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Monday, May 02, 2011

2011 Trinidad Carnival - Bliss Carnival Monday

Greetings peeps, Kermit here bringing you some brief scenes from my Carnival Monday with Bliss. From the band's inception, I have been an avid Tribe masquerader but it has been my opinion for a few years now that Tribe has grown too large to move freely on the road and while the level of service in the band is still first-class, I longed for the early days when it was at a more manageable and mobile size. When Bliss was announced, despite some initial concern about whether the quality of both the logistics and the vibe on the road would be of the standard to which had become accustomed in Tribe, I decided to make the switch and I am absolutely happy with my decision.

After heading home from J'Ouvert, I swiftly scrubbed off the cocoa, donned my Monday gear and headed downtown to meet the band. I arrived at the meeting point at around 10:30 a.m. and not long after, the band departed and headed straight to the savannah. Ahh, the savannah. After many years absent, we would finally be parading on a stage and as we entered the track leading to the stage a familiar thrill ran through me and I could see it reflected on the faces of the masqueraders around me. Our wait on the track was brief but the excitement still built up until at last we were released onto the new stage to ramfle and advantage at will. Bliss was the first band to cross the new stage and we took full advantage of that honor by making sure that absolutely every square foot of the stage was jumped on, wined on, paraded on, and certified for extreme wotlessness and after around 30 minutes or so of stage testing, we deemed it worthy.

I will keep this review short since mas on Monday is really a dry run for the Tuesday extravaganza and I will have plenty to comment on about my experiences on that day. I had a BLAST on the road with Bliss on Monday and it turned out to be an excellent predictor of what was to come next.

Enjoy the pics  peeps, Carnival Tuesday with Bliss is next.

Toronto Revellers Caribana 2011 "OZ"

Check out Karabana's blog for some backstage photos from Toronto Revellers Caribana 2011 presentation "Oz" which were so kindly shared by section leader for Emerald City Joann Chase.

Since Joann also sent me the photos no use repeating when Karabana as ALL your Caribana coverage, enjoy the pics HERE

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