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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Mas Jumbies 2011 - It was the worst of times, it was the worser-er of times


I'm writing this at 8.15am on Carnival Monday morning. I am so incensed that I haven't even showered or eaten after playing J'ouvert with Dirty Dozen's (bessness!). I'll try to keep this brief as I have to tend to my parents' wounds that they sustained while playing wiht Mas Jumbies this morning (yes wounds...)

After reading the fantastic reviews about Mas Jumbies in 2010 and 2009, I decided to dip in my pocket and give my parents the gift of Jouvert with a band that SEEMED well put together with a good wholesome vibe for that more 'mature' crowd. They said costume collection was like a clandestine M15 operation, as apparently the neighbours in the apartment complex assigned for costume distribution had issues that distribution was happening in their building. We laughed it off and they collected their costumes (albeit the collection was a tad bit disorganised) within 30 minutes. I kept my hopes up that Mas Jumbies would be able to replicate the fantastic service and all night party in 2011.


Cut to Jouvert morning.

My parents dropped my friend and I off at the stadium at 3.25am as they were late to get to the meeting point as the band was carded to move off at 3.30am. Can you believe at precisely 4.47am, while I was wining down to the fabulousness that was DJ Private Ryan, I received a text message from my mother " Would u believe we r waiting for music :( "


So I ask "What is the reason and how are they compensating you?"
Her response " D Truck coming from West + he now know he had to b here"

At this point I should have told them to come out the band and take some wine from some young tong tings, but alas I was hoping things would look up. It DID NOT.

At 5.22 am ...YES 5.22am THE MAS JUMBIES MUSIC TRUCK ARRIVES!! So now only am I pissed that my parents time is being wasted, but MY money jumping up! WITHOUT ME!

Cut to 6.52am, YES 6.52am, while Im wining down in long circular with Dirty Dozens, I get a text from my mother ' We will be at the car in 10 minutes' ... BRRR?? What's going on?? Saucy, you would not BELIEVE, when I met up with them, my parents were battered and bruised with bleeding, oozing cuts on their feet and knees! So of course, as any concerned family member would, I asked 'What the f@%k happened to you?'...well Saucy, get prepared for a good laugh, because at this point that's all I can do.

A smart alleck in Mas Jumbies thought it would be a good idea to attach the security rope to the back of the music truck. I'm assuming that they thought the truck would maintain a speed of 0.5km/hr whilst traversing the route with people's parents, children, family in tow. Well..the truck did not. In reality it seems that there was a trawling session going on. My mother said that people were tumbling to the ground, rolling on the floor as the truck was moving too fast, hence pulling the ropes too fast for the older masqueraders and basically tripping/trapping them. But to add insult to injury, while the masqueraders were eating pitch, NO ONE from the organisation came to ask them if they were ok. One young chinese guy with a video camera asked my mother if she was ok. ONE. (thank you very much young chinese guy btw)

Is that the best you could've done Mas Jumbies? Seriously? If my parents came down with a bout of food poisoning I would NOT be surprised. But you can believe me, Mas Jumbies WILL be hearing from me. How could they NOT expect any repercussions? Someone is going down for this, and my parents already did go down on the hard road, so trust me heads will be rolling. I've attached pictures, so if anyone has a 'light' stomach, I apologise for the blood and swollen veins.

So after1hr and 30 mins of masquerading and over 700 dollars later, my parents look like if they participated in a mixed martial arts competition. BIG STEUPS. Mas Jumbies, you better pull out your checkbook, because I NOT taking dat.

Bliss Titans Crossing the Queens Park Savannah Stage

Carnival Tuesday With Bliss in Pictures

Now you guys know I am not a professional photographer nor do I really have the time to take posed shots of other masqueraders when I am on the road, these are some of the candid photos I (and the hubby) managed to capture however, hope it gives you a little idea of what Carnival Tuesday was like with Bliss.
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