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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rumours and Secrets!

Why are people coming whispering to me that TWO new bands slated to debut for Carnival 2011 are already in trouble? One band, I am told,  may not even  make it on the road as there are some financial troubles and the much lauded innovative designer is on their way out, no say it ain't so, what skullduggery is this?! And, the other new band is rumoured to be joining forces with a "Signature" mas band on the road, a lifeline in the desert perhaps? Who knows if these whisperings are true, I guess we will see eventually!

I always joke about playing in the "secret section" every Carnival as I do like to keep my section of choice under wraps. But, what is this I am hearing about "secret" costume options that only a privileged few are privy to? After allegations of frontliners being handpicked to wear a certain warrior costume, I have now learned that there is another option that is in the neighbourhood of $7500.00 that was marketed as an "Individual" but we will be seeing more than one on the road. Hmmm, reminds me of Loulan Individual, but at least that was shown to the public! I am eagerly awaiting  seeing the amazon beauties in this "secret" costume come Carnival Tuesday!

Is so I get it and so I selling it, shhhh! 

Harts Sold Out Costume Update and Small Headpiece Options

Once again it seems like the women are on the ball and securing their Carnival costumes early. Harts now has 4 sections with Female costumes sold out, they are Azurite, Chryscolla, Howlite and Aquamarine. Heliodor Frontline is also sold out.

I have also noticed that photos of the "small" headpiece option are now on the website, some with prices.At first I thought that the prices for the "small" headpieces are expensive compared to some of the popular all inclusive bands and even some of the all Inclusive bands that are not so popular.

For instance Ronnie and Caro, Oasis, Dream Team and Showtime have all inclusive prices for the same prices or LESS than these Harts costumes with "small" headpiece option. But then I reasoned that when you add on the cost of a cart it takes you in the range or TRIBE and Island People however, two other  bands that are stalwarts on the Carnival frontier along with Harts, so I guess it works out for some people like that.

And to tell the truth I love these embellished metal headbands, someone should go into business making them as part of a Monday wear option! As a standalone costume headpiece it is not really for me as I like large headpieces or if it is a headband it has to be coupled with extras to compensate for the lack of feathers but they are ideal for the masqueraders who do not want all the fuss (and price) of large headpieces:



Heliodor - $3380.00

Citrine - $3215.00


Moonstone - $3240.00

Hematite - $2950.00

Turquoise In Matrix - $2985.00

Sardonyx - $2890.00

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