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Sunday, August 13, 2006

The countdown to Carnival 2k7 is here, yes, I know it's only August but bandlaunching fever is now in full swing. Harts (my former band) launched on Friday night and last night the hubby and I went to TRIBE's launch.

Their presentation is " Ole Time Something Come Back Again" for Carnival 2k7 and you have the ole time mas along with the modern take on the costume, from what was announced, you have the option of playing with either version of the costume. The whole show was pretty long, with lots of time to view the costumes and I have to say the photos do not do the costumes real justice. Even the booklet that TRIBE distributed at the launch with photos of the sections paled in comparison to the real thing. You had to be there LIVE to appreciate the costumes and their beauty.

I must say the costumes were lovely, they stuck to the theme and I have a difficult time picking a favourite as there are several that I like alot. I do know that I will seriously have to diet since the costumes are still skimpy! Hopefully I can track my diet/excercise on this blog over the next 5 months.

Here are some photos from the launch, and we braved dry ice, smoke and fire to get these pics (I am not kidding) so please, don't steal them and send them in an email to all your friends, co-workers or family...just send them the link to this blog, ok?

And now the costumes from the band Ole Time Something Come Back Again

I like the frontline costume, even though all those yellow feathers on a tall woman as myself will make me look like Big Bird, I think it's pretty HOT and Sexy.

Love the big feathery headpiece, fishnets and the bustier but I am not feeling the frills on the butt:

This costume is cute, I am not a big fan of playing in white and I like my feathers but this is a costume I might consider playing in:

Another cute costume, the chaps/short pants idea is really cool, different and sexy. With a really nice pair of knee high boots this costume can be a BIG hit on the road.

I only got ONE good pic of this costume and it's the back, but there are two versions of this costume and both are sexy. The first version has a tall feathery headpiece and if you look good at the second pic you can see the other version with a smaller headpiece in addition to the traditional costume. The colour is lime green and blue with silver.This section was Correias Mas from Poison they have now joined with TRIBE.

This is one of my favourites, I really like this costume, the headpiece has a dragon face on it and the orange/purple combo is one I have never played in before. Something about it gives me an Aztec vibe (though that is NOT what they are going for) This goes on my list of faves.

I have to be honest, when I saw this costume in the TRIBE book we got last night it did not impress me, but on stage with the fabric on the back it looked good. I won't play in it, but it looks much better than the photo in the book.The frontline costume is HOT though!


I like the twist on this costume with the frame hat and the strips of fabric to represent the cape:

My husband loves the male version of this costume I think the female version is cute, another one of my faves. The pink/green combination looks gorgeous and I love the ribbon on the bra, belt and headpiece. The photos do not do the costume justice!

This costume is pure fire, I LOVE it: things I like are the detail on the bra, the booty shorts, the feathers around the neck and the ole time sailor mas feel of it ...another one of my faves!

Seems like all my faves are flowing one after the next, I love this costume too especially the headpiece and the feather collar all that is missing is a whip:

This is a "been there/done that" costume for me and least fave. I still like it, especially the "soca warriors" version but it's not something I will play in for 2k7 carnival.

The colour green is pretty, the frontline section is sexy but I do not like the backline headpiece. The rest of the costume is cute, especially the wings I am just not feeling the headband with bat ears.

This is an interesting costume. Apart from the short skirt version, the other version had a long, tiered peasant skirt with a slit to the waist (it ties to the side) and a bustier top with a wide straw hat and looked more like it was a piece from a fashion show than mas, BUT I liked it. The long skirt version will have an appeal to those who want their mas with more coverage. Oh, and that's Kenisha Thom, our Miss Universe delegate modelling the costume:

This is such a pretty costume I am sorry I only got one good pic, again, another one of my favourites. It is similar to fireman but this version has feathers on the hat and no fabric on the foot so it looks less like a sailor mas. I am really liking this one too.

TRIBE always has one "naked" costume that seems to be popular among the uber sexy and those who feel they are uber sexy. In 2005 it was Machu Pichu, in 2006 it was Nylon Pool, for 2007 I think it is going to be this costume, Baby Doll.It's cute, skimpy and very sexy. I also want to add that this costume though missing from the TRIBE book, is being produced by the Toronto section, their website is Islandboyz.

And then it was over, a melange of costumes on stage signaled the end of TRIBE's presentation for the night:

The synopsis is that the costumes , in MY opinion are very nice,they tried their own interpretation of tradtional mas and I think it will appeal to the younger masquerader. However I am sure other bands, namely TRIBE's biggest competitor right now, will come with costumes that are much more elaborate. How will that affect TRIBE? I think the costumes will sell out in record time because lots of people play for the total package and not only for a costume, and so far TRIBE has delivered a very good all round experience to their masqueraders.

I for one am very happy I have my TLC (Tribe Loyalty Card) which gives me the oppourtunity to register before the sections are open to the public. As a loyal masquerader and having faced the masses of people and stress last year I welcome this innovation.

Will I fall in love with other costumes in other bands? Sure I will, I love Carnival, I love mas and I am looking forward to seeing everything everyone has to offer. But at the end of the day I can only play with one band and you will have to wait and see which band/costume I choose!

All I know is Carnival 2007 will be one of the best EVER...
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