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Monday, December 03, 2012

Bacchanal in the Boudoir - Sincerely Sensual The Review

What do you get when you mix one fabulously fantastic Carnival headpiece, fishnets, a professional photographer and private set with Trinidad Carnival Diary ? Bacchanal in the Boudoir!

Now you may be asking yourself what exactly is a "Boudoir Photoshoot?" The long explanation can be found HERE but to surmise it is a sexy themed photoshoot for women, and even men, where the focus is on creating stunning photographs of you at your sensual best . What you do with your  photographs afterwards is totally up to you, though most people choose to share then privately, give as a gift to a significant other, make it into a calender (Kim Kardashian did this as a surprise for Reggie Bush's birthday) and in my case I simply wanted photos of me to celebrate my birthday and I plan on displaying  them on my wall! 

The idea for a Boudoir Photoshoot came to me when I noticed it is becoming an increasingly popular trend in Trinidad with  several photographers offering packages. I chose Sincerely Sensual as the photographer and I immediately hit it off . She (female photographer) and I had a great rapport before we even met with several emails back and forth explaining what I envisioned,especially how I wanted to reuse my Carnival headpiece. I LOVE Carnival (as we all know) so what better excuse to dress up in costume and get photographed!

Included in my "Supermodel Package" was a private set, photographer, makeup artist and hair stylist in addition to being able to pre select the photos that I wanted which were then presented on C.D. This type of shoot is not for everyone, admittedly, however if you are thinking you need to look a certain way or that posing for a stranger in lingerie will be uncomfortable I can assure you it is not. The first thing to note is that the entire photography session is done PRIVATELY, in this case the photographer was extremely professional and gave tips and suggestions  on how to pose and relaxed you so that the whole session was fun. Sexiness is a state of mind, not how perfect you may think your body is.

So what exactly happens on this shoot? Well, the pampering starts on arrival, there were refreshments on set (wine, rum punch, water, snacks) then you are whisked away for makeup and hair and when you have transformed into a Goddess the photography portion begins. The two things I learned is that it takes literally HUNDREDS of shots to get the perfect one and the hardest part of this shoot was not so much constantly arching your back but knowing what to do with your face; you don't want to smile too much, but then again you don't want any cheesy pouty looks either. In the end the photographs were fantastic and I am very, VERY happy that I did it. I think every woman should have a Boudoir photography session done at one point in time in their lives, even if it is just for YOU.

It is also a GREAT idea for those of you working out for Carnival to show off your hard work, what better way to "reward" yourself than with a private photoshoot? And yes it may seem a bit vain and self centred to some but I am ALL for loving and celebrating yourself in every single possible way. Life is too short to worry  about what other people think.

And guys you are not to be left out either, the photographer who did my Boudoir Shoot also extends her services to fitness models (and regular dudes) so if you are one of those men who literally live in the gym or are proud of all your hard work do not hesitate to contact Riana ,yes a female photographer. I was told the featured model and personal trainer (soon to be MY  personal trainer, going hard for Carnival 2013) in the following photographs had a FUN time and so did the photographers! Don't you think MORE men should be photographed?

If you are thinking about booking Sincerely Sensual there is a Christmas Promotion on now, look out for a promotional video out soon :

And for Carnival Tuesday a photography session  BEFORE you hit the road. think this idea is just brilliant as I never get a perfect photo of me in full costume and since I am going with a Personal Trainer for Carnival 2013 another photoshoot to show off the hard work :

Finally many thanks to Underpinnings where I got my lingerie, if you are looking for gorgeous lingere in bigger than a D cup this is your store:

En Mode by Shevonne who was the makeup artist on my shoot 

And Du Jour Hair for my fantastic hair, all 22 inches of Peruvian awesomeness!

Any further information required for any of the services mentioned, including the personal trainer, do not hesitate to email me at :


Jeneba JJ Ghatt said...

ooh! Love this! I immediately think of a couple other uses: marrieds who need to put the spark back in their marriage. Sure sexting works, but this is that extra nice special thing. Second, for gym rats who also have a face to go with their body, they could use the photos and try to get underwear or other male modeling gigs. Who knows, it could be a new profession or side money!

Your photos came out great! One question, I assume the photographer edits or touches up the images. Is that included in the package? Do you get your images afterwards and in what format?

Trinidad Carnival Diary said...

Yes the photographer edits the photographs and it is included in the package. You get the digital negatives on CD to keep.

Candace said...

Wow really great pics, the use of the headpiece is a great idea and the male model is hot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the eye candy both male and female.

Anonymous said...

Boudoir shoots and fitness model shoots are very popular in the States, Trinidad is right on trend. Creative use of the headpiece.

Empath said...

WOW have a banging body! muah!

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