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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Saucy’s Carnival 2013 Costume Wish List

Every year I give a wish list of what I would like to see in costuming for the following Carnival; last year it was wings and we were SATURATED with wings in every band.  I did like that we got some new colour combinations for Carnival 2012, Fantasy's Principalities was just GORGEOUS:

For Carnival 2013 I don’t have a particular wish per se. I am feeling that I have done/worn it all when it comes to bikini and beads so I simply want to be WOWED by something different. When I am yawning at even the costume photos from Rio Carnaval 2012 you should know that by now I am simply fed up of seeing the same regurgitated designs in majority.

I am challenging designers to find away to circumvent the textbook formula of a beaded bra top and beaded belt. I honestly thought that Call of Duty Frontline was a genius costume in the bikini and beads genre. Not only did Call of Duty Frontline represent the theme (you could tell exactly what the costume was meant to represent by looking at it) I loved that the monokini was very sexy even though it appeared to give more coverage; think outside the bikini box!

When I tell people I do not want the “extras” for 2013 they laugh at me but I am dead serious. I am tired of lugging around all those huge pieces all day; backpack, headpiece, tail. I am envisioning simple, sexy, amazingly decorated body wear with a manageable headpiece/backpack/collar. Angry Birds back pack was super cute and light; many women wore it all day. I also loved Fiji’s headpiece construction, it looked very light and easy to carry … side note: someone needs to give Solange Shaw Gopaul the job of designing MORE costumes in both TRIBE and Bliss. A Solange Shaw Gopaul costume in Bliss could make Bliss my perfect band! 
Solange Shaw Gopaul "Fiji"- 2012

Solange's costumes for the past four years have all been varied and detailed, which that it sets her apart for me and which is the reason some people I know still play with TRIBE. Solange and Sandra Hordatt both need to be doing MORE designs, because they need to recognized for the consistency in their fabulous costuming year after year and I think that TRIBE and Bliss needs to move away from the dominance of myopic designers and embrace the younger talent; put ego aside.

Solange Shaw Gopaul "Caged Canary" - 2009

Solange Shaw Gopaul  "Mystery of Loulan"  - 2010

Solange Shaw Gopaul  "Persian Gold" - 2011

Masqueraders have also been complaining about the disappearing belt, and each year we beg designers for more ass coverage but they just give us LESS. It is almost like a non verbal way to say if your ass is bigger than the belt you have no business being in this costume! And on THAT note how about giving multiple options for all sizes of masqueraders? I know it is a long way coming to see plus sized models for each a section at band launch but would it not be nice to see a monokini or corset modeled along with a bra and belt? I know Fantasy did that for Carnival 2012 because they offered several monokini options for frontline in their presentation,  however I think those other options should be extended to backline as well. 

Finally, can we see some new materials? I am sick to death of rhinestones that serve no other purposes that to shred stockings. On that note if you DO want to use rhinestones Azteca is a demonstration of how it can be incorporated while still using materials to theme.

I am envisioning  new textures, new beading, new stones, new fabrics and of course I still want FEATHERS but ….imagine something new with feathers as well. I know bands LOVE using coque but here is the thing, after a while each costume begins to look the same when it is festooned with coque. Don’t they sell different feathers? Step out the feather box!

So here is hoping that for Carnival 2013 I am not only WOWED I am FLOORED and not bored; the challenge is set.


shells said... wish to be floored...wonder what the attempts would be like.

I absolutely loved that 'Call of duty Frontline' costume from the moment the models stepped foot onto Yuma's arcade just screamed 'look at me, look at me...I'm nothing like the others!' And from the pics of masqueraders on the road it stood out...looking all kinds of sexy, fabulous on the road.

and well just in a whole other category of fabulousness...based on your review, once they can get their road management act in order they can be a true alternative to beads and feathers WITH good road logistics and organisation.

Solange somehow always seems to deliver great costumes...but always different and gorgeous.

Carnivalcocoa said...

Saucy girl, with your need for something different, it's best you stick with K2K. They seem to have that going for them, the only direction for them is up.

As for COD Fl, I would've loved it if more girls had the backpack. To me that costume fell flat when I saw them cross the stage. The backpack made that costume stand out, in addition to the body wear. Individually lots of the women looked good, but collectively that section did not pop at all. Sorry.

Island Soul said...

I have to agree with you completely about Solange....not only are her designs gorgeous, she is compulsive about construction. I played Fiji this year and for the first time in TRIBE my costume was not held together with glue gun. I looked and looked and could find no glue anywhere on the bra or belt. EVERY bead was sewn on. In talking to Solange later she informed me that there was indeed glue, I just couldn't see it. She is so serious about her costumes holding up on the road that all the beads were glued on first and THEN sewn down! For the 1st time ever my costume is still completely intact. (and believe you me that is NOT because I take it easy on the road!) I understand from friends of mine that most of her costumes are produced locally under her direct supervision. So evidently you CAN do well if you produce high quality costumes locally. Kudos to Solange!!!

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