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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Souk T and T Drinks Festival

On this weekend is a brand new event on the calender, the T&T Drinks Festival "Souk" promises to be anything but ordinary :

Get ready for Souk!

With endless stalls, marquees, bars and mixology spectacles, it’s fair to say there’s something for everyone at T& T's first drinks festival - an experience like nothing before. 

The Oval Greens will be transformed into an exotic marketplace of any drink you fancy. Without giving too much away, we assure you that art and music lovers won't be disappointed either. Enjoy live performances, exotic hand-held food and so much more at the Souk. Saturday 3, November, 2012… #DrinkDifferent!

And tomorrow night you can get a taste of Souk at Woodford Cafe for the Souk Pre Party:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wow Events Section in Harts

Check out WOW's Facebook Page for more details:

Monday, October 29, 2012

Joy the Finale Teasers !

Looks like this is going to be a very colourful presentation from Brian Mac Farlane for Trinidad Carnival 2013, cannot wait for the launch!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Is Nicki Minaj's New Video Inspired from K2K Alliance?

Now I am not one to assume that I can guess where artistes get inspiration from for their videos, however several people have been pointing out the similarities  in costumes from Nicki Minaj's video for "Va Va Voom" and K2K's costumes for their Carnival 2013 presentation "The Human Race".

To be honest I can see not only the whole horse theme  definitely running through the video but also the headpiece worn by Nicki looks very much like K2K's headpieces, not to mention her costume at the start of the video could be mistaken for K2K's section "Imagination":

According to sources Nicki is allegedly sometimes  style for her videos by a Trinidadian hmmm... interesting! 

Here is the video:


Friday, October 26, 2012

Karen Hart's Section in "J'taime"

Each year Karen Hart does a special "budget" Harts section which is very popular with her fans. Carnival 2013 is no exception, here is "Bamboula" :

For information on how to get registered visit the Karen Hart Facebook page:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mac Farlane Carnival Joy The Finale

Many people have been eagerly anticipating the launch of Brian Mac Farlane's culmination of his trilogy with "Joy the Finale . Word is unlike the monochromatic colour scheme and sombre themes of the last few presentations Joy will be filled with colour and "pretty" mas. Looking forward to this launch! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Charm Carnival

Looks like Charm Carnival is finally ready for business. The new band lead by Robert Amar has got their website working and you can even register online.

 Here are a few costume photos, check out the full 11 sections here

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

Generation X Masquerader Apology

October 9, 2012

To our Masqueraders,

For the past twelve years Generation X has strived to give our Masqueraders the best experience possible while participating in the Miami-Broward Carnival.  From the third year of existence our band has been the largest participant in Carnival, growing each year to our current high of 1,500 masqueraders in 2012. Never in our history have we experienced the challenges we encountered this year.

We pride ourselves on great customer service and giving the best value for money, but this year we fell short in a few areas and we would like to extend our sincerest, most heartfelt apologies.  We want to assure those that were affected adversely that they will be contacted personally and the issue will be resolved. Please send us an e-mail to and we will investigate and take the appropriate action to ensure your satisfaction; but ask for your patience in arriving at a resolution.

The Gen X family will be stepping back and taking a long, hard look at all aspects of our band with an eye towards a complete overhaul of procedures and an evaluation of where we go from here.  We thank you for choosing to play mas with us this year and wish to apologize once again for any adverse experience that may have affected you.  We also thank you for joining us on the road and leading us to honors as Generation X was again named Band of the Year and Best Music on the Road.


Generation X Committee 

The Noble Douglas Lilliput Foundation For The Arts To Carry On The Legacy of Arts Icon, Noble Douglas

Trinidad and Tobago’s leading lady of children’s theatre, Noble Douglas, ushers in a new era in her life as a cultural revolutionary with the launch of the non-profit organisation, the Noble Douglas Lilliput Foundation for the Arts (NDLFA). On Friday October 19, 2012, the co-founder of the country’s foremost children’s theatre company, Lilliput Children’s Theatre, and the founder of premier contemporary modern dance company, the Noble Douglas Dance Company Inc. (NDDCI) will introduce her latest initiative at a reception at Queen’s Hall.

