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Thursday, January 26, 2012


On Thursday January 12th, NESTLÉ FITNESS® Cereals and NESTLÉ SVELTY® Skimmed Milks joined forces and launched its 14-days “Get Ready for Carnival” programme. The stage was set at Aura Cocktail Bar and Restaurant from 7pm, with well-known local actress, model and Carnival enthusiast, and campaign spokesperson Teri-Leigh Bovell sharing her positive experience with the programme, thus far. “Nestlé has empowered me to be healthier, and pushed me to love my body and in turn, nurture my spirit” stated Bovell. The ever-popular Kes also graced the stage at the “Get Ready for Carnival” launch, giving a memorable performance of his popular Carnival hits to a gracious crowd.

The 14-days “Get Ready for Carnival” programme promotes a healthy lifestyle; with health being an integral aspect of being in shape. The plan includes 3 simple steps to be followed over 14 days – the number of days required to form a healthy habit. By sticking to the plan, consumers will be ready for Carnival 2012.

L-R Promo Model Danielle Noriega, Casey Perue, Nicole Mejia, 
Teri-Leigh Bovell, Jenny Hoyte, Nicolás Wahli, Promo Model Nicole Wong Chong.

3 Easy Steps
This programme is unlike any other in Trinidad as it incorporates daily exercise; NESTLÉ FITNESS® Cereal with NESTLÉ SVELTY® skimmed milk; along with suggested portions of a uniquely Trinidadian menu, designed by a local nutritionist. Dishes such as callaloo and stewed chicken are all allowed on this plan, showing that by making smart choices, one can get into that Carnival costume and start on the path to a healthier life. Another first for NESTLÉ and the “Get Ready for Carnival” programme lies in Teri-Leigh, a local ambassador for an international company, gracing the packaging of the range of Fitness cereals. Along with Teri, menu plans and exercise tips are also included on Fitness packaging. All the motivation one needs to be Carnival ready is therefore being provided by NESTLÉ; so why not get started?
Nicolás Wahli, Business Manager, Nestlé Breakfast Cereals for the Caribbean Region announced: “Our consumers have evolved and are today, more aware of how their diet affects their health. Nestlé presented several years ago, our completely reformulated line of Cereals, all made with whole grain. This reinforces our philosophy to provide the best products for nutrition, health, and wellness”. 

According to Wahli, having consulted consumers through focus groups, interviews and direct contact, it became clear that an identifiable feminine figure who reflects the modern-day Trini woman was desired: An active, spontaneous, versatile and dynamic individual who is conscious about the importance of good health. Teri-Leigh was, therefore, selected to be the campaign spokesperson. She hopes to showcase that by undertaking this programme, participants will learn tips on getting in shape, while setting the foundation for a healthy life.

Jenny Hoyte, Nestlé Business Coordinator for Trinidad and Tobago, pointed out: “After all the Christmas festivities, many of us make the resolution to get in shape for the New Year. NESTLÉ listens to our consumers and through our mega brands NESTLÉ FITNESS® Cereals and NESTLÉ SVELTY® Skimmed Milks, developed the 14 days program; a complete plan for consumers to start a healthy lifestyle. What’s easier than having your NESTLÉ FITNESS cereal with your NESTLÉ SVELTY® skimmed milk?”

Casey Perue, Consumer Marketing Manager for Dairy in Trinidad and Tobago, highlighted the fact that the range of NESTLÉ SVELTY® skimmed milks are perfectly suited to assist in weight management programmes, as they all contain very little fat. “By pro-actively taking care of your health, and choosing healthy food and beverage options, you can become your best you, to ‘Look Good and Feel Good’; the 14-days programme embodies this concept”.

The NESTLÉ 14-days “Get Ready for Carnival” programme will be supported with mass media communication through TV, Radio, Internet and activations at the main supermarkets and malls. Look out for it and start the NESTLE SVELTY® skimmed milk and NESTLÉ FITNESS® Cereal 14-days programme, today!

