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Sunday, March 18, 2012

They Call me Mrs Fete :Las Lap - The Review

Fete : Las Lap, Pier 1 Chaguaramas 
Price: $180.00

Held at Pier 1, same as last year, with a slightly different lay out. The main stage faced North as an actual stage for "crossing" faced East. Ample parking and no traffic congestion, we got to the venue at 11. Entrance was to the back of Pier 1 as opposed to the front.

TRIBE section banners were used to decorate the venue, the stage was dressed up in TRIBE colours with a huge TRIBE sign and there was also nice lighting on approaching the venue that could be seen from the street.
Las Lap is a cooler event so your bar is only limited by the selection of drinks that you brought. In case you did not feel like lugging around a cooler there were drinks on sale and a FREE Sno Cone vendor who was serving up Puncheon Sno Cones

Gyros, fries, gourmet hot dog, corn soup (from what I can remember) were on sale. I had the hot dog, it was really good.

Farmer Nappy kicked off the performances segment of Las Lap and as he was warming up I moved stage side. Shal and TC followed warming up the crowd some more, so by the time Benjai came on the crowd to the front of the stage was jamming like if it was Carnival again.The surprise performer was Machel who allegedly came direct from a boat down the islands and he looked it in board shorts and bare feet! Taking swigs from a bottle of 3 Zero Rum he killed it for the short time he was on stage. I also have to commend Machel for pointing out that I was in a YUMA costume in a TRIBE fete, kudos you actually know the different costumes!

Crowd Vibe:
I personally felt the crowd was a bit "stush" this year and took a LONG time to warm up and break loose. Maybe the fete should have been closer to Ash Wednesday to still capture the Carnival hype but nevertheless my "Stress Less" crew had a great time. We took a wine for all who could not be there. On another note TRIBE people the YUMA masqueraders really put you to shame, there were way more YUMA costumes in a TRIBE fete! I was also disappointed to see so many people not making the effort to be in some type of costume/Monday wear but you know Trinis they too cool for school, they will show up in a costume fete wearing a sweater vest and shirt. No words, no words!


Eye Candy
Hats off to all the yummy shirtless guys who came out in bits and pieces of costumes, you rock! And the women who were brave enough to wear costume you looked awesome as well. Otherwise it is a TRIBE fete so your usual high percentage of pretty people.

Two bathrooms for the ladies, at first both were easily accessed with AC working fine. Then the second bathroom (closer to the pool side) became hot and crowded. I love the fact that they both have full length mirrors though.

THE STAGE! For Las Lap TRIBE constructed an actual stage, about four feet high with a ramp to get on. When they announced that the stage was open for crossing madness ensued. The stage crossing was fantastic for about five minutes then it became a mob of people and me praying the stage held up and did not go crashing to the ground under the weight. I cannot lie, it was a fabulous idea and people did not want to exit the stage, I swear it was always occupied for the rest of the night.

Overall Rating:
I would give Las Lap a 7.5 out of 10. Have to say I enjoyed it much better last year but as usual I had fun with my friends who could make any event a success because they bring the "vibes" and leading up to Las Lap planning for the event made me feel like it was Carnival all over again with getting costume organised. I would definitely go again next year, I just would prefer it wasn't so late on the calender post Carnival! 


Hottie said...

Uh uh! Not so fast with that comment about that more Yuma masqueraders in a TRIBE fete, there is a lady in the photos in a YUMA angry birds costume who played in TRIBE Rio, lol.

analiesef said...

I think that while there was a scattering of TRIBE bikini tops and "take me to" tube tops, there were more YUMA costume elements...headpieces, full bra and belts, etc....I definitely noticed more YUMA than TRIBE....and more regularly dressed people than people attempting to do something "Carnival"y.....

Empath said...

There were definately more costumes from other bands than the Tribe crew....most men wore Tribe/Bliss pants which is okay I guess. In the spirit and fun of the event they should offer a prize or some incentive to get people to wear part of the least wear yuh headpiece or sumting.

Trinidad Carnival Diary said...

Hottie you not easy! Ok, let me rephrase, more YUMA COSTUMES in a TRIBE fete lol

Unknown said...

The fete was EPIC!! I had loads of fun with my crew and when Machel came on... well, it was a wrap!!

However, it was indeed disappointing to see so many persons who call themselves die hard TRIBERS not in costume. Not even making an effort to wear even an armband or footpiece!! Saucy is absolutely right about the YUMA peeps repping harder.

I agree that some incentive should be given to persons in costume. Like persons in costume have a chance to win a fabulous prize... or persons in costume get free drinks until 1 a.m.

I actually had my costume revamped at the mascamp for this fete. It would have been even better if many more persons were in costume. So I hope next year something is done to get the TRIBERS motivated to wear their fabulous costumes at the Las Lap.

KUDOS to Saucy and crew for repping hard!

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