The NDLFA is an entity committed to supporting and strengthening the work of the Lilliput Children’s Theatre and NDDCI, as resilient, proactive, forward-thinking institutions committed to the “Ideals and Principles of Discipline, Hard Work, Love and Respect for the Craft, Forms and Traditions of Performance, and the Creative Process.” The foundation will serve as a vehicle to continue the creative work of both Lilliput and the NDDCI thereby ensuring their long-term viability while concretising the attainments and achievements of two of Trinidad and Tobago’s most vibrant performing arts institutions.

For more than half a century, Douglas has stood strong with an unyielding commitment to her vision to use the performing arts as a medium to stimulate young people’s creative energy and to build character, self-confidence and self-esteem. She has shone as an icon of the arts in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean region. A recipient of the nation’s second highest award, the Hummingbird Medal – Gold, Douglas’s work has been celebrated by many. Most recently, the Guardian Media group named her as one of the country’s 50 Most Influential People.

The NDLFA board of directors, Dennise Demming (Chairperson), Noble Douglas (Founder/Artistic Director), Denise Dickson-Cunningham (Secretary), Lenore Harris (Treasurer), Margaret WalcottLiza MillerWendell ManwarrenZakiya Smart and Merylle Mahabir, are inspired and committed to carry on Douglas’s legacy. The board will be supported in their work by patrons, former First Lady and social activist, Zalayhar Hassanali; intellectual, Diana Mahabir-Wyatt; and Lilliput parent, Sian Aboud.

The NDLFA launch will feature a keynote address by Mahabir-Wyatt and live performances by Lilliput Children’s Theatre and an excerpt from NDDCI’s 2012 dance season, Transition. Dance enthusiasts and NDDCI’s followers can look forward to the opening of Transition, on Saturday October 20, 2012 at Queen’s Hall. Tickets are priced at $150.00 and are available now at Crosby’s Music Centre; and from October 15, 2012, at Queen’s Hall box office. Part of the proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the NDLFA’s Lilliputian For Life Fund. For more information, visit the NDDCI Facebook page or email or call (868) 367-5295.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

(GenerationXMiami) aka Gen X Mia. Aka Generation VEX Miami. “Tremors” Review

 Costume Collection
Generation X costume collection will probably go down in history as the worst costume collection in Miami Broward Carnival history. Up to this day, October. 16th, 2012 ( 9 days after carnival) some people still have NOT received their costumes yet but they paid their balance and was not told the costume was not “ready” for collection. The place they had costume collection was as big as a walk in closet for the 1,000 plus masqueraders to pick up. They had the nerve to have a sign in sheet but being that everyone could not fit in the closet, they did not have a speaker system to announce names so if the person was outside, their name was simply crossed off the list and the next person was called. This to me was completely absurd and ridiculous.

Nevertheless, I was in “Wildfire” and came at my correct time and day for pick up. Me and my friend waited 3 hours before we were called off the “list” and allowed to get our costumes only to be told we had to come back tomorrow for the rest of our; “special orders” (wire bras and one piece). My section leader never specified this in our email (I have a copy of the email attached). 

“Hello Masqueraders!!!!

We are a week away from Carnival day!!! Ready or not
Costume Pick-up
For those who have not seen the information on our website. Wildfire section is scheduled for pick up on Friday, October 5th 5pm-10pm. 
Mas Camp address:
7640 NW 25th street
Unit 103
MiamiFL 33122
Please come with your paypal receipt in hand and cash if you have an outstanding balance. 
I will be accepting balance payment online up until midnight tonight. Make a request (via website), so an invoice can be sent. Payment must be received before midnight. 
If you have never played mas before, the mas camp can be very busy. So please bare with us during this time of bacchanal :)

See you soon!!

