other masqueraders in TRIBE? Sigh, I have no idea!

Coming To You LIVE From YUMA!

Triniscene and Trinidad Carnival Diary has all your LIVE coverage from YUMA's band launch on this coming Sunday.Got questions for the YUMA crew? Ask here to have the YUMA crew answer you as we do a special interview and behind the scenes feature LIVE from the band launch!

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