NESTLÉ FITNESS® Cereal with NESTLÉ SVELTY® skimmed milk 14-days “Get Ready for Carnival” programme is a complete plan to help you get into shape to wear your Carnival costume. The plan involves 3 easy steps that consumers will follow for 14 days to help them achieve their figure, develop new healthy habits, and get ready for Carnival:

1. Include 1 serving (approximately 30 grams) of Nestlé FITNESS® Cereal with one cup (250ml) NESTLÉ SVELTY® Fibre Milk for your breakfast and your afternoon snack.
2. Exercise for 30 minutes every day
3. Eat Healthy – To help consumers eat a more balanced diet, Nestlé recommends 3 easy and delicious, localized menus to choose from, which can be found on the back of all NESTLÉ FITNESS Cereal boxes.

After these 14 days, participants will not only feel better about themselves, but will be well on their way to being Carnival-ready, while having learnt healthy habits to keep them trim, all year long.
The programme’s 3 menus can be found on the box of Fitness® cereal varieties.
For further information, please call 800-NEST.

They Call me Mrs Fete :UWI Fete - The Review

Fete : UWI Fete, UWI Campus 
Price: $850.00
Date: January 22,2012

Spread out over the northern grounds on Campus close to the Principal's office the space was utilized very well for layout and flow. On entering the gates the main food area  and seating was at your left; along the right another food area, both stages and other bars/drink stations. See map for details (and I must add I loved that maps were available for patrons  on the day as well)

The theme of UWI Fete this year was Africa specifically "Zangalewa" and there were appropriately attired dancers greeting you upon entry plus touches of "African" print and masks in the decor. The theme even carried out to the printed paper fans that were being handed out.

Wow, I know the menu was available  on UWI Fete's Facebook page for weeks leading up to the event but I was still impressed by the variety of food in person. I sampled the Caribbean and Italian food stations first then later on in the night , after two performances , we went back for Greek and Indian and in between we indulged in the "finger foods"; stuffed dumpling with crab, ribs, barbque pigtail and aloo pie from the Debe Delicacies. Everything I had tasted great, no complaints. Kudos to the "fancy" square disposable plates that were used. 

There were two main bars where I found service to be a bit slow and we were just waiting to get water! The Johnny Walker Green drink station (it was way too small to be called a bar) was my spot for drinks for the day. The only issue was it was situated in a passage way so it got crowded and it was a small bar that was very popular so always a wait to get a drink. I also saw an Angostura Cocktail Bar, Yellow Tail Bar, Chivas Bar and Carib Brewery. On the map there were other bars that I missed on seeing in person. 

Again I missed Roy Cape and only saw the ending of Karma's performance. Having two stages I think is brilliant, since the stage often becomes the focal point at a fete with patrons standing around reserving a spot or staring at an empty stage waiting for the performances to begin. With the two stages there was no gathering of the crowd in any one area so people were moving all over the grounds.

Dil E Nadan, totally surprised me as the last time I saw them live I was not impressed. However the band was redeemed on Sunday giving a rousing performance that the crowd enjoyed. I don't know if it was the fact that I was up front for Kes or that the space was a bit smaller and more intimate but I loved his set, full of energy and I really do appreciate a Soca Artiste who can SING! Kes is proving that last year was no fluke, very strong performance.

Crowd Vibe
There is this myth perpetuated that UWI Fete is an "old people party", well that was not the case on Sunday as both mature and younger patrons attended the event, a very nice mix of people who all came out to party. As far as I could see a good time was had my many, self included! 

Eye Candy
On a scale of 1 to 10 eye candy rating would be around 8 , there were some good looking men (and women) at this fete! Everyone who dressed to theme looked fabulous as I saw some very interesting interpretations of "African Wear".

The VIP area hosted stars Tatyana Ali, CCH Pounder and Lyriq Bent all of whom I had the pleasure of meeting.

actor Lyriq Bent 
Andy Loos (or something of that same nature) were used. When I visited there were no lines, they were clean, air conditioned and pretty fancy for a mobile restroom. 

Overall Rating
UWI fete gets a solid 8.5, it was a pretty good fete! The rain of Saturday and early Sunday was both a blessing and a curse. Because of the rain and overcast weather it was not as stiflingly humid and hot as if we had blazing sunshine as there are not that many shaded areas at UWI. The caveat however is that some of the areas were muddy and water logged so that was a slight bit challenging to navigate. Other than that, I had no major complaints and I look forward to theme 2013.

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