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Friday, September 03, 2010

Boots On Sale!

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Roll Call Trinidad Carnival 2011

I know, not all bands have launched as yet but with the majority of the remaining band launches taking place mainly in October I don't think we can wait that long, especially since so many bands have started registration. So, Roll Call Part Deux will have to come in the New Year for those who missed this one

You know the drill, leave your name and section under the comment section to be added to the roll call:

Triniprincess - Pisces FL
Shells - Pisces FL
Viva38 - Pisces
SD - Pisces
AnyahM - Pisces
Sandra - Pisces
*D*- Oracle FL
DCChica - Oracle FL
Nicole - Oracle FL
Oracle Bacchanal - Oracle FL
Caribbean - Oracle FL
Laurageorgina - Oracle
Tall7 - Taurus FL
Trinbaby - Taurus FL
Voluptuous Masquerader - Taurus FL
Cutetrinilawyer - Taurus FL
Triniaries - Taurus FL
Roxy - Taurus FL
Snakeoil - Taurus FL
Deb - Taurus FL
Misinmi625- Taurus FL
Soca Trini - Taurus
Curlylocz- Taurus
DeTrini - Taurus
JJ - Taurus
Kcupid14- Taurus
Dizzy - Taurus
Richard - Taurus
Tribee - Scorpio FL
Carnival Luva - Scorpio FL
Bk Brownstone - Scorpio
Socaholic - Scorpio
S - Aquarius FL
TBW - Aquarius - FL
Bizzie Chic - Aquarius FL
Digs - Capricorn FL
DQ - Capricorn FL
Sweet-Trini - Capricorn Fl
Phoenix - Capricorn FL
Nicola - Capricorn
Shisue Divine - Capricorn
Sexy Eyes - Aries
Dimples - Aries
Kore - Aries
eyesthathypnothise - Aries
Caribbean Fire - Leo
Saneman - Leo
Hanz - Leo
Lisa Rochester - Cancer
RWB- Libra FL
Cherisse - Libra FL
Pauladick1985 - Libra
CanDi - Gemini
JV- Gemini
Ricqcolia - Gemini
Chatty Patty - Sagittarius 

Trinigyal - Persian Gold Fl
Gtwarrior - Persian Gold Fl
Carnival Jumbie - Persian Gold Fl
Bubbles - Persian Gold
Del Del - Persian Gold
Lovechild - Persian Gold
Triber - Persian Gold
Egypt30 - Persian Gold
Zari Chick - Iroquois FL
Atlhottie - Xi'An Fl
Island Soul - Xi'An
dajewel - Xi'An
Nev - Xi'An
Pix - Amazon Individual (male)
Mimi - Amazon
Partyhard - Amazon
Caisoqueen - Mayan Eagle Fl
Celeb- Mayan Eagle
Quiksilver - Mayan Eagle
Tennille - Mayan Eagle
Didatrini - Mayan Eagle
Josie - Mayan Eagle
shells - Mayan Eagle
Bianca - Mayan Eagle
LB - Mayan Eagle
Trini in NY - Mayan Eagle
She Who Weaves With Words - Gladiators
Krissiegirl - Gladiators
Mitch - Gladiators
Southreds - Iroquois
W9drew Iroquois
RoxyP - Mongol Fighters FL
Tru - Mongol Fighters
Nickles - Masai
Delores - Masai
Nazim - Masai
Sweet 7 - Knights Templar FL
Safi - Artic Warriors

 Afrochic- Titans
Tribeanu - Amazonia
Gabrielle - Amazonia
Taga1977- Amazonia
lesliej104 - Amazonia
Meg - Izumi Clan
Lari27 - Izumi Clan
Jap - Izumi Clan
Prince Namor - Izumi Clan
Lawyergirl- Pele
MVP - Pele

Island People
Breeze - Zune FL
Rika - Zune FL
Natalie - Meteror Burst FL
Quiche - Meteor Burst
Puppy - Quasar
D-Mo - Vega
Nicole - Vega
Richie's Spoilchile - Vega
Short Esq - Vega
JB - Vega
Ayo - Galactic Dust
Miriam - Nebular's Hypnosis
Nikki - Nebular's Hypnosis
Trinipeaks - Mars Secret FL

Squeezle - Chryscolla
Passion Fruit Designs - Sardonyx (black)

Scbailey21 - Vogue
Dali - Peruvian Splendor
Chocolate Buzz - Sha Jahaan FL
Sunny - Sha Jahaan

Ronnie and Caro 
A- Global Warming 
Mz No Behavior - Go Green

Dougla_1 - Blight

Emem - Ghostflower Frontline

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