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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

YUMA Neon Contest!

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Contest closes January 31, 2013.

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"Ice Box Entertainment Presents -- The Elegant Ultra Sexy Event


Carnival Breakfast Cooler Cruise

This event promises to give our patrons the supreme carnival boat ride experience, with the fusion of fashion, music, vibes and location. Featuring upcoming and established local swimwear designers to create a unique signature for this one of a kind experience. Bring your drinks, bring your energy!

Come SUIT up with us!

Harbour Master
Saturday 9th February 2013
Boarding: 7am
Sailing: 8 am

Entertainment provided by:
Black Spider
Back to Basics
Merry Perry

-Female $250TT/ $45US
Male $275TT/ $47US
- Available Online at
- Tickets are also available via our committee members

Please note there is a strict limit to the number of patrons allowed on the boat and tickets are going quickly.

For more info visit or call 868.79.SUITS

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Film Festival Kicks off 2013 with FREE Carnival Film Series

trinidad+tobago film festival (ttff) will launch its programme of events for this year with its third annual Carnival Film Series. Sponsored by the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company (TTFC) as part of the T&T Film Nights community film screenings initiative, the series showcases Carnival-themed films, and takes place from 23 January to 5 February at venues across the country. Admission is free and all screenings start at 7pm.
The programme gets underway on Wednesday 23 January at Medulla art gallery in Woodbrook, where there will be a tribute to celebrated Carnival bandleader, Peter Minshall. The tribute will take the form of screenings of two films about Minshall and his work: Rat Race and Masman: The Complete Work, both directed by Dalton Narine.
Then on Friday 25 January, Carnival researcher Ray Funk will make a presentation at the amphitheatre of the National Library, Port-of-Spain. This 90-minute event will include the screening of vintage, never-before-seen video footage of Mighty Sparrow, Lord Christo, Desperadoes, Cavaliers and others.
Sunday 27 January will see the pgrogramme move into Couva, at Holy Faith Convent. Here three films will be screened: the stickfighting documentary Mystic Fighters, directed by Sophie Meyer; Jeffrey’s Calypso, a short dramatic film written and directed by Vashti Anderson; and Centre-staging the Jamette, an interview with Machel Montano conducted by Sr Theresa Vialva.
Tobago will then get its share of the action, with a screening of Kamalo Deen’s classic comedy Bacchanal Time, featuring appearances by Mighty Shadow, Crazy, Calypso Rose and others. This takes place on Wednesday 30 January, at MovieTowne in Lowlands.
The programme comes to an end on Tuesday 5 February at Trevor’s Edge, St. John’s Rd, St. Augustine. Here there will be a screening of Jab: The Blue Devils of Paramin, directed by Alex de Vertueil, and a series of short films by Yao Ramesar, on traditional mas characters and the fire dance.

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Whole Peace Monday Wear Event

Whole Peace is  running a huge value offer just for Carnival, where selected styles are $500.00TT typically priced between $800 - $1100.00).

The Monday Wear event runs  from 1/16/13- 2/11-13. Whole Peace operates via private appointment in Cascade., Trinidad.

Appointments can be booked via email at or via  Facebook page at

Friday, January 18, 2013

I am a Feter - UWI Fete The Saucy Review

Fete :UWI Fete, Yalla!
Price: $950.00
Date: January 13th,2013

Held on Campus the layout was very similar to last year, this time we got parking on the field near to the entrance so that was not an issue. The main food court had flooring laid down, great improvement  and seemed to be bigger than last year's set up so there were no long lines at any of the food tents. 

The theme this year was "Yalla" and I really liked that they tried to be cohesive with the theme from the time you entered the venue. Complimentary scarves were given along with your wristband which many people used to accessorize their outfit. Hookas,henna, belly dancing and even a decorated photo tent were all in keeping with theme.

Cocktails, scotch, vodka, rum, tequila shots, wine, champagne... you name it there was a tent for it with the exception of Nuvo! There was a deviated Johnnie Walker bar serving Double Black, several wine tents, a Patron Station, Grey Goose Tent, Carib Brewhouse and many more choices at the main bar as well. I liked the variety and the fact that you could find a drink station at any point throughout the venue, again well laid out for ease.

Keeping with the theme Arabian was the featured dish, I happen to love Arabian food and I also happen to LOVE Joseph's Restaurant so I was very happy they were one of the options. In addition to Arabian the menu also included Creole, Indian, bake and shark, pulled pork sandwiches, crab stuffed dumplings, the BEST pork ribs ever, sweets and many more other dishes I did not have the time or inclination to sample as I was properly well stuffed! 

