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Monday, July 26, 2010

Saucy's Picks and Tips

Yesterday the number one question I kept getting asked is which section/band I have chosen and which costumes are my top picks. When it comes to selecting the costume that I eventually end up wearing I always go with the costume that I will think looks best on me and not necessarily the most popular costume.

 There are many factors that are deal breakers for me, bra style being one and the flexibility of the designer to allow me to submit my own bra as I do have issues with the bra TRIBE provides that is larger than a D cup; the cut is not complimentary at all and it fits like a "granny bra".

I go secondly with the design element I am into for the year, since I am choosing frontline it is always the extras that get me. For instance in 2009 I wanted a tail so badly that was my main consideration in choosing costumes although Caged Canary's wrist pieces were gorgeous. In 2010 I knew I wanted a massive headpiece so Mystery of Loulan was a no brainier. Carnival 2011, for me, is the year of the backpack so I am definitely leaning towards a costume that features that in the frontline.

And lastly my third decision factor is colour, that ruled out Bird of Paradise for me in 2009, my number one choice though the nude and orange looked stunning on the road. Lesson learned, the costume you THINK may not look so great in photographs sometimes surprises you when you see the end product on Carnival Tuesday. So, in the decision process you also have to envision the section when the light hits it under the sun, examine all the little details that stand out in person and picture the costume on different skin tones as we are all usually not the same hue of the models. I like to look at the website photos as well, even though those are highly styled, lighted and air brushed to perfection. The possibility of repeating a colour I have worn before in recent memory is high if I am totally in love with the costume, I just cannot do the same colour back to back.

With that being said these are the top choices in my costume running; I am yet to decide which band or even which section as yet; I have changed my mind a million times already! For sure I am weighing the Intimate Experience over a costume I love in TRIBE. You will notice that as much as I LOVE Xi'An frontline it does not make one of my choices along with Amazons which may or may not be an Individual; if it is an Individual it is back in the running as the bra can be customized. Sandra Hordatt's costumes are always uber skimpy and as much as I do love it, I am not seeing myself in those jeweled panties and wire bra; as a rule all wire bras are out for obvious reasons; just keeping it real!


Persian Gold 
(Pretty much everything I am looking for in a costume
edited to add that it is indeed a backpack and not a collar)

Mayan Eagle 
(the green two tone feathers of the frontline bug me,
 wish the feathers were teal like the rest of the costume 
and not emerald green)

(this version of frontline)

Masai Tribal Warriors and Mongol Fighters

All my top choices for men in one photo!

 (both versions)

(this is the frontline, 
there is also a whole piece version with a wide belt!)

( I was told this comes with a non wire bra option)

Izumi Clan 
( comes in a regular bra option as well)

The other question I kept getting asked, via email, facebook chat and inbox, is how to go about securing an Individual Costume like the following:

My first tip would be if you have the designer's digits on speed dial, make that call! Most likely if it is a Private Section the designer will have control of who plays his/her Individual costume. If you are like 95% of the masquerader population not privy to a direct line of communication with the designer email and/or call TRIBE's mas camp today and express interest in your Individual of choice.

The production department will inform you of the availability of the Individual you are interested and other options if needs be. And finally if the section you are interested in did not display an Individual at the band launch you may also inquire if one is being done for the section  (male or female) and your chances in securing it. I know there are some masqueraders who liaise with the section leader/designer and create their own costume, however this may only be an option with the private sections.

Individual costumes are not cheap so you have to be realistic budget wise , you do not need to have a TLC or be a past masquerader to play an Individual though preference is more often than not given to masqueraders who have played Individual before, especially with certain designers. Good luck! 
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