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Monday, March 19, 2012

Ronnie & Caro Trinidad Carnival 2012 Review

I should preface my review by firstly saying since I have been playing with Ronnie&Caro I and my crew have NEVER had any problems with the service whether it be customer service, costume collection, food and drinks, etc. , so I was surprised to see a masquerader from the band write a such distasteful review of the same band that provided me and my crew with such an enjoyable time in 2012 and previous years.

Costume Collection...
I collected on the day assigned so I had no problems. The Monday wear was simple yet sweet and the costume was the same as the prototype for a male costume, that was commendable (as usual with this band). I was happy with everything including my goodie bag. My friend who was a frontline for my section (Cheetah) got a call from the mascamp informing her that Canival Saturday her costume will be ready. The frontliners wer given cute boexs as a gift with accesories to match their costume and she was pleased.

Carnival Monday...
First year that we reached the band on time because last year we were late and the band left on time. Ronnie was most present working hard and instructing security and orther band workers as to the plans. We left ON TIME as specified by the band. Our first judging point was Adam Smith Square and form there we wroked our way downtown then to The Savannah. Monday the flow was very smooth. As the trucks left we crossed the stage and then the met us for lunch. On Monday we had the optine of Creole, Fish or Aribic as listed in the band's info guide. I had arabic which was good. NO FIGHTING FOR FOOD. The drinks never ran out on Monday. Before lunch (while waiting to cross stage),we had snacks like pastry pies, etc. which was warm and nice .I must say I had a ball on Monday.

Carnival Tuesday...
We met infront of the Twin Towers where we had breakfast of bake and saltfish and other things but I did not eat all of mine as I had some of the Carnival Tuesday Pealu that has becaome a tradition at my grandma's house. We crossed downtown first and my section was first. The Cheetas looked great, Mardi Gras, Parasite, Freeedom and Deceit were the superstars on the road. When we were finished downtown, we made our way up Abercombry street wich was VERY congested. The band had not grown in numbers but it felt so when we reached on Abercombry Street. The reason for us being a Large Band is NCC changed Medium Bands from 1000 masqueraders to 600. The wait was the worst, we spent over 8 hrs. waiting to cross the stage which was no fault of the Bandleaders but on the bright side the drinks never ran out we also had snacks on Tuesday like Geera Chicken, Soldanza Chips, etc. After crossed the stage we went on luch which was Chinese as stated in the info guide. My lunch was warm still although lunch was more like dinner because of the time. We only spent 30 minutes and then headed On The Avenue wich was too cramped mainly because of the time. After we crossed Adam Smith, the music had to be stopped infront of SweetLime because stormers were outrageous.

Overall I had a good time although I enjoyed Monday more than Tuesday. NCC needs to change back the route because the new route is NOT working. I am awaiting 2013 to be back on the road with Ronnie& Caro because once again they were GREAT. To the other person who had a bad experiece I want to ask if you are SURE you played with Ronnie& Caro ? The service was great and so was the experience. 5 Stars Ronnie& Caro !

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