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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

They Call me Mrs Fete :Old Hilarians (Bishops) - The Review

Fete : Old Hilarians (Bishops), O2 Park Chaguaramas
Price: $750.00
Date: January 21,2012

Same location as the previous week's fete, again no traffic on the way by the time I arrived. There was parking at the Heliport with shuttle service to the venue but many, many people still chose to park on the side of the main road.

Old Hilarians used the entire space of O2 park providing two Food Courts with seating and several bars throughout. Well placed large screen TVs meant that you could see the performances even if you had no view of the stage. No special additional touches to the decor but like I said before the refurbished space at O2 park is already spruced up.

There was LOTS to eat at Old Hilarians, I kept moving from area to area and saying to myself "wait, there is still more!?". Very impressed by the variety as well. On the menu was bar b que pigtail, ribs, two sets of Chinese food , roti, international food, bake and shark, gourmet doubles, regular doubles, horse, geera pork, creole food, oxtail/cow heel/corn soup, a desert station and several more offerings that I cannot recall but there was lots to choose from and most areas had food service throughout the night as well as take out boxes to carry home if you wanted.

There were several main bars with quick service, no standing waiting to get a bar tenders attention, liked that. At the main bar you could have your Hennessy White and Johnny Walker Black. In addition for further alcoholic consumption you had a dedicated Johnny Walker Blue Bar, Moet Bar, Nuvo Bar, vodka Bar and wine bars. 

I arrived too late for Roy Cape unfortunately but at this point I should mention that on Saturday there was a torrential downpour ALL day. When I got to O2 park it was still raining but guess what, rain stops nothing but cricket so patrons were partying with their umbrellas. Although the rain held up at points during the night there were times you were suddenly drenched with more rain! So, I was pretty surprised that the performances went on in spite of everything and I was able to withstand the rain for Destra, Super Jigga T and Kerwin Dubois. After that I had enough of getting soaked.

This was my first time seeing Destra, she is my girl so I enjoyed her performance as usual. I wish she would stop talking  so much though . Kerwin Dubois was my favourite of the night too bad his time on stage is so short! I missed Kes but since I saw him last week and was seeing him the next day I did not feel too bad about it.`

Crowd Vibe
Rain or no rain people were having a great time, it's like they paid their money to fete and vowed to do so even though the skies were pouring down on their head ever so often. Lots of couples at Old Hilarians, and I was very pleased to see the men holding the umbrellas open for their women to party! 

Eye Candy
On a scale of 1 to 10 eye candy rating would be around 6 . As usual the ladies were well put together for the most part and I have to commend the ones who looked stellar even in the rain. For the ladies eye candy was somewhat lacking, seems as if the women outnumbered the men at this fete.

A  whole makeup tent providing makeup service, this is soon going to be a staple at All Inclusive fetes and not an "extra".

It's the same as last week, nice clean fancy bathroom at O2 Park, no complaints.

Overall Rating
I would give Old Hilarians a 7 only because the weather was not co operating, if the weather was perfect they could easily get an 8. Loved the spread of food and drinks and that people were having a great time at the fete. But,arriving and leaving in pouring rain did put a damper on things.


Carnivalcocoa said...

Nice. Yay for my alma mater.

Dancehall Music said...

I dunno about anyone else, but I'm NOT counting down the days till Carnival.....

I counting down the minutes!!!

Anybody know any good sites to download music to get me ready for Carnival? I found this site for soca music mixes Good site, but wondering if there are any other's out there??

RipGurl said...

what is gourmet doubles???

Trinidad Carnival Diary said...

Gourmet doubles have meat fillings like chicken and pork, in addition to other sauces etc.

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