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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Here we go again...

What is really going on with all these international and regional Carnivals boy, I mean really it is now becoming a mockery of Trinidad Carnival's "designs" and "designers". Now this Orlando Carnival 2008 band "Island Fantasy" have recycled costumes from "Wee International"!'

Island Fantasy

Wee International Band Launch Pics,
courtesy moi, Saucy:

Check out their myspace page for the rest of the costumes. To add insult to injury ALL the costumes are only $80.00US ALL INCLUSIVE, granted Orlando Carnival is not in the same league as "the greatest show on earth", however, these costumes were selling at $409.00US and $442.00US when they were being offered by Wee International; that's a 500%+ mark up, or should I say mark down.

Oh, and really couldn't they have gotten a photograph of the section "Passion" (formerly "Fatal Attraction") from Wee's website instead of using the one I took at their band launch?

Last year we saw Evolution, Ronnie & Caro, D Krewe and Wee International debut, making a play for masqueraders dollars in a market already teeming with bikini and beads bands. Now, for 2009 we can expect Elements along with the rumoured bands of Kaotic and Spice to join the fray and I fear it is this over saturation of the Carnival market with the SAME OLE SAME OLE that will lead to this "trend" of reusing costumes after Trinidad Carnival as the bands that BUSS try to recoup their losses!

Good luck to them all for 2009!!

Edited to add:
Check out this article (thanks for finding it dajewel) which explains the link between Wee International and the people behind this band... VERY interesting read. Is it really "making" costumes for Orlando Carnival or selling off costumes from Trinidad? Why not come with a different costume altogether then? I am still annoyed.

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