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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fantasy "Savage" Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2013 - The Saucy Review

Ten point format, let's go! 

1. The Individual Costumes were made for impact, I get it, I know but WOW I never thought I would say this but some of them had just too many feathers!

I thought in some instances the Individuals overshadowed the sections because all you were seeing was this huge costume, so I had to focus on the actual section and forget the Individuals to fairly judge the costumes and what they had to offer because all the Individuals have wings even the cats! 

2. I am missing the "Savageness" in some of the sections, with that theme I was expecting more natural elements used like beads, bone and  shells as well as less soft, pretty, delicate looking costumes. I am not feeling the baby pinks, soft nudes and corals to be honest ; I wanted harder, edgier costumes. These Savages are from the tribes of Rio and Las Vegas, LOTS of bling, LOTS of feathers but judging from crowd response and subsequent costume comments it seems that popular opinion LOVED it. Personally I would have liked to have seen more costumes that had a tribal look to them, like Xultan by Jamilla Jeffery (one of my favourites)  and Copan by Richard and Anthony productions.

3. Sandra, Sandra, that really a gold version of Aquarius diamante dress cut in half hanging off the backline of Ishak?

4. Good job showing all the options for backline, we got to see full headpieces as well as the tiaras and optional collars for some of the sections. I do feel that even with the detail in backline that some of the body wear could have been varied from just your typical bra and belt. Copan wins for best backline to me, I LOVE it! 

5. Panthera Frontline and Individual are my favourite costumes in this entire presentation if only because I am usually not a fan of black costumes yet I love these. I also LOVE the ears (the weirdest things appeal to me) on the headpiece as well as the fact that it is not a costume that has TOO much going on. You have a decent size wearable headpiece, wrist pieces and a sexy monokini body wear. Perfect.

6. Sandra, Sandra, Sandra....are those clear bra straps on the sides of the underwear in Metzli?!  I am also very surprised how under decorated the bra and belt is for this designer. One thing for sure those models SELL this section

7. Male costumes are a bit schizophrenic, on one hand you have some very strong masculine looking costumes that scream "tribal" in fur and animal print and then you have very soft and pretty male costumes in yellow and peach! 

8. Seriously Fantasy, whose idea was it to call a section "Kaka"? People seem to be LOVING this Individual costume (maybe it should be a Frontline option). I honestly do not see the appeal...maybe it is the Angry Birds wings since they were so popular in YUMA this year :

9. General thoughts the band launch itself had a very diverse crowd much more so than last year I was pleased to see many faces I knew. The  music could have been more varied in selection, got a bit tired of all the techno and pop. There are a few safe generic costumes that did not make an impact on me however people are really loving this presentation based on the reaction on Facebook. I did not get a booklet, what is up with that Fantasy? I honestly think the professional photos display the costumes MUCH better without all the distraction of so many feathered Individual costumes. Did you add MORE stuff to the costumes just for the launch? Hmmm, had to ask.

10. My top five sections in no order: Panthera, Tribes of Tikal, Copan, Xultan and Acat the ONLY thing is I love the Individual Monokini for Acat over the frontline and I would wear it minus the backpack.

Fantasy "Savage" Pics and Video

Backstage Pics

Band Launch Pics

 Fantasy Finale
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