I was extremely upset that I am missing a party that I already paid for only to be told thanks for waiting now come back and wait some more tomorrow. I was not having it so they signed off a paper saying that we would not have to wait in line just come straight to the back and they will take care of me Saturday.
The next day I had reluctantly left Red Eye early to go back to the camp to see the line is now WRAPPED around the building and is filled with angry masqueraders. I walked straight in (as instructed by Vanessa ) and still ended up waiting another hour only to be given 2 wire bras that were missing 9 jewels and was told they did not have the one piece ready and all they can do is give my friend back $25  or a plain top to “bedazzle” herself. She was in complete shock and became filled with anger because they took the rest of her money ($150) knowing they had nothing for her.

When I spoke to another employee, Shiona; she told me I need to go and search for as well as PAY FOR a glue gun, glue sticks, jewels and some beads. I explained to her that in all they received over $1,000 between me and 2 of my friends and all I keep getting from Generation X is rude, sarcastic, insincere, and unmannerly employees but all I want is the 3 costumes we PAID in FULL for. She said all they can do is give me a tank top to dress up myself or give me the one piece on the road Sunday and she will PERSONALLY do it herself.

The room was full of people listening to her and told me to get a paper with her signing it saying that the costume will be at the road. She said she is not signing anything and I will have to take her word. I asked her what she will be wearing on the road tomorrow and she said “exactly what I have on today..this same white shirt and this same pair of jeans” in a disgusting tone. We obliged and left. The next day aka day 3 aka CARNIVAL DAY, we get to the road and I found Shiona on the drinks truck (in a different outfit). First she ignored me and my friend, then when I  finally spoke to her she said where were we at 9am??, I told her exactly where we was suppose to be, getting our make up done. She said we need to find “Charmaine” she has the costume. We asked who is she because we have no idea how she looks. She said “Fine!! I’ll get her myself” we waited 30 minutes and watched her continuing serving drinks.

Again my friend asked “can I please get my costume” and Shiona yelled “WAIT!”. After another hour we realize she has no intentions of leaving the truck or giving my friend her costume. My friend is miserable, upset and crying. Other masqueraders saw what’s happening and start telling us that there are numerous other people with half of their costumes and was told to decorate theirs and other wire bras were also falling apart. They told us to find a committee member who are in white shirts and ask them to help us. When we located a committee member  they said they couldn't help us. My friend played mas in this:

The road had absolutely no security. The band was FULL of stormers. The little security they did have was guarding the DRINK truck.  

Food and Drink:
I had 2 drinks the whole day because I was either being told “No drinks right now” or “wait’…or simply ignored.  The food was COLD and the lo-mein tasted sour...SPOILED!!!!!
The same 9 songs were played over and over again. I have a 30 minute video that has 4 songs played twice and  2 songs played THREE times.

Keeping the parade in the stadium was a horrible idea. It took a lot away from carnival in my opinion. Instead of introducing people to our culture, the only people that paid to came in were the ones who already knew about our culture.  Space was limited on the road to display big costumes and it was a “stornerfest”  the whole time I think because of this as well as the inadequate security provided by Generation X.

The masqueraders call themselves “Generation Vex”…I call it “Generation Next” because I’m on to the next one. You would have to be a fool to play with Generation X again next year or ever again after how they treated the masqueradors this year. And I really enjoyed the performance on the truck…oh…that’s right…there was none..smh

The whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Introducing Nessa Preppy - "Turn Up The Sound"

And to think I have known Vanessa aka "Nessa" since she was a toddler! Good job:

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mas Man Screening in Hollywood

Mas Man - The Complete Work continues its run on the festival circuit, following its ninth award at the Lucerne International Film Festival. 

The film about an artist (Peter Minshall) from a small Caribbean country who reached eighty percent of the planet in a single night, will be screened next in Hollywood, where it has been selected by the Hollywood Black Film Festival. 

 The, produced and directed by Dalton Narine, will play at 1.30 p.m., Friday, Oct. 26, at The Montalban, 1615 Vine Street, Los Angeles, located at Hollywood and Vine in the heart of Hollywood.

