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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Spice New World Video

Spice The New World Trinidad Carnival 2012 Review

Let me preface this review of Spice to answer everyone who asks “so what makes YOU a costume critic Saucy, you cannot design or make a costume so you don’t know the time and effort that people put into this and you have no authority to criticize”. To answer let me say I CAN design and create a costume, I have done it before. For the most part every year when I redecorate, recreate and revamp the costume I am given by the band I add my own elements and design to the costume. I have sat with designers and producers and created entire backpacks and additions to my costume based on my vision and ideas. Not to mention that I can strip down and redecorate a bra like no one’s business, I can decorate a back pack and headpiece (from the frame) and I have created a whole costume by myself, just take a look at my Monday Wear this year. And I have designed a section for a band that made it onto the road for a friend of mine who was responsible for costume design.

But my main thing is this, these so called “costume designers” that I am supposed to laud over and hold up to some sort of esteem because they apparently put so much work and effort into their costumes are nothing more than costume stylists. They can put colours together and choose beads and feathers but ask them to make their OWN costume and they cannot. They are catalogue designers, either picking something out of a readymade producer’s inventory or they will have a REAL costume designer design and make their prototype for them. 80 % of these designers cannot make a costume from scratch to save their lives and they ALL turn to Richard and Anthony, Elwin Johnson , Christine Sadler, Tracey Julien and Douglas John for creative consultation, additions to their basic bra and belt, to make their headpieces and to do the actual creative work. Designer? I don’t think so, they have as much or should we say as little experience as me if you want to argue who can make a costume!

Plus when it comes to the creation and marketing of these Carnival costume designers and band leaders get emotions caught up, they tend to forget that they costumes are made for consumers like myself. Masqueraders and their popularity in terms of  choice of a pleasing design has nothing to do with stroking egos!

I am one of the devout masqueraders who play mas EVERY year and who have been playing for years and I know what I like in a costume and what I do not like. By that token alone I AM the target market for costumes that these bands create and I AM just a sample of an opinion of their costumes as a masquerader. They are not making costumes to put on show, they are to be sold and WE masqueraders are the market and WE are the ones to say if we like a costume or not! Do not let anyone tell you that you are not to have an opinion about a costume, because it is YOUR hard earned cash forking over to purchase one and you have every right to say if you do not like it or if you love it! I am sorry but if bands want us to love costumes they need to give us a product that we can love, the end! Masqueraders have eyes and a brain; we can certainly look at costume, form an opinion and know that we have the merit to judge what we see.

So without further ado my Spice review:

Sarcee – designed by Anya Elias
I like the Frontline Monokini and one arm feather cuff as well as the gold detail on the floor member bra.  The model held on to the Individual headpiece throughout her entire time on the runway, which does not bode well for the practical wear factor. Overall a pretty safe and standard costume though I can appreciate that they tried to add some interest by using feathers on the front of the headpiece as opposed to gems or leaving it bare and while it does look interesting it somewhat gives the impression that model has purple bangs! I am liking the fact that Spice put some effort into their male costumes this year giving them extra feathers and embellishments on their costumes.

Mohegan –  designed by Anya Elias
The colour combination is interesting, using brown and green which is a departure from a standard Spice colour palette. I do like the Mohawk headpiece on the floor member costume. I think the belt is lacking beads, it is very skimpy both back and front which almost makes the costume look unfinished. I am a fan of the pheasants on the frontline as well as the use of shoulder pieces as opposed to a backpack. Looks light an easy to carry...but wait, Izumi Clan .. is that you?

Olmec – designed by Ryan Chan.
I actually really like this costume especially the headpiece which is just fabulous, never met a coque filled headpiece that I did not like! I am hoping that the size of the Floor member headpiece is standard. The fabric panels add a nice interest and departure from all the “.bling” and I do like that the Frontline is incorporates fuchsia pink with turquoise.

Tiwanaku – designed by Anya Elias
Another blue section (one of five sections that use blue in the costume) that in all honesty reminds me of a Spice 2011 costume with the placement of the chunky stones on the bra and belt. If anything can be said they are recycling their own design elements, I guess when you are using the same designer for the majority of the sections it is bound to happen. I am not a fan of the winged headpiece, at all. The Frontline backpack is definitely wearable, good size and I prefer the look of the headpiece with the backpack overall. Male costume looks a tad familiar but really, there is only so much designers tend to do with the male costumes anyway.

