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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Carnival 2012 Update

67 Days before Carnival 2012 and lets see where we are at. TRIBE's Runway Section is SOLD OUT, if you are still waiting on prices "details coming soon" according to their website sorry to break it to you. I would also love to know if their is a male costume  to this section because curiously there has not been any photos showing such. The costume looks very nice in person but SO skimpy, Brazilian Wax definitely needed! 

Pulse 8, still waiting on the remaining two sections to be released! 

And for the first time in history I switched bands and signed up for a costume in DECEMBER! Crazy isn't it but I will no longer be with Bliss for Carnival 2012 though I am still excited to hear how that experience is for my friends who are with Bliss as well as I really want to see TRIBE on the road since I got a sneak peek of Ibiza's headpiece , my favourite section.

I will be testing out new band K2K Alliance for the "marse" and YUMA for the "mas"; which band on which day is still up in the air but I am really looking forward to trying something new and different. Testing the theory on just how much costume adds to your overall Carnival experience and finally having a new experience to compare to all my years with  TRIBE. Standards are set VERY high to K2K and YUMA you have to come really good !


HQ said...

Wow Saucy..Yuma? Big tings a gwan! LOL. Best of luck to you and I eagerly await every word of your experience!

Empath said...

Sauce I know the feeling as I have switched from MacF to YUMA....scary testing new ground but life is all about change not so?

Carnivalcocoa said...

K2K Saucy? Wow, that came from out of left field. Love it! I always liked their costumes so go Sauce.
If I had the money to play in two bands, it would be K2K and IP.

Trinidad Carnival Diary said...

Thanks HQ looking forward to the experience,change is the only thing in life that is constant Empath and Carnivalcocoa I absolutely LOVE K2K's costumes!

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