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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Secret of Silk Section Lineup... Sort Of

This year in the  infamous "Outwitted, Outmaneuvered, Outplayed" post where I threw a cyber tantaturm about TRIBE's  proposed section lineup, which led to consequences beyond expectation, followers of this blog were surprised that the section lineup meant THAT much to me.

Well, as in all things Carnival I take the placement of my section very, very seriously. I have observed certain trends with TRIBE over the years of where certain designers/section leaders' sections are placed as well as which sections always follow a particular truck and which sections tend to bring up the rear.

My theories were all thrown out the window for Carnival 2009 as I did not factor in the President's section choice, which led the band,  sponsored sections that wanted to be placed near the front or even the fact that certain designers made a fuss at being in the back (see I am not the only one!)

So for Carnival 2010 I have NEW theories on what the lineup might look like; some things will remain the same, Lana Nobrega's section will always be in the cluster with the Hypa Hoppa truck and the President's section will be to the front, while others will change.

 I am guessing that in fairness to sections that were in the back half of the band for a few years there will be a rotation putting designers closer to the front. And as a certain designer had all THREE of their sections in the top 5 for 2009, I am sure at least 2 of that designer's sections will be in the back next year. Popularity of sections has nothing to do with the lineup so do not expect the sections that sold out first to be closer to the front!

So, based on certain information, theories and speculation here is my proposed section line up for TRIBE 2010:

Cluster 1
1. Xi Ling Shi

Cluster 2
4. Silk of Rajasthan

Cluster 3
6. Habotai

Cluster 4
7.Mystery of Loulan
8. Charmeuse

Cluster 5
10.Lapis Lazuli
11.Threads of Morocco

Cluster 6
12. Tyrian Purple

As for where my section falls in this proposed lineup, not to the back I can tell you for sure! After being section #5 this year I am ok with not being section # 1 every year. What made the experience even better was that security ensured all sections crossed the judging point in order.

My fears were that after the first couple sections passed the judging area that  the rest of sections would cross in one big melee as happened in 2008; thankfully that did not occur this year. Now I am not saying I would be happy in cluster 5 or cluster 6 , truth be told I would be estatic in cluster 1 or 2 and happy enough in cluster 3 or 4, anything beyond that well....

So, lets hear YOUR proposed section lineup; where you would ideally like your section to be placed, any preferences for being to the front or back of the band and why? Leave me a comment!

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