Ayamara – designed by Anya Elias
Again this colour combination reminds me of Spice 2011, can’t say that I am partial to burgundy pink and white, not one of my favorite costumes from the presentation. The frontline is giving me flashbacks to TRIBE's Habotai from “The Secret of Silk” Carnival 2010 but since the majority of people won’t even remember that costume it is a fact that is only significant to me and my review of this section.

Yahi- designed by Anya Elias 
Reminds me of a popular costume the first year of Spice, same colours and I do like this combination the same as that one from 2009.  The Floor Member costume again is pretty basic, standard and nothing too exciting.  The Frontline gets points for the use of the very skinny belt attached to the underwear if only because it is something different from the norm in Spice. Again more fabric in this section, have to say I do like it on the Frontline but I am not sure why there is a butterfly Individual and the costume looks like the headpiece/headband is missing; it needs one to finish off the Individual costume.

Jarawa – designed by Leasel Rovedas
My first thought when I saw this section is wow it can be a sponsored Carib section, same colours of the Carib bottle!  I am feeling like I have seen this design/look/element before in other Spice sections especially with the shoulder pieces, really nothing to jump through hoops over with this costume, pretty standard fare.

Yanomai – designed by Anya Elias
Admit it, you thought you were looking at yet another Spice 2011 costume with this one, and yes I know white is pretty standard but this looks exactly like Jubliee Diamond with a different headpiece! I do not fathom the reasoning behind giving the Frontline just ONE/HALF OF a wing; I am guessing two would look too much like Jubliee… however I do not like the effect; "hey what's that THING sticking out of your back back there?"

 Love the skull cap on the frontline however and the Male Individual… no comment on the Mayan Eagle reference in design. The Female Individual costume has hands down the best and most unique costume element of the entire presentation; the nude jeweled body suit. I LOVE the bodysuit though I am not that shade of nude.

Siriono – designed by Leasel Rovedas
This is one of my favourite sections in the presentation even though I am not a fan of black costumes. Kudos to Leasel for taking a break from bling and using the mirrored pieces on the costume for a very futuristic looking piece.  Photos do not do this costume justice unfortunately.

Trique – designed by Anya Elias
Lots and lots and lots of gems and crystals on this costume, quite possibly one of the most detailed Floor Member costumes from Spice 2012 and I do like the fact that the colour combination of purple, turquoise and pink is new to Spice.  I am on the fence when it comes to the feathered arm attachments on the Frontline. At first I loved it, thought at last something to give a “wow” factor to the costume… then the more I look at it the more it looks like feather dusters hanging off your arm; the jury is still out!

Arua – designed by Anya Elias
Not much to say but what I have said before about these standard types of costumes. Nothing much to stop and give a pause for interest but as a masquerader looking for a failsafe pretty costume this is it. I find it a bit humorous that this costume used blue AND green, two of the popular colours in seven sections in Spice this year. Maybe they need to revamp the colour selection for 2013! 

Mashco- Piro
Why are there two black sections out of twelve only Spice knows but at first glance this section reminds me of the other one and I prefer the other one better. There we go with the one winged Frontline costume again, not liking it Spice almost as much as I am also not liking the ONE feathered foot piece.

Overall a lot of familiar looks from the costumes with Spice, I almost get the feeling that the designers went with what was comfortable from their past collections and what they know would please masqueraders. I have seen nothing awe inspiring, nothing to set my heart racing or to make me fall immediately in love with but you cannot fault them for presenting a “pretty” collection; generally the costumes are standard fare but you would  not choose a bad section if you have to choose from Spice.Glad to see them move away from muted tones but seriously, enough with the repeat blue sections there are way too many other colours and combinations on the colour wheel.

The male costumes are certainly a step up from the last couple years I like Olmec, Ultimo and Mashco-piro for the men. Is it just me but are these costumes names a little hard to remember, type and pronounce? Forget theme, it is all abstract fantasy ! And finally Spice can you please add some more beads to the back of those belts? I remember the days when the back piece of the belt used to be bigger than the front, given that your ass cheeks were supposed to be wider than your vulva. The anatomy of mas is different, I guess. If a size 0 model has her entire backside outside on stage can you imagine the average size 10/12 masquerader? Really now, there is skimpy and sexy and just plain tacky; more beads on the bam bam please! 

Spice New World First Look

Costume review to come.....enjoy the pics here !

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