We arrived in time for David Rudder, a performance well appreciated by many of the patrons. Dil E Nadan also gave a solid showing and Kes closed the night off with his band. The only thing caveat with the tw0 stage set up is that Blaxx was performing at the same time as Kes so you had to choose which stage to be at as you could not possibly see both artistes at the same time.

Crowd Vibe:
I personally thought the crowd was mellower than last year, possibly because it looked like there may have been a bit less patronage for Yalla as the venue did not feel crowded. However UWI Fete is THE networking and socializing Fete on the calender, lots of "who is who" spotted.

Eye Candy
Eye candy of ALL ages,it was very refreshing to see how well decked out some of the more mature patrons turned out as well as the younger ones.

Only used the ones in VIP.

Overall Rating:
Once again I would put UWI Fete as one of the best Fetes you can choose to patronize for the season, if only for the excellent development and follow through with theme, variety of food options, choice of drinks and the fact that your contribution to the fete is also going to a good cause. I love the layout of the venue and the familiar faces you see in the crowd, so a solid 8.5 out of 10 for me.

Du Jour Fete Choice: 
The Du Jour Fete Choice comes from this gorgeous attendees at UWI "Yalla" All-Inclusive fete.  We love her effortless style and easy-flowing curls, which is youthful yet polished- and when done right, is the perfect match right to be noticed for all the right reasons!

Her hair definitely embodies our Du Jour Cambodian Curly hair, which is great for the fete season because of it's very low maintenance. After all, minimal styling is key when your main focus is to PARTY!
Remember, when your hair can be admired as fete-ready for C2K13, you know our Du Jour Fete Choice is making HER lifestyle Our Business!

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

I am a Feter - Soka in Moka Fete The Saucy Review

Fete :Moka Fete, Trinity College Moka 
Price: $650.00
Date: January 6th,2013

Soka in Moka is held on Trinity courts, school compound. There is usually ample parking at the field opposite the school but for some reason this year parking was diverted before the golf course with a shuttle service to the venue. We parked and shuttled but it was baffling as to why some cars were being allowed to park on the field and some were asked to stop short and shuttle. This caused an unusual traffic pile up from earlier than usual.

There was no overwhelming theme but the layout as always was conducive to eating, drinking and partying. The very popular Chinese Food station was located at the top of the stairs with tents flanking the perimeter, dancing area in the middle and stage facing south.

I had no trouble getting service at the bar, there was the standard fare of vodka, rum and Johnnie Walker which unfortunately ran out later in the night. 

Personally I had no issues with the food options even though there were longer lines at some tents that others; you had a choice of Gyros/Kebabs, Sea Food Cocktails, Chinese, Indian/Roti, Stuffed Crab and Dumpling, Roast Pork,Creole and local sweets in addition to ice cream and other options I am positive I missed.

Unfortunately we missed Dil E Nadan and Iwer but were up front and center for Roy Cape All Stars. Roy Cape featuring Blaxx gave a stellar performance and the crowd loved all the other artistes who got stage time to perform especially Faye Ann and Bunji who thrilled the crowd with just a few lines from Differentology.

Kes was good, however he has a lot of new songs in his repertoire and I am just only getting familiar with them all so I was not into his performance as I usually am. By the end of the season I am positive I will know ALL his new songs.

Crowd Vibe:
With Yeah, carded for the same date, being canceled the crowd in my opinion was larger than usual as Moka was the only option on that Sunday. Mixed crowd, somewhat mellow when there were not performances with people liming and mingling. Once the performers came on however everyone had a great time.

Eye Candy
Depends on what you are looking for, several lovely ladies were well decked out and there were a smattering of younger guys but the crowd tended to be geared to distinguished older gentlemen and women.

Andyloos were used, though the AC was not working they were kept clean and never any long lines to get an available one. 

Overall Rating:
I would give Moka a 7.5 out of 10. It was my first fete of the season so it was like both an introduction and warm up at the same time. There was nothing to complain about overall I just felt like the energy levels were mellow. The best part for me was Roy Cape's performance, excellent show.

Du Jour Fete Choice: 
The Du Jour Team chooses this photo of a lovely patron at the Soka in Moka event, because it shows one simple fact- a short, sleek look can also work at a fete! We love the no-fuss feel that allows for any girl on the go during Carnival can easily flat iron and be on the move. This hair definitely embodies our 100% Virgin Malaysian straight hair, that gives you an effortless & polished look for an all-inclusive party, whenever you need it. It's a great start to the season! When your hair can be admired as fete-ready for C2K13, you know she's making HER lifestyle Our Business!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Monday Wear Offerings by Ela Fashion

For those of you looking for custom made Monday wear Ela Fashions have you covered!


