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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

No prices today....ah vex

If you are waiting for TRIBE's prices to be released today think have to wait until FRIDAY. But what the jail, I have to wait another 37 and 1/2 more hours to find out the cost of my costume! That is 37 and 1/2 more hours to change my mind a million times between the sections I like ......steups..ah vex!

Which one allyuh like?

If the Price is Right... I will be on FIRE!!!

Today is August 30th, no it does not mean that tomorrow is a holiday in Trinidad or that many people are going feteing tonight, it means that today is the day TRIBE's prices are supposed to be posted on their website if I am to go by the email the sent and what is posted on the website right now:

Official website will launch on Monday 28th August and costume prices and down payment amounts will be posted by Wednesday 30th August 2006.
Now the website is not fully up and running since I am still seeing the layout for "What lies beneath" and I am yet to get any information on dates and times for TLC card holders’ registration process. However I am hoping that all will be rectified today and before the clock strikes 12:01 tonight I will see prices posted!

I thought I had settled on a section but changed my mind last night and added another contender to my choices so price will definitely be a deciding factor. Sorry, I am not one of those going chupidee over Island People's costumes, don't get me wrong I really like Oasis, Nubians and Sacred Sand but I am not liking them well enough to switch. I figure that type of costume will still be around in 2008 but this might be my only chance to play Fireman or Warrior Spirit next year.

Remember these gems from TRIBE's presentation in 2004? I know TRIBE can design the same type of costumes that other bands are doing now because I can clearly see some similarities in these Tribe costumes and some popular costumes in other bands. I appreciate that TRIBE is trying to do something different for 2007, they were criticized heavily in the past for naked mas and "bikini and beads", where are those critics now when Goddess and Defenders has a costume that leaves nothing to the imagination?

Also I am quietly waiting for Island People's prices, those costumes are quite elaborate and there is no way I am seeing them being cheap, if they are then people will probably be getting a scaled down version of the prototype. One thing that I have to admit turns me off Island People is the fact that EVERYONE wants to play with them, it's sort of like a cult following! I never was into the whole running down the hottest band/trend/style since I march to the beat of my own drum and I really don't care if all the local celebs are going to be playing with Island People (or foreign celebs either) . What that means is all the stormers will be following THAT band and not getting in my way after I pay for my costume and the privilege to enjoy my mas without rubbing up on people who ent pay a cent but still want to cramp my style.

The amount of people I know wanting to get into the same 4 or 5 sections in Island People I wish them all luck, because that type of madness I can surely do without, more power to them all!

Just hurry up and post the prices for TRIBE already, I am ready to register!
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