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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Ronnie and Caro 2010 Review

After playing with D'krewe for the last 2 years, we "took the chance" and what a wonderful chance we did.

In R and C, we had all the best "Big Band" treatment...unlimited top shelf galore...we were served all day Tuesday with Beef Pies, Pig In Blanket, Mini Pizzas, Cakes, and even salt prunes...Water and beer and ice were passed around all day by servers as well.

Security was excellent, we were roped off all day. Music was excellent. Everyone stayed in sections and in order as needed.

One only complaint was Tuesday Lunch was late as we waited for 4 hours to cross Savannah {thanks to Island People, Tribes and Legacy being all right in front of us!] and after the trucks left straight to Murray Square to serve Lunch so we had to "catch up" to them...But all in all it was a wonderful experience!!!!

They won Band Of The Year Medium Size for the 3rd time in a row... They had 7 sections and all were sold out..I think 200 in each section and ironically 25% of each section were men, surprisingly...Nice mixture of people from all walks; white, indians, chinese, blacks, but it was more of a "local" feel "roots" kind of crowd, not too many foreigners!

I am done with big bands, I love medium size. And price wise, the sections were the same price as Tribes and all the rest..oh and we had a Wee Wee truck that men could use as well..In D Krewe men were not allowed!

Their backpack goodie bag was lacking all of the "extra" goodies but who cares, the mas was excellent, well constructed, no going back for anything or repairs. They were well organized in costume distribution as well.

On Monday we all wore White "Ronnie and Caro" T Shirts with matching White "Ronnie and Caro" Caps and white "Ronnie and Caro" drink cups!

All in All a 95% rating! No complaints whatsoever...I am hoping they stay medium and not try to go to large, but for a medium band Ronnie and Caro was HUGE....

Lots of fun...

Hope to see you next year! LOL!

The "Mysterious" Email...

So, I just got this in my inbox:

Good Day

I wish to remain a mystery to you for the time so i'm sending this with out much information but what I can say is that there is a great possibility that these seven headpieces minus or plus a few extras may be seen as backline headpiece options in 2011. Can you put kindly put it out to your bloggers for feedback and more will be revealed as time goes by

I don't know if this is a hoax or not, but my super sleuth skills know exactly where these headpieces come from. They are designed and made by a Brazilian who sells them on a website called Samba Collection. Is the mystery now that bands will be going to Brazil for costumes instead of China? Anyway " Mystery Man", I like the blue. What are your thoughts bloggers?

Spice 2010 Review (10)

My friends and I decided to visit Hilton to see the costumes in person since Spice mas camp is closed. Lo and behold no costumes to see, only picking up and last minute masqueraders registering. Here is when the drama started. Since I have ordered my costume via the phone, Spice said I can collect my costume today although I was an overseas masquerader. I got an email from Spice stating that they credited my credit card a total of $1,150.00 and I did receive a statement from the credit card company in the total of $1,150.00TT dollars. Luckily for me I walked with a copy of the email from Spice and the bank statement.

Went to the station to pay for my costume, checked my bill and it stated that I made a down payment of $1,000.00. I kindly showed the guy behind the desk my email from Spice stated a total of $1,150.00. He called Rocky to clarify this problem. Imagine, Rocky is telling me that the email from Spice is old, since last year and this is probably an error but the correct amount is $1,000.00. I remain calm as a cucumber, I just said “Really so why did I get a statement from my credit card company stating that Spice took out $1,150.00 from my credit card?" and I handed him my statement, with the amount highlighted. Guess what, Ms. Anya walked into the conversation and imagine she’s asking me “do you always walk with your credit card statement?” - I replied to her: “And what is your point? Luckily I did, Spice would be robbing me blind, right” No reply from Anya. Rocky apologizes and they both walk away.

To make a long story short, - I collected my costume. The colors on the headpiece are different, the initial colour was more orange now it’s a cranberry color- the headpiece is too small, Rebecca from the fix-it area corrected that problem. The bra on Adulis is poorly made, rhinestones are missing and it looks tacky.

Vibes were good, met the band as soon as they were crossing the stage, and made our made to the QRC grounds; bottle neck, security wants to check every person ID.

The Spice booklet stated tasty, healthily food, yeah right!The food was very bland. I had some sort of rice pilaf, stewed red beans, chicken and salad. Had a few spoonful and that was it, couldn’t stomach any more. HOT DRINKS TO DRINK WITH OUR LUNCH.

While I was sitting on the stands, I noticed the music and drinks truck driving away, I said to my friend did you hear any announcements, she said “No”, so we had to run to find the band. Now I had to run for everything - especially the drinks, at least 2 blocks ahead of us all the damn time.

Met the band, on Charlotte St close to the Hospital and met up with my friends. We decided to have breakfast- breakfast consisted of ham or cheese croissant or doubles. I had the ham croissant and my friends had the cheese. Let’s just say I could only fathom one bite of the ham croissant, my friend took one bite of the cheese croissant and spit it out. She said relish in a cheese paste sandwich - that tastes so nasty. Ah well breakfast ended up in the garbage. We bought bake and shark from a vendor on the road; thank God I listen to my grandmother and always walk with “vex money”.


Another road block security is checking everyone’s ID. The people on the drinks truck are telling everyone that drinks are inside the park, the truck is closed. I said ok, my friends waited in line for food, while I check out the bins for drinks, imagine - HOT ASS TRINI SUN, AND HOT ASS DRINKS, WHAT IS WRONG WITH SPICE MANAGEMENT TEAM? THEY HAVE NO COMMON SENSE AT ALL. MADE MY WAY BACK TO THE DRINKS TRUCK, SOME YOUNG GIRL IS TELLING ME, DRINKS ARE INSIDE, I TELL HER, THE DRINKS ARE HOT, CAN I HAVE 4 COLD DRINKS PLEASE, SHE HANDED ME THE DRINKS.

Found my friends, found a spot to eat. Open up the container and I immediately told my friend, this food smells funny. I took one spoonful and guess what it is sour, and it is the same food as yesterday. That food was the Italian, my friends had the lamb and it was the same thing. Dump the food, next thing I am hearing people cussing no more food, no cutlery.To make a long story short we end up buying wings and fries from a vendor on the streets. Thank God for the “VEX MONEY AGAIN”.

Spice took us to every judging point- but the final one, downtown on Carnival Tuesday night took the cake! As soon as we crossed the stage, it was dark, not sure of the time, Turning up on Abercromby St, I noticed the rope security folding up the rope so I asked one of the guys are you finished? He said yes and I am going home, I suggest you do that too, this hour town is not safe for bra and panty women to be jumping up and no security in the band. Guess what no Rocky, no Anya, no Anya’s mother around, everyone left. Here come the stormers now. Drinks truck people said they are closed, no more drinks. The DJ announces: “that’s it folks - good night - see you next year.”My friends and I said “that’s it? I said to myself “HELL NO !NO SPICE EVER AGAIN”.


Fire the Spice PR staff.


1) Why do I always have to be running down the drinks truck which are always two blocks ahead of me. Before midday the coconut water was finished.

2) My friends got tired of always running down the drinks truck and had to resort to buying beers on the road. Is this Spice way of saving money?

3) Poorly made costumes that look unfinished.

4) Spice did not think about the masquerader’s safety at all.

I am sure Spice will do well in the future, but my hard earned money will not be jumping up in their band ever again. I know a lot of people were disappointed in the service that was received on the road.

I know this is not too much to ask for from a band - but could I please get:

Once a band has covered these areas and excel at this, then you have the missing ingredient.

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