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TCD Exclusive Interview – 5StarAkil

5StarAkil - The PARTIER 

Akil is ready to take Trinidad carnival 2013 by storm, with his hit single Partier. Many may know Akil when he started off as a radio host and his dynamic team Akil and Associate Degree. Akil has come a long way and evolved into many facets of his career as being a successful radio personality, TV host, DJ, proud father and now recording artist. Partier isn't his first single, he has released music over the years such as his debut single Bumper, Up In The Rave and Pray.

Akil had a very unfortunate incident after finishing his radio show, where he was shot 5 times. He has overcome that obstacle and pressing forward with his career with faith and determination for success. Do you remember last year when the tabloids were gushing over Akil as Destra's supposed love interest? Well it was all acting as they were working together on her music video Good Love. You can get an insight of his unfortunate story in the clip.

Akil's plans include becoming more socially aware and spreading the message of responsibility to the youth. Relatable, style-conscious and forever grateful for his blessings which include his two sons & a budding career, Akil has his sights set TO THE WORLD…Are you buckled up? We had the opportunity to have this EXCLUSIVE interview with Mr Partier himself. Get to know him below.

Stage Name – 5StarAkil
Registered Name – Akil Borneo
DOB/Age – 28
Music Genre/s – Soca/Dancehall/Pop

When did you start off your musical career?
I started off my music career in 2008, and released my first single Bumper in 2010.

Who/What inspires you to become a better artist? (Locally and internationally)
Growing up I have had a lot of inspiration from many people, but musically I adore the work of Sizzla Kalonji and the legendary Bob Marley. In the Soca fraternity I have many favourites and admire what they do as artist because they are all unique in different ways; Machel, Bunji , Desrta and Maximus Dan.

Do you have a loyal support system/fan base?
Yes, starting off my career as a radio personality I have gained so much love and support by the loyal listeners of my radio show and supporters of Akil and Associate Degree back in the day. These fans have stuck with me throughout the success and low points in my career and I am grateful for such. I would like to say thank you to all old and new fans for believing in me and my craft as radio personality, entertainer and artiste.

If you had to choose a name for your fans, what would they be called? E.g (Beyoncé – beehive, Rihanna – Navy,  Lady Gaga – Monsters etc.)
It would definitely be “5Star Fans” without a doubt. Lol

How have social media Facebook, Twitter & YouTube) help advance your career?
Social media connects the world with the touch of a button. Everything you need to know globally is on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These mediums have opened doors and make it easier to connect on a personal level with supporters. I can now reach out to my supports all over the world and gain new ones by tweeting with a hastag #5StarAkil .

Has the use of iTunes, amazon music, ReverbNation and other music websites help boost international recognition?
I recently started suing iTunes and it is a good marketing tool in terms reaching an international base. I would like to see this become a standard in T&T where fans of any artiste can purchase music in support of us musicians.  I have seen purchases of my music in the US and Europe, so my music is getting out there.

What is your greatest accomplishment as a musician to date?
After being shot and away from the industry for almost two years has made me appreciate so much more in life. I was unable to do what I love the most, which is entertain. Therefore making my return into the industry continuing with my craft and  with a major hit (PARTIER) is definitely the a highlight and great accomplishment for me.

Do you think the local radio stations give your song/s enough airplay?
Yes! Partier is on every radio station. This song is a Hit! Most successful song to date and I must thank God, Ghost Writers, Sheriff Music, Samuel Jack, the radio stations and my supporters for that.

Can we expect a video for PARTIER?
We are working on the video right now. Just a few more scenes to be shot and it would be released soon.

What can we expect from you for Carnival 2013?
Partier Vibes! Lol

Are you entering Groovy Soca Monarch?
Of course, look out for me and come show your support. It’s all about the partier vibes.

What are your plans beyond Trinidad Carnival 2013?
Partier going worldwide, it’s not just a carnival song. You would definitely hear more from me throughout the year as we are in talks to do another single on a summer riddims.

5StarAkil - Partier

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Xtreme Lash Extensions - The Saucy Review

People who know me know that I tend to go a bit overboard for Carnival,  I believe in the "go big or stay home" approach to playing mas; if I am not in full pageantry mindset with hair, boots, makeup and costume the experience is not the same for me. This is a personal choice, we all play mas the way we enjoy, and as a consequence I try lots of different things to enhance my overall Carnival look each year.

Lashes to me are a necessity for Carnival especially when you are doing professional makeup. I usually get individual lashes done a few days before the big day however this year I have decided to try Xtreme Lashes which are individual lash extensions that can last you up to 4 weeks. After the initial four week period because the lashes are attached to your own lashes which naturally fall out, you can refill the lashes and continue wearing them for as long as you desire.

