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Saturday, August 11, 2007

The fabric debate ................

So why is it I must be getting emails asking "saucy do you really think it is Versace fabric TRIBE using? or "Saucy will the costumes be real expensive because you say is Versace cloth?" or "Saucy Versace does not make fabric, what lies is that TRIBE telling?!!!"

While I find these questions and comments quite amusing since the designer of the costumes was the one who told me that the fabric is Versace, and you are free to believe it or not, I just put it on my blog as "ah buy it ah sell it"; I never paid any attention to proving whether it might be true or not.

Fact is if I like a costume I will pay for it and do not need to be sold on the expensive materials that are used in it, come on, I know that the money we pay is not for costume ALONE, that's why costume ALONE cannot sway my decision when playing mas; the total package is what I pay for; the total package , coupled with priceless experience, must be worth every cent to me! But I digress!

Imagine due to the several emails I got in response to this topic I am now looking online to see if it is true, does Versace make fabric and how expensive it is if they do? First off I found a website selling Versace wool that was manufactured in Italy according to this website and bears the Versace stamp:

(click on photo for larger view)

These are the details of the fabric:

Product Name: Versace Wool Fabric
Brand Name: Gianni Versace
Model No.: 003
Product Origin: Italy
Payment Terms: T/T
Minimum Order: all 7.6 meters
Category: Textiles & Leather Products > Wool Fabrics
Packaging: by courier only.Additional charges applied.
Delivery: 10

And you can find all the information on the website here.

I also came upon an online Fabric Store called D'Italia which according to their website sells Versace fabric in addition to several other designer brands:

With fabric ranging from classy casual to very formal, d’Italia offers an impressive variety of the most unique, unusual and exclusive designer fabric imported from Italian and French manufacturers who create for the top fashion houses of Europe. Labels regularly in store include Gucci, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Escada, Chanel, Balenciaga, Pucci, Max Mara, Valentino, Cerruti, Versace, Cavalli, and Jil Sander.

Q: Where does d’Italia source its fabric from?

All our stock is imported from Italy and France only, as we believe that these sources are superior in their manufacture of the finest quality fabric. We purchase from the most reputable manufacturers in Italy and France who create only genuine top-quality fabric. These same sources manufacture for the top European designer fashion houses – including the likes of Gucci, Armani, Versace, Balenciaga, Prada, Dolce Gabbana, Jil Sander, Roberto Cavalli, Escada, Valentino and Chanel… As such, d’Italia’s stock includes these labels at all times.
From this research I can surmise that fabric for design houses, including Versace is made in Italy and France and these same fabrics are also available for purchase under the designer label, therefore it is possible to buy Versace fabric made in Italy or France.

This whole debate has been rather educational, at least no one can say Versace fabric does not exist, however it is left to you, the paying masquerader to believe if this fabric was indeed used in the design of TRIBE's costumes. As for me I will keep my comments on this whole issue to myself because ultimately the choice of a costume is my decision and no one is paying for it but me. At the end of the day which ever costume I choose it will be based on more than the label on the fabric or what type of beads and crystals were used to decorate it; as long as my budget can afford it they can drape me in Swarvoski and Verscace or Jimmy Aboud textiles and rhinestones for all I care!

Mc Farlane update

News from Mc Farlane's Camp:

Dear MAC FARLANE Band Members,

Fresh from our resounding success at Carnival 2007, where we claimed first prize in five of the prestigious Carnival Awards including the highly recognized Band of the Year title!

We want to say a heart-felt Thank You for helping us to obtain all these awards, as there would be no award without you.

Even though we were a success ‘on-stage’ and in-the-streets, we know we have things to greatly improve in our distribution structure for Carnival 2008. Thank you for your feedback from 2007, as this is how we will learn and continue to grow as band producers. On this note, all of us at The Art Factory take this opportunity to sincerely apologize for the disarray caused during the collection of the costumes in 2007. We have learnt from this experience, and have already put structures in place to prevent any repeat of the situation in 2008. We hope you see the improvement.

This year, as a way to honour our loyal band members, we are introducing LOYALTY CARDS for people who have played with us in any of the years from 2005 to 2007. The Loyalty Cards are cards each imprinted with a unique number. It is this unique number which you should use when interacting with the Band.

Loyalty Cards entitle the bearer to:
- Preferred registration. This will be the week before we open registration to the general public and it guarantees that you have your space in the band and in your preferred section.
- Preferred access to any pre-Carnival activities sponsored by the Band
- Discounts on Carnival souvenirs from the Band

There will be one card per band member. Therefore, Loyalty Card numbers will be assigned to only one band member’s name. A card number may only be used once to register that particular band member. We encourage you to have friends and family, who have played with us before, to each get their own card so everyone can benefit.

Distribution of the cards will begin shortly, and information regarding this distribution will be available on our website , in our next email, and in the press.

We will be introducing our 2008 Carnival presentation in mid-September, and will send a follow-up message to you when your Preferred Registration week is open. We eagerly look forward to you joining us again in 2008.

The Art Factory

TRIBE TLC Pick UP and Prices update

Got this email last night, according to the information within we can expect prices posted to the website on Monday:


If you have not received your TLC card in the mail it can be collected at the following locations:-

Cascadia Sky View Lounge

Saturday 11th August – 1pm to 4pm

Sunday 12th August – 1pm to 4pm

TRIBE Mas Camp

Friday 10th August - 11pm to 6pm

Monday 13th August & Tuesday 14th August - 11pm to 6 pm

If you are picking up someone else’s TLC card please present a copy of their ID or permission letter.

Costume Prices will be posted on the website by Monday 13th August and registration will begin next week. Keep posted to the website for further information.
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