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Friday, May 02, 2008

And we have a date!!!!

The TRIBE  facebook group "Birds of a Feather" is reporting the band launch date as July 26th 2008!!

I just called the mas camp for a confirmation and was told that the date  Saturday July 26th is  95% sure!

Heh if you don't believe me the number to call 868-625-6800 or!

The Sauce has moved..sorta!

Trinidad Carnival Diary now has another domain name; you can now find the blog on! Don't forget to bookmark the new link and don't worry the other link is still in operation for at least the next 3 days. After that you will automatically be directed from the old address to the new one.

Crop Over Mas for Trinis!

I was reading today's Trinidad Guardian, Pulse section, and saw mention of a Bajan band that is promoting specifically to Trinis journeying to Crop Over. The band is "Jump Barbados" and their 2008 Crop Over presentation is "Sand Dollar". To my surprise, costumes are already available for viewing and registration. There are six sections to choose from, designed by Renee Ratcliffe, and photos can be see on their website. From what is stated in the Guardian Allison Hinds is also involved in Jump Barbados, and Trinis registered to play mas with Jump Barbados get a 50% ticket discount on Allison Hinds free drinks fete taking place on Thursday July 31st.

This is the costume package tailored to Trinis, and other overseas masqueraders:

PREMIUM PLUS Package US $300

  • Transport to and from your hotel
  • Designer costume (click here to view costumes)
  • Costume delivery to your hotel
  • Fitting service at your hotel
  • Champagne Breakfast
  • Party accessories
  • All-day premium bar
  • Music by top DJ
  • Chill out Truck on the road
  • All day private toilet facilities for band members only
  • Experienced security detail
  • Private ambulance service and paramedic

  • I guess the new implementation of V.A.T. on costumes for 2008 everyone will be paying higher prices to jump up on Kadooment day!!!

    What's up with Cropover?

    One of my readers in the planning process for Cropover 2008 sent me the following email expressing frustrations over the slow launch of bands for the festival:
    Hi Saucy,
    I frequently visit your blog looking, hoping, wishing for any updates or comments from anyone on Cropover bands.I question why Cropover band organizers seem to be in no big hurry to get their band and costumes in order and get the word out to potential masqueraders. I guess I'm so used to the fever pitched frenzy of Island People and TRIBE that occurs months and months before Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Do you know or can you solicit responses on what really goes on behind the scenes for Cropover Planning?

    Is there some element of secrecy that warrants waiting until last minute to publish costumes and begin registration? Does everyone in Barbados know about things us foreigners are not privileged to know about as yet? I'm starting to get the impression that I should find a local contact to ensure I get in a band.

    Please see this email I got below from Baje International.They're NOW looking for models! At least this gives some glimmer of hope but Cropover is only a few months away. What do you think?

    If you believe that you are beautiful, smart, confident and possess a unique yet intriguing personality, then you might have what it takes to become one of our 2008 Baje girls.

    In addition to gaining invaluable experience, ladies will receive free costumes, and be featured and promoted in our media campaign via the web, radio, press and TV. The few ladies chosen will become a part of the Baje family and receive free entrance into Baje events for a whole year.

    If you are interested and between the ages of 18 and 26 years old, please send a photograph and a brief overview to and / or to attention Richard Haynes.

    All entries must be in by Friday, May 9th 2008 .

    Only selected candidates will be contacted and interviewed and the new Baje girls will be chosen within a week in order to be included in our 2008 costume photo shoot, media launch and star on our brand new web-site.

    Good Luck.

    The Baje girl search begins NOW!!!

    My thoughts are, that a few years ago Crop Over was the only summer Carnival, apart from Caribana and Labor Day,which attracted both regional and international participants who would journey to Barbados to experience Kadooment. There was no rush to launch bands or show off costumes then since there was no real alternative to Crop Over in my opinion, and masqueraders just got used to waiting until a specific time to register.

    However, now that we have other Carnivals occurring around the same time such as Antigua, Grenada, Notting Hill with band launches having already started in April, those waiting for costumes for crop over are getting a little anxious, especially as it has been notoriously difficult to register for these costumes as an overseas masquerader. Not to mention that band launches for Trinidad Carnival 2009 are schedule to start in JULY, a full six months before the actual festival!

    Many of the Crop Over Bands' websites are still featuring information for 2007 with the exception of Berger Boyz who have a teaser of their theme "Hollywood", they also have a chat box that is pretty updated with other eager persons looking forward to Crop Over. I guess all that those of you planning for Crop Over can do is keep checking to see when the bands launch and/or update their website! And if there are any Bajans who would like to address they issue, feel free to leave a comment, as my thoughts are based only on my observations. I have no knowledge of how decisions are made for Crop Over in terms of band launches and showing of costumes.

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