Meanwhile, the Mas Man Store officially opened on Oct. 1, and the 3-DVD home video of Mas Man is available at

Here are excerpts from recent reviews:
This is a presentation as professional as you can get...You must see it - Herman Silochan, Toronto Camera
I don't think anyone could do Peter Minshall justice without televising him live for a few decades, but Mas Man - The Complete Work comes close to doing it in 89 minutes [Film Festival version]. I loved it. - BC Pires, Trinidad Guardian

The jury watched Mas Man - The Complete Work and gave it high notes ... acknowledging the quality, excellence and skills... - 2012 Lucerne International Film Festival 

Narine’s work is meticulous as it is comprehensive and polished. He succeeds in revealing the multi-dimensional and bountiful talents of Peter Minshall, the movie gradually showcasing almost every one of the mas man’s numerous achievements, including his designing three Olympic Games openings, in Barcelona, Atlanta and Salt Lake. Peter Blood, Pulse, Trinidad Guardian

Sparkling! – bfm Film Festival, London

“Mas Man Peter Minshall is simply brilliant in every way and it’s a festival highlight. Director Dalton Narine is talented and the movie is a hit with our NY audience as well as distributors and critics.” Stuart Alson, founder, New York International Film festival

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mas Jumbies Early Bird Special

Early Bird Special Promotion. Begins Monday 15th October to November 1st, 2012. Receive $10 US/ $65 TT/ $10 CAD OFF ALL sections. Site launches Monday 15, 2012 (tomorrow!)

Section Preview 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Colorz Fuh So Mas Band

New band  "Colorz Fuh So" is a breakaway from Trini Revellers as the band leader is Mike Johnson.

You can find Colorz Fuh So on Facebook: and online at :

Here are photos from their d├ębut Carnival 2013 presentation "The Conquest".

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Miami Carnival Dos and Don'ts

Miami Carnival "Dos and Don'ts" from guest blogger "JJ" of

It has been nearly a decade since my and my college crew used to make our annual trek down to Miami for carnival. Marriages, babies, post-graduate plans, careers and otherwise life had gotten in the way and slowed almost all of us down. But not me and my husband, we value our down time as much as our productive time. Work hard and play harder is my motto. We decided last minute this year to leave the kids with family, catch a flight and make a weekend couple’s getaway out of the trip. 

But first we had to decide among over 80 different parties which ones to attend. Certainly it is not humanly possible to do all. Knowing that we lack the stamina and fortitude we had in our 20s we purchased one ticket to one party, got a complimentary admission to a couple others and prepared to pay the admission fee to enter the actual Carnival stadium to watch the parade of bands on Sunday. We planned the head back into DC Columbus Monday so we could settle back into life and prepare the kids for school the next day.

We had a wonderful time, catching up with old friends, going to parties, relaxing by the beach and just getting in some good old down time. It was a great break from my hectic life in DC. Experiencing Miami Carnival 10 years later, I came away with a few Dos and Don’ts that I thought I’d share so others wouldn't have to suffer through some of the mistakes and issues and some of my friends dealt with last weekend.
1. Do Prepare your wardrobe in advance. Pack light and skip carrying along too many heavy shoes, jeans and other articles of clothing. New airline rules have lowered the weight limit for baggage and raised fees. We had to tack on $140 in baggage handling at the airport. Had we done advance research, I would have packed most of my jewelry in my bag and left a pair of shoe or two home. 

 2. Do Pace yourself. When you are facing a fete list longer than your arm, you may need to reconsider which ones you want to attend and if you can really handle the back to back fetes. We had a couple friends our age tackle that task and went from a party Friday, straight to a Breakfast fete and then showered, changed outfits and hopped on one of the boat cruises, only to have to head back home, change again quickly and head to another party before finishing their night at another fete. Talking to them in between all of that and several said they were having fun but would not repeat such a rigorous routine.

 3. Do make room for relaxation. While parties are fun, they can also be draining, not to mention leave you with a hangover. You cannot leave the Miami beach area and not make time to see the sand and surf at least once. That would be blasphemous. Plan to enjoy the beach.

