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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Carnival 2012 is here with Spice Carnival Band!

Spice Carnival Band will be launching its 2012 Carnival presentation “The New World. Ultimo. Actual. Futuro.” with an event billed as “The Beginning” on Saturday 9th July, 2011 at Pier 1 in Chagaramas.

Spice Carnival is quickly becoming synonymous with the unofficial launch of Carnival as for a second year in a row this band will be the first large Carnival band to do a complete showing of its offering for the upcoming Carnival season. Spice will open the band launching season this year at the spacious Pier I venue with a true Trinidad and Tobago Carnival style “cooler fete”.

Spice, now in its fourth year as a large Carnival band, is no longer the new kid on the block and the band has seen its following blossom over the years. The band took to the streets with approximately 2,600 masqueraders this year with its presentation “Spice Presents….The Signature Collection”

Spice Band Leader, Anya Elias explained that for her and the hardworking Spice Team, Carnival is a year-round event. “Straight out of Carnival 2011 we started putting together the already pre-determined elements of our next year’s presentation. We usually pick a theme for the next season long before this season is finished, so as soon as Carnival is over we hit the ground running again”, Elias said.

The Carnival 2k12 theme, “The New World. Ultimo. Actual. Futuro” (Past. Present. Future) will represent some of the amazing civilizations and cultures represented through history and today as the world continues to evolve. In the 15th Century all of the Americas and the Caribbean were consider “The New World”, people have also coined the recent technological age as “The New World” , and with all the recent doomsday prophecies many believe that in 2012 the world as we know it will cease to exists and “The New World” will emerge.

Spice will be taking masqueraders on a journey for Carnival 2k12 from the new world of the past, the present and then to the future. So join us at “The Beginning” as we voyage through time!

Spice Carnival Band….the Best Recipe for Carnival!

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