Now these lashes are VERY different to your regular flare individual eyelashes that are attached along your lash line. First off it takes TWO hours to apply as each one is meticulously adhered to every single eye lash. Post application care for 48 hrs means no water goes on the lashes and you cannot rub your eyes. So far I have been good with not getting it wet for the first two days, but rubbing your eyes is a challenge. I have lost ONE lash on each eye since having them done which according to the eyelash expert is normal. 

Having worn the lashes now for some days I can tell you right away I LOVE them! They look NATURAL (key word here for me) and feel as if I have nothing on my eyes. I wear contact lens and I have had lashes done before that were so heavy and uncomfortable I had to remove them right away. These lash extensions need more care than your regular individual lashes but the bonus is you do not lose your eyelashes when they fall off as they are not attached to your eyelash from the base of your eyelid! The glue is also clear, so you do not see clumps of black glue when looking at your eye and the lash itself looks realistic, not like spider legs glued to your lids. They literally look like your lashes, just longer and fuller.

Top right : my natural lashes
Top left: Eyelash extension in progress
Bottom: Xtreme Lash Extensions

The caveat is that the Xtreme lash does not come cheap, my previous lashes cost around $120.00TT and lasted a week. Xtreme lashes will cost you $800.00TT  with refills at $400.00TT and should last up to four weeks. My partner in crime Carnival Jumbie has been wearing Xtreme lashes since 2008, you can read her review HERE. I would also strongly suggest you have these applied by ONLY a CERTIFIED technician and yes, ask to see the certificate. If you are interested in getting it done by my lash expert Earlyne check out her flyer below with all the contact details:

click to enlarge

To learn more about Xtreme lashes visit the website:

Monday, January 14, 2013

TCD Exclusive - Charli Interview

Meet Charlene Griffith (CHARLI) - The woman in search of the BIG TRUCK DRIVER 
Charli is no new kid on the block, she has been around making music for a very long time. A talented vocalist who can sing almost any genre of music. As founding member of girl group 2Ntrigue along side her sister Kelli, they definitely marked their way as a powerhouse vocal group with sass, style, talent and beauty. Charli has had the opportunity to open for several big acts such as Akon, Whitney Houston, Rod Stewart, Usher, Joe, 112, Jagged Edge, Damien ‘Jr Gong’ Marley, Beres Hammond, to name a few.

Charli is at it again with her brand new single, BIG TRUCK DRIVER for carnival 2013. We sat down with her for this exclusive interview just for you. Get to know Charli below.

Stage Name –   CHARLI
Registered Name – Charlene Griffith
DOB/Age –  15 July  33
Music Genre/s – Soca, Pop, Reggae, R&B, Jazz
When did you start off your musical career? 1995 but really got into it 2002
Who/What inspires you to become a better artist? (Locally and internationally)  
Honestly my vision drives me I see so much more than what is. I am also inspired by artiste who use their fame for good works and who stand for something eg. Singing Sandra, Bunji Garlin, Nina Simone, Alicia Keys, Angelina Jolie etc  I can take a couple pages out of Machel Montano’s book  for Soca though lol

Do you have a loyal support system/fan base? Yes I do and I thank them for believing in the vision

If you had to choose a name for your fans, what would they be called? E.g (Beyoncé – Beehive, Rihanna – Navy,  Lady Gaga – Monsters etc.) Charli- Angels

How have social media Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) help advance your career? Yes I believe it did

Has the use of iTunes, amazon music, ReverbNation and other music websites help boost international recognition? Oh yes it did!

What is your greatest accomplishment as a musician to date?  
The ability to contribute to a new style of music. As a founding member of the duo known as 2Ntrigue, we were recognized as the first to start the fusion of Pop, R&B with Soca/ Ragga Soca which we deemed Island Pop

Do you think the local radio stations give your song/s enough airplay?
Not really but I am hoping that would change

What can we expect from you for Carnival 2013?
Well Carnival 2013 is a new element for me. It’s the first time frontlining  a carnival band “Traffik Plus”. You can expect much energy with a touch of class, a lot of sexiness and sass lol

What are your plans beyond Trinidad Carnival 2013?
I am working on some pieces for a project that will showcase my versatility as an artiste. So  expect to hear and see a bit more of who and what CHARLI is about .  My company ISLANDHOLIKS ENTERTAINMENT will be hosting a bit of Fashion, Entertainment and Lifestyle.  So I will be busy with that as well.

Charli Griffith

Follow Charli on Twitter: @MsCharliG

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