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Monday, August 16, 2010

Post Band Launch Updates

Can anyone tell me when Oasis website is going to be up? They do have pretty attractive prices but I fear they are not doing much to sell the band in terms of putting the product out there. Oasis it is almost a month since your band launch and no website! 

And speaking of website I am getting tired of waiting on Bliss as well, I know one of the keep backs is that costumes have been changed so photo shoots are still ongoing. Carnival Jumbie has the new look Solaris and Ice Warriors on her blog so check it out HERE if you have not seen the changes already. Word is that Cylon has also made a costume exit, to be replaced by a more traditional type Warrior, and let it be known that I am looking forward to seeing an Indian costume if the rumours are true! I mean how can you do a Warrior theme without an Indian Warriors? As for costumes that are making an appearance a little birdie told me that Bliss will also have it's own version of the ever popular Amazons section in TRIBE, sweet, I LOVE that costume!

TRIBE updated their registration details on their facebook fan page last night, where you see the space "committee registration ONLY" below:

The note has filled in that detail:

Expect to hear a LOUD chorus of protest on that TRIBE Fanpage of how "unfair" this system is. Seriously I have nothing to say on THAT matter, I know you guys will have LOTS to say already. I am tired trying to talk common sense in light of the fact that  the overwhelming sense of panic is perpetuated by non TLC holders.I cannot tell you how many people have been sending me requests to "hook up" their friends who never played in TRIBE this year. For the record I have no links, do not even waste your time asking and honestly if you never played in TRIBE what are you missing out actually? Anyway I am working myself into a rant so moving right along!

YUMA promises their website and mas camp opening this week; looking forward to both from YUMA! I am following their daily questions on their facebook fan page but why do they keep skipping over the questions like this one?
Natasha BacchanalDiva Question...other than Tribe, other bands haven't had much luck with uber elaborate, blinged out costumes..what measures does YUMA have in place to ensure that the end product is as breathtaking as the prototype?
August 10 at 1:03pm
Still picturing Afro Chic's "drain water feathers" and I shudder at the memory! 

People have been telling me that the same producer is doing YUMA's costumes so I think that is a valid question. I am waiting on the answer too! I honestly think the make or break factor will be the end result of the costumes from band launch to what the masqueraders get when they collect.  But I am putting faith  in YUMA that they will ensure the above feather/ costume bacchanal never tarnishes their reputation, right YUMA?

Harts Planet Rock Review

Harts Band Launch is more about the party than the launch. There are no media launches, live models or wait to see costumes. You show up, the costumes are displayed for viewing (now on mannequins) and after you have examined ever bead and feather you spend the rest of the night partying and enjoy the performance by a live band. This year they added some extras for the ladies like a complimentary costume jewelry gift, which you selected , and an overwhelmed cocktail bar with margaritas, mojitos and mudslides. There were also ladies giving out free tequila shots so you had enough “complimentary” alcohol even if you did not walk with a cooler.

As for the costumes I have some general observations to get out of the way. Firstly I was surprised to see that Harts showed some of their elaborate Individual costumes, we normally see these costumes on Carnival Tuesday as they are specially created for their selected masqueraders who portray these individual costumes. I am wondering if the larger Individuals seen at the launch will be available for persons interested in playing Individual who do not have the Harts history.

And with such a “soft” theme of gems the male costumes this year are underwhelming. No shields, swords or roman helmets! I guess that would have been a bit too Warrior like thinking about it. Apart from the ever popular Indian costume the guys have some rather generic looking costumes though I do appreciate the fact that some of the male costumes at least tried to convey a space theme with the shoulder bands (Andesine, Hematite) and helmet looking headpieces (Aquamarine, Turquoise in Matrix).

The ladies costumes have the Harts stamp all over; they are generally pretty, lots of feathers and very neatly decorated. Same Harts style with the headpiece and capes though a few of the costumes broke the mold like my overall favourite Sardonyx.

 I absolutely love the earthy look of Sardonyx which is devoid of any crystal embellishment. It is simply a wicked studded one piece with a headpiece that is a cross between Gladiator and Mohawk, fierce! I love everything about this costume, especially the fact that there is no “bling” (that word again)!

My second favourite will have to be the pink monokini version of Rhodocrosite with the large headpiece option, I am not usually attracted to pink costumes but I do like this one a lot. I think it is the style of the body wear and headpiece that appeals to me.

Of course I am loving Howlite, never met an Indian costume from Harts that I did not like; even though Harts does an Indian costume every year I love how they change up the actual costume, and sometimes even the headpiece.

Aquamarine I love because of the colour and beadwork though I would nix the fabric if this was my costume choice, did anyone else notice that the belt is made using faceted beads that were a staple of Harts costumes years ago? Lots of movement and motion will be happening with those beads, I MISS the days when your belt had substance, sigh.

Turquoise in Matrix follows closely on the heels of Aquamarine, gorgeous colour and I love the use of pheasant feathers and brown coque in the headpiece , nice touch adding brown.

These would be my top picks in Harts.

Lots of people seemed drawn to Ametrine and while the large headpiece option is lovely with all those bleached peacock feathers, it is not one of my top picks because I don’t like the colour; a bit too pale for Carnival. more purple needed perhaps?

I do like Andesine for the colour and the fact that the Individual  costume spells “wow”, but it is a safe costume with no outstanding feature; maybe it is all that red.

Peridot, not really a fan of that shade of green but I love the detail on the  belt with the looped chains, the belt is sexy!

I think Moonstone is a pretty white costume and I am surprised that there is a collar option as Harts does not do a “frontline” per se for their sections.

Chrysocolla is a lovely shade of Teal except I feel like that bra and belt is exactly like Zari (TRIBE 2010) save the bronze and ear ring embellishment.

My least favourite costumes starting with the ones I dislike the least.

Helidor, love the shade of yellow and the fringed monokini is interesting, not too sure of the support it offers or if there is a built in bra. Not a fan of the bra and belt option because it is festooned with the brown appliqué that was an accent on my Kiskidee costume, so I know it well. I think the appliqué here is over kill; just too much of it is used on the bra.I do like the style of the belt however.

Azurite, nice design but I just don’t like the black and blue though this is a standard colour combination for Harts, the headpiece is gorgeous!

Hematite struck me as being under decorated compared to some of the other sections, I know not everyone likes costumes that can be too busy, so I am sure the simplicity will be attractive to some, just not to me.

Citrine, lovely Individual costume but I am not really liking the floor member, I do like the orange and tan feathers in the headpiece but the gold and orange trim used looks a bit dated to me.

And my least favourtie costume of all is Goldstone! I had a very strong adverse reaction to this costume when I saw it in photos; it reminded me of a bug! Up close I suppose you may not get that effect and it was another popular one among viewers at the launch but I cannot get past the fact that looking at the scales and beads reminds me of bugs and creeps me out!

Overall a good showing from Harts, masqueraders will have more than one choice I am sure. I also want to point out that most sections were well accessorized; I found myself paying close attention to the jewelry that came with the costumes.  One day I hope they would explore using live models as the mannequins don't really sell the costume as seeing it in person, in action does. If you want to see the costume with movement check out this link HERE.

Kudos goes out to Harts for having their website up in record time as well as the fact that registration starts on Thursday, August 19th. No long drawn out wait like some other bands!
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