 4. Do go for the fill up in advance option if you will be renting a car. If you are going to rent a car to carry you about or even share the cost with friends, go with the option where you pay for the full tank in advance and get to return the car empty. The vehicle we rented was pretty fuel efficient and even though we traveled up and down 95, back and forth to Miami and Fort Lauderdale, we only used half a tank of gas. But we also had a 6am flight out Monday, not having to fill back up saved us the hassle and stress of having to find a gas station near the airport to top up the gas before turning the car back in.

 5. Don’t be afraid to stay North of South Beach. If you want to save costs, and want to stay close to Miami Beach but don’t have the Miami Beach hotel money, go with a hotel in Middle or North Miami Beach . Those are traditionally more reasonably priced. We loved ours because onsite parking was included and we didn’t have to deal with valet. It also had complimentary continental breakfast and free WiFi. Miami Beach hotels would certainly charge for all those amenities and at premium prices.

 6. Do pack an umbrella. Miami Carnival is held in the middle of Hurricane season each year and there is often thunderstorm, rain showers and hail storms. We did not this year and lined up with several other out of town visitors at the local Wal-Mart near the stadium to purchase a pair or umbrellas before heading to see the parade of bands. 

7. Don’t forget to pack for cooler weather and temperature. Take jeans and a jacket because it can get chilly at night. Don’t get fooled thinking Miami is all warm weather. I recall one year, the temperature dipped to 50 degrees at night. My girlfriends and I had only brought skimpy tops and short shorts and had to find our way to a mall and purchase jeans to wear.

 8. Don’t get caught up in the HOV or Florida Turnpike lanes so stay to the right as you travel up and down 95 between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. There is no station to accept cash or credit card payment option. Only vehicles with a pass affixed to the windshield can drive on those lanes. It is easy to get swept up and end up on the turnpike. Bring along a GPS or use your smart phone app’s GPS to map out routes that avoid the Turnpike because you will be charged a fee if you have to go through those lanes and have to pay later. If you are staying with a friend or local, they’ll know how to do it or will already have the pass on their windscreen.

 9. Do know that Miami Carnival usually lasts late and goes until 11pm so there is no rush to get there at the beginning. Us in the DC area, for example, are used to our parade route getting shorter and shorter each year and we have learned to get to the event as early as possible. But going to early may burn you out early as well and have you wanting to go home early. As we learned this year, the concert towards the end of the evening is one of the best parts of Carnival. Machel did the last lap justice and brought out some other big acts like Patrice Roberts and Farmer Nappy. However, don’t leave too late. By the time we got there, the sun had set. So besides the overcast skies, we missed out on the opportunity to take photos of some of the costumes in the daylight. If you are the type that storms the band, going too late leave you little chance to get a real good jump up storm! 

 10. Do buy your tickets in advance. Even the carnival entrance fee jumped from $20 online to $30 if you came after 6pm. This should go to show you too that the carnival producers realize there is a premium to the concerts at the end. 

 11. Don’t get cheap and skip the all inclusive. We learned that paying less and going to a fete where we eventually paid over $100 for drinks was not worth it. In hindsight, it may have been better to go to the all inclusive fete that took place the same time with drinks included. The higher price is worth it in the end.

 12. Don’t forget to have fun. Trying to get to as many fetes as possible, jump up, catch all your favorite artists can easily become a chore. Those who came off red eye flights or petered out after back to back fete realized that the extreme exhaustion took some of the fun out of it. Pace. Pepper your experience with plenty of planned naps! Say that 10 times and you’ll have a more enjoyable experience and be a more fun person to be around!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

National Schools Soca Monarch Launches Today

The 2013 edition of the National Schools Soca Monarch Competition will launch its awareness campaign starting today, Tuesday 08th October 2012. 

As a precursor to the launch that will be happening in early November 2012, the following schools will be visited by radio and entertainment personality O’Brian Haynes. 

The schedule of schools is as follows, with the first appearance carded for 9:30am:- 
Tranquility Secondary 
Fatima College 
Mucurapo West Secondary 
Mucurapo East Secondary
 Diego Martin North Secondary
 St. Francois Girls College 
St. Mary’s College 

